DON’T GET SPRAYED!! new mystery board game with Mom, Dad, and baby brother (family fun)

August 27, 2019

– Who’s gonna get squirted? – Maybe dad. – Ahhhhh. – (laughing) – [Mom] Huh. What are they bringing in? – It’s my new bed! – [Mom] Are you excited? – Mhhm. – [Mom] Adley is getting
a big girl bed, guys. – Are we building it? – [Mom] We’re gonna build it, yep. – But mom I love that one. – [Mom] You really like
your little, cheap bed. – I really want to keep
this rainbow sheet. – [Mom] You like the rainbow sheets? – Uh-huh. – [Mom] We’ll get you
new rainbow sheets, kay? – I’m so excited. – [Mom] What do you think? – My new bed! – [Mom] Yeah, that’s all yours! – Wow! Yeah, but where’s the jumping mat? – [Mom] Where’s the mattress? – Yeah, the mattress. – [Mom] It’s downstairs. Remember the purple thing where you do your gymnastics off of? – [Dad] Holy Cow! – [Mom] Woohoo! – [Mom] That’s two heavy
for mommy to carry. We need muscle man! Okay – Okay – We have a purple mattress. They sent us a queen size, so we’re like, I guess Adley’s getting a queen bed. Kinda crazy. (laughing) It’ll be good. Now, Nico can lay down with her, I can lay down with her. And she’ll grow into it. And this is so cute. Do you know why you’re
getting a new bed, Adley? Cause this one is too little for you. And you like to move around and you always fall off that bed, huh? – Yeah – [Mom] So we got you a new bed. The worst mattress ever like she sits down and then
both ends bounce up. We feel so bad for her. – Oh. Oh. – [Mom] Cool huh? Now we should figure out where in your room we need to put your bed. – I’m scared. This can be better. – [Mom] Yeah, that
actually might be perfect for getting on your bed, huh? – Yeah that move might be perfect. I think I’ll just– – [Mom] We need to get your
mattress on there, huh? And we need to get you some sheets, huh? And some pillows – And…no, I already have
a pillow, right there. – [Mom] Oh, you have a pillow. We need to get you a
pillowcase though, huh. – Oh yes. – [Mom] Yeah. Oh Nico, did you find a plane? – (babbling) – So, we’re thinking one side of her bed needs
to be against the wall that way she doesn’t
have two opportunities to fall off the bed in
the middle of the night. The bed either needs to scoot over there be against that wall or turn it and be against that wall. – I sleep right here at random. – [Mom] That’s why we
have one side of her bed right here against the wall so she doesn’t have two opportunities to fall off the bed, huh? – Uh-huh. (calming music) – [Mom] Okay. I think that’s where
your bed’s going to go. And then you can put your toys over here. You already have toys over here. Good job, Adley. We’ll put her little nightstand right here. We’ll get her bookshelf right here. Do you like it? – Yep. – [Mom] Good. Next time you see us, we’ll be shopping for newww sheets, yeah. – I’m here. Jenny picked me up. Thanks for the pick up. Hi, kids. Hey, are you trolling Nico? – Nico’s trying to get the wrapper. – [Dad] Don’t let him play with it. Save a Nico. Grab the wrapper. Good job! Anyways, we got the vlog up. It’s a fun vlog. It’s Adley in the bus. It was a twenty minute vlog, but it was so much fun to watch. Do you guys like the longer vlogs? I feel like that one’s for Jess. – I’m excited to see it. – [Dad] It’s a good one. Brandon we did good Now, we’re going to get some lunch, do some shopping. By the way, Brandon said
he was coming here as well. We should eat lunch with him. – [Mom] We should. – Brandon you’re invited. – Yes! – So hard. – [Dad] Brandon’s here. – What up! – Pizza time. Can you jump over the most giant river in the entire world? Whoa! That was pretty good. Good job! She really can jump farther than you. – [Mom] (laughing) – Most people can jump better than you. – [Dad] Bite, bite, bite, bite. Lick it all over. – (laughing) – [Dad] Oh, that was a good bite. – Watch my magic trick. – [Dad] There’s Adley. What! How’d you do that? What! How’d you do that magic? We’re shopping. It’s boring, but we need
to get Adley’s bed some new sheets and blanket and stuff. What are you getting, babe? – We are looking for sheets
My peppa toy – And she’s a kid
mom did you get my peppa toy? – She might pee the bed. – [Dad] Here’s your peppa toy. Adley’s gonna open this when we get home and see what’s inside Cause she’s been a very good girl. – Can I open it right now? – Not right now. We gotta buy it first. Dah-duh, Dah-duh – I’m trynna open it right now. – No, we gotta buy it first. And pickleball set. We used to love playing pickleball. We got paddles and a net thing. – [Mom] It’s so fun I’m really excited about that. We are national champions, Jenny and I We got second place in the
country eight years ago. – Whoop. – It was on television, big deal. We got a pickleball medal. – Will full fit a queen? – I have no idea anything about beds. Except for we should get one of these. Actually if they made this but it said, Adventure all night and adventure all day, then we could get it for Adley. Cause Adley doesn’t sleep. – [Mom] I do like that. – [Dad] Yeah? – [Mom] Yeah. – [Dad] Hey, Adley. Hey! Do you like that pillow? – Yes! – [Dad] Kay, should we get it? – No – [Dad] (laughing) Shopping with girls is crazy, Nico. Let’s abort mission. Let’s get out of here. – [Mom] This is cute. Look at this. – [Dad] Way cute. I’m sold, let’s get it. – That’s adorable – Way adorable. – Squirrels and bunnies and – Yep, let’s get it. – Or not – I want this one This one looks fun. – [Dad] Why does that one look fun? – Cause you got try and not let him squirt you in the face and not let him get the ball. – [Dad] Well, yeah, that does look fun. I’m down. Should that be our surprise
today that we play? Alright, we got a game and a toy – [Mom] Wait. – [Dad] Oh yeah. Nice doing business with you. – Since when does General Mills do games? – [Dad] It all looks like cereal. It’s a cereal game? – [Mom] A monster cereal game. – [Dad] I don’t even know how you play it, but I’m getting it. Adley got a toy, I get a toy. Now it’s fair. Can we go? Please! – Yes, let’s go! – [Dad] We’re out of here! Adley come on. The floor’s gonna turn into
lava if you don’t hurry. – One Two Three
Good job. – Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven Twelve, Thirteen – [Mom] The floor’s lava! – [Dad] The floor’s lava. Good job. Don’t worry you’re safe. – Twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are? – [Dad] Wow, that was beautiful. Rockstar. – This looks so great – [Dad] That would be so fun and you could bug us all day. – Yeah – [Dad] Yeah. – Can you please buy it? – [Dad] Yeah, I don’t think so. – Please – [Dad] You already got a Peppa house. – I want this too. I can buy two toys. – [Dad] Mmm, I don’t think so. – I think so. – [Dad] I don’t think so. – I’ll go ask my mom. Where’s my mommy? Mommy, where are you! Mom! Where are you! – Shopping with Adley is an experience. Hey! – Dad, you push me. – [Dad] No way, hosie. We’ll get kicked out. – Mom can I buy this. – No. – Please! – [Mom] No way hosie. – [Dad] That’s what I said. That’s not a good idea. I’m sorry I keep thinking we’re gonna go, but we’re not going yet, Nico. One day we’ll escape this place. – (unintelligible singing) I can buy this. (loud crash) – [Both Men] (grunting) – [Mom] Shimmy – It’s like trying to get a
giant Popsicle wrapper off. But the popsicles melted a little bit so it’s– – I can do it! – Adley can do it! She’s doing it. – Let’s go Adley. – Whoa. – [Mom] Whoo. – [Dad] You okay? We did it. – [Mom] Holy crap! You did it Adley. – [Dad] You’re so strong. – [Mom] Ohhh, that’s what
helps you sleep, huh. You think you sleep better like that? – Mhhhm. – [Mom] Holy. It’s coming together. – [Dad] It’s growing. – [Mom] It doesn’t need to cool down. Whoa! – New bed, oh yeah. – [Mom] New bed! Oh yeah – Better test it out. Wheee – [Everyone] (laughing) – Does it jump good? Can you do a flip? – Yeah – [Mom] Don’t do flips. – Do a flip. Whooo. You’re a big girl now, congratulations. – I can jump and give you a… – Whoa. Don’t fall. – [Mom] Watch she falls out the window. – No jumping on the, we need to just lock that window forever. – [Mom] Oh she can wake
up and look at the cows. – [Dad] There’re cows out there? – [Mom] Yeah. There not there right now – Dog, I see a dog. – [Mom] There’s a dog! Oh they’re pooping in our yard. Oh, and she cleaned it up. Thank you. – Congrats on your big girl bed. Yeah. Yeah, there we go. – I want one more high five. – Okay, one more high five. – I miss. – Yeah, you miss. Yeah. – [Mom] Adley, what do you tell Brandon for carrying that all the way upstairs? – Thank you, Brandon. – Don’t forget daddy
Dad too he helped. – You have to half thank me too. – Thank you daddy too. – [Mom] Wahoo – This is gonna be a fun bed. On our next vlog, Adley goes to the emergency room. – [Mom] Yeah, I know. – Is this your old bed? – Yeah this was my old, I’ll put my blanket on there! – [Mom] Okay! – This is so exciting! Ohh and Adley, now we can sleep in till it’s green. – [Mom] Yeah. – Yeah. – [Mom] Good idea, dad. – [Dad] Welcome to tomorrow. And we’re gonna play the game we got. – I’m gonna cook these puffs. – [Dad] Let’s see it. Are you cooking them for Nico? That’s very nice of you. – (babbling) – Here Nico. Oh he likes it.
There you go Nico – Oh leave them in the pan. – Maybe I’ll just give him a plate. – [Dad] Hey, uh, family I’m trynna play a game here. – [Mom] Oh sorry – [Dad] Uh, Adley, game alert. – I gotta get Nico a a bowl first. – [Dad] That’s really nice of you. She’s a good sister – Okay getting Nico a plate. – [Parents] Kay – [Mom] Good job. That looks like a toilet seat, Honey. – No it doesn’t. – [Mom] Yes it does. – No it doesn’t. – [Mom] That goes to
your baby toilet seat. – [Dad] That’s a baby toilet seat. – No it’s not. It’s a plate. – [Dad] Okay, just use
your imagination mom. – This is a plate and I’ll pour it in. – [Dad] Now what are you doing? – I’m putting it in the mixer. – [Mom] Oh, what kinda
puffs are you making? – I’m making strawberry puffs. – [Mom] Strawberry puffs? – [Dad] Oh he loves strawberry puffs. That’s a good idea. – [Mom] He’s going for
the real source actually. Cheating the system. – [Dad] Are they ready? – Yep. – [Dad] Oh, those look
like good strawberry puffs. – Here you go Nico. Here’s your new puffs. – [Dad] Alright – Now we can play. – [Dad] Should we figure out, Mom catch the cam. – [Mom] Ah! I hate that. How do we play, Teach us. – Should we open it? – Yeah, let’s open it. – Let’s get this stuff out of here. This is our new
Wait – playroom table guys – [Mom] Do you get wet in this game? – Let’s do our secret
handshake to start it. – Okay. Let’s start it with our secret handshake. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Pshh. Let’s open it. – [Mom] Are those good puffs? Yeah. Holy cow! – This is our new playroom table, guys. We’re gonna play lots of games on here. – I need a chair. – [Mom] Oh, go get that blue one. – The blue chair! – So these work like this. And then uh
Are we playing golf? if it hits here, you get sprayed in the
water with the face. – [Mom] Sprayed in the water with face. – Yeah, your water gets
face sprayed all over it. No idea what these are, but let’s play. – [Mom] Maybe it goes on over here. – I think that’s right. – [Mom] Ha ha. – What does that do? That’s where you put the water. It all makes sense now. – [Mom] Go fill it up – Bring the caps Adley, we gotta fill this up. – [Adley] Wee-oh, Wee-oh – [Adley And Dad] Wee-oh, wee-oh – [Dad] Wee-oh, wee-oh,
wee-oh, wee-oh, wee-oh, wee-oh. – Hi, you can see me. – Two moms – And there’s two Adleys. And two dads. – Two Adleys. – Orange goes over here and red goes right here. – [Mom] You excited, Adley. – Yep! – [Dad] What if you get wet? I bet I’m gonna win and I’ll squirt you. – Hi, I bet I’m gonna win and I’ll squirt daddy. – Uh, no way, I bet I’m gonna
win and I’ll squirt you. – I bet I’m gonna, and I’ll squirt you. – Oh yeah! – Oh yeah! – Oh yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah. Are you gonna be orange or red? – I’m gonna be orange. – Kay. – Hit me already. – You don’t want the ball
to hit in the middle. You have to hit it away with these. Cause if it hits in the middle, Boom! You get wet. – I hope I’m gonna hit your circle and get you wet. – I hope I’m gonna hit your circle and get you wet. – I hope I’m gonna get you wet. – I hope I’m gonna get you wet. – [Mom] Alright, I want a clean fight between both of ya. Ready – Set
Set – Oh wait. You gotta push this to
build up the pressure. Kay. Now watch when it hits it, it’ll squirt. Are you ready? – [Mom] Ready Set Go. (game levers clicking) – Oh oh. Push it hard. You gotta push them hard. Ah! – [Mom] Oh ha ha. – You got squirt! – Ahh! – Yes! – Good.
Good job, Adley. – Ready, here we go. Fight! Ah! – It squirt me. – [Everyone] (laughing) (game levers clicking) – Ah! – I got you! – It squirt my nose. – Your nose is wet. Oh, it’s going fast. Who’s gonna get squirted? – Maybe daddy. – Ahhh. – [Everyone] (laughing). – [Mom] Good job, Adley. – I got squirted. Next one who gets squirted
has to switch with mom, kay? – [Mom] Oh no. – Here we go. Don’t get squirted or else
you have to film the vlog. – You can be on– – What if we do two balls? On your mark, get set, go. Ah! – Now you got… I got. – Yeah, okay, I got film. You got me. Girls versus girls. Good luck. – [Mom] Oh boy. – [Dad] You gotta pump this up. Okay. – Good luck. – Good luck. On your mark, get set, go. Ah. – [Everyone] (laughing) – Ah. – [Everyone] (laughing) – Hi Nico Hi. – [Dad] Are you spectating? – [Mom] Ready? – Oh I think Nico wants more. – [Mom] Okay time out. – Time out, mhhm. – [Dad] Puff break. – [Adley] There you go Nico. – Back in action
Get set – Go I’m nervous Ah – [Dad] Good job, Adley. Next person to get sprayed
has to hold the camera. – Ready, set – Go – Go – Ah, haha. – [Dad] Ohhh, you got sprayed! – Dang it. – [Mom] Dang it. – Okay. – Go
Go – Ah ha ha. – I didn’t get squirted. – Yes you did. Ah! You did! – I didn’t feel it. It’s on your beard. – I didn’t feel it, I’m sorry. Get set Go
Go – Oh, I have an idea We play with our eyes closed. – Kay. Eyes closed, mouth open. – Set Go
Go – Ahhh! – [Parents] (laughing) – Kay, Adley, you wanna try? – [Adley] My turn. – Nico versus Adley
Nico versus Adley. Kay, on your marks – I gotta make sure mine is done – Kay, you gotta try and spray Nico. On your mark, get set, Go. Go Nico, go! Get her. – Go, get her. – Ahh – They got you. Keep going Nico. Here we go. You gotta try and get him. – Ah, she got herself. She wants to do the eyes. She’s doing the eyes closed. – Okay, eyes closed. Try and get Nico. – Ahh. He got wet. Are you okay? – [Everyone] (laughing) – That was funny.
I like this game. Well, it worked. I’m glad we got it. – That was fun. – Should we keep playing it? – Mhhm. – Deal. We’re gonna keep playing this game but, thanks for hanging out
for another best day ever. We’ll see you guys for a different best day ever another day, huh Adley. – No way. – [Parents] (laughing) – [Dad] Oh wow, sassy. – See you later.
Bye. – [Adley] (screaming) – [Dad] Psish. (upbeat dance music) – (unintelligible singing) – That’s a lovely, lovely voice. – (unintelligible singing continues) – Oh my goodness, nice pipes.

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