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  1. Three two one zero
    Başladı coutdown sona kalan hero
    Ķöpürürürsün blub blub blub
    Bura Merkez Fight Club

  2. You probably started to make other people want to play minecraft, lmao, thats ahy its taking over, you the best pewds

  3. Кто-нибудь из русских заметил что у пьюди на кепке написано су** бл***

  4. Wow you name it Dinnerbone to an horse every has Dinnerbone name they will turn upside down

  5. Minecraft tip:

    Use a gate so they won’t get out so easily. Also destroy blocks around the cage so zombies don’t climb over.

  6. Duuude in 2010 there were tons of big youtubers uploading quality videos that could rival those of today: Smosh, Nigahiga, Shane Dawson, The Yogscast, Kev Jumba etc.

  7. You can build a door that looks exactly like the trap door (i have not watched the whole episode or any of the newer episodes)

  8. 5:44; Woah, wait!? Jöergen!? He responded! ( I know Jöergen has diamond armor on, but it's fun ti just joke around. XD)

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