Don’t Fall for this Car Battery Scam
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Don’t Fall for this Car Battery Scam

October 9, 2019

Rev up your engines,
abdullah says hey scotty is there a way to predict if the battery will not be able to
start my engine, well of course there is, I’ve got a good battery checking machine,
the best one that I use is called a midtronics, it’s a very good electronics company, all
I have to do is put that battery tester on a battery it takes 30 seconds, and it says
if you want to check the battery yes, then you look on the battery for the ratings and
if it’s like 750 CCA then I set it for 750 CCA and I push the button and it tests the
battery, it’s a very accurate system, I advise people if their worried and they got an older
battery find a guy like me or places like autozone do it for free,
have the battery load tested, just make sure you have it load tested by an honest mechanic,
because if their scammers, say you have a 650 CCA battery, to make it look bad, all
I would have to do is hook that tester up and instead of saying it’s 600 CCA put it
to like 800 amps testing and it would say it’s bad because it’s an older battery and
it’s a lower rated battery, so you got to make sure it’s an honest person checking it
with the machine in the first place because a lot of guys want to sell you stuff,
so watch them check it, urgent says scotty what do you think will
last the longest with the least amount of problems, a 2008 nissan maxima automatic with
65,000 miles or a 2006 acura tsx manual with 135,000 miles, well I would go with the acura
on that because those nissan maximas had problems with their automatic transmissions and electronic
problems in 2008, that was after renault merged with nissan, I would go with the tsx manual
because it’s a fancy honda and honda makes great manual transmissions and great engines,
the weak thing of an acura tsx is their automatic transmissions but that has a manual so I would
go for that even though it has almost twice the mileage that the nissan has because if
a nissan automatic transmission goes out it would cost more money than the car is worth
to fix, and the acura manual would be more fun to drive,
hey scotty I live in Canada I would like to know what you would recommend, a second hand
rav4 or a second hand subaru impreza, I went to university in Toronto a long time ago when
dinosaurs roamed the plains there, you’ve got an interesting choice there, the rav4s
last a long time and their really well made, but all the subarus are all wheel drive, it
depends on where you live in Canada, now when I was living in Toronto it didn’t snow all
that much and they plowed the roads and just regular 2 wheel drive worked perfectly fine,
but if you live up north or out west where it snows a lot more, the AWD is a pretty good
system, now if you have a rav4 with 4 wheel drive yeah, but most of the subarus are AWD
where only a few of the toyotas are all wheel drive, so you have to decide if you want AWD
or not, if you don’t want AWD get the rav4, but if you do, your probably better off with
the subaru there, firewall says scotty would it be dumb for
me to put $20,000 on a 1996 Chevy Impala SS with 20,000 miles, well I wouldn’t spend that
kind of money, but you know if your talking about an SS that’s a fancier one that’s got
the v8 and their kind of fun to drive around, what you have to do with a vehicle like that
though is, you have to make sure that’s the real mileage because that’s a 23 year old
vehicle, you got to get proof, registration, when it
was inspected, make sure the mileage always was the same and it went up a little at a
time, and that it just doesn’t have a different speedometer put in it,
because if you’re going to pay that kind of money you got to make sure that’s the real
mileage of a vehicle, now back then GM was building a lot better vehicles than they make
today so it could be a really good vehicle but you would want to prove that it actually
had only 20,000 miles on it, axis of evil says, my chrysler 300c will hang
up in second gear once in a while, I’ll have to low it down so it drops a gear then it
seems ok any idea what can be causing the issue, those are notorious for having horrible
automatic transmissions and your getting a problem inside it, any automatic transmission
that acts like that has internal problems that are starting to wear, like years ago
Mercedes put a bunch of transmissions in their 300D and the 300D were pretty good engines,
but the transmissions were a little bit weak and most of my customers that got really old,
that’s what they do, they’d step on the gas and they’d take off but if they wanted to
shift a gear they’d take their foot off the gas a little and then it would shift into
the next gear, it’s always a sign that the inside of the automatic transmission is starting
to have serious problems, if you baby it and it goes ok, you know those things aren’t worth
that much money as they age you didn’t say what year it was, but you might just want
to baby it because if you’re going to have to have a rebuilt transmission put in one
of those things it’s going to cost thousands and thousands of dollars, so you might think
twice, you might even think about getting rid of it and getting another vehicle that
doesn’t have a problem like that, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

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  2. Replaced my Die-Hard battery the other year and was told the will no longer offer a pro-rated battery warranty. I'll be buying my next battery at Costco. I'm going off onto a different tangent, hold on.

    Some months ago I went to my local Sears and bought me a set of Craftsman 1/2" impact sockets . They were more expensive than other made in China sets I saw around but bought them. Got home and then noticed that these tools too were made in China. Returned them soon afterwards. You'll be hard pressed to find made in USA tools there.

    My Flex-Slacks II pants I've been getting at Sears has been discontinued.

    Three basic staples I've been going to Sears for is no longer available. No wonder Sears is going out of business.

  3. Ahhh the old weak battery scam, thank you for posting this my friend but a bit too late for me. We got hit by our local Kia stealership for this scam last month, on a four year old battery. All of what you said is how the thieving bastards lead us into it, and of course we trusted them. We took it in for a no start condition, and of course it was just a weak battery, not covered by warranty "oh well!" Went to start the car after paying and it wouldn't start again. Oops ! So turns out it was the warranty covered starter after all, but hey we got anew battery out of it right? It's all a joke to them, if you trust them you are a fool. Thanks Scotty for the heads up on that load tester, I'm sure I can rely on it for the next time!

  4. Hi Scotty, When someone is having trouble with their car, lets say someone has an automatic gearbox in their car that is starting to fail and will cost thousands to fix. You tell them its not worth fixing and just get ride of the car. In my opinion that is just passing the problem on to someone else, depending on how honest the person selling the car is, the buyer may not get told the gearbox is stuffed and the cycle starts over. I know there are alot of people like me, when I buy a second hand car I know the risks that it may not last so I will have to spend more money to get it right. I bought a 30yr old Holden Commodore with 396000klm on the clock (the model with the Nissan engine and gearbox) for $500 that I got a good few years out of but eventually the automatic gearbox started sticking in one gear and eventually lost all its gears. The cheapest rebuilt box I could get was $2500. (absolutely ridiculous ) But because it was a car I was keeping there was no question I had to spend the money.

    Apart from that I think your videos are awesome and love watching them. Thanks Scotty.

  5. HELP!!!!! I need / Want a dependable truck and I use it to tow med weight 0- 5000lb from time to time. Primary use trips for the family. Thanks Scotty

  6. Every 3 months when i do my oil change, best to clean the battery top from acid and corroded terminals. Coat the terminals with electrical grease, and top off each battery cell with DISTILLED water. Battery 5 years old and still new cranking great

  7. FYI, as a Canadian I'd pick the Rav4 – the majority of Rav4's sold where I am (Alberta) are 4WD. There's very few FWD available in my neck of the woods. I just wouldn't buy an older manual unless it has a newer clutch because the cost to repair a clutch (if it's going) is almost as much as the 4WD manual Rav4 is worth …

    Also, LOL @ thinking Orillia is "North". It's actually further south than Portland, Oregon. =D

  8. He did not mention the date sticker on batteries get one that is only 1-2 months old. Like this month Dec. try to find one no later than 10-18.

  9. I simply have my car battery replaced when it reaches three years of age. It's called preventive maintenance and I have never had to deal with a dead battery in 60 years of driving.

  10. Autozone will fry your battery on purpose just so you can buy a $100+ battery from them. Witness this at first hand.

  11. Aaah…the joys of rural king where an honest man can get a well priced battery with a warranty ,a gun, and still have change left for a "kit kat"…Aaah…glorious days indeed !!!.

  12. it isn't always a internal transmission problem when it doesn't shift. It can be the vehicle speed sensor. It's a simple replacement.

  13. Scotty's the best, and his discussion is correct, but too superficial….. watch a few dedicated battery testing videos to become knowledgable……and you can double check and know what the battery tester at autozone etc. is telling you. You can buy a tester like his for $65 at Harbor Freight(he links one cheaper) that is top notch, a load tester for $20, and a simple voltage reader for $4 bucks, which is still highly useful and fundamental to evaluating the battery. By the way, the imputing of the CCA on his or other conductance testers is actually meaningless as it is just a derived calculation as he alluded to. What u are measuring with that device is internal battery resistance, which tells you the health, and therefore the general life the battery is left with. Load testing and discharge testing measure other things, but also yield info about the battery. But the simple fact is this, if ur battery is low and can no longer start ur car, the battery is done, or your alternator is failing, (or its the starter, typically). If the alternator is failing, it may have prematurely over discharged your battery killing it. Just go ahead and do a good slow charge on your battery, and if it works, your battery is still good, then test alternator by a tester, or by driving and see if battery stays up. Also, with his tester, the battery should be fully charged, but left to sit for 30min to release surface charge, in order to get a correct test result, if u test immeadiately after charging can give false good result, if test without charging may, but not usually, give false bad result. If battery is 4 yrs or greater old, get a new one just to save urself hassle, just make sure your alternator is working, otherwise you will kill a brand new battery. Make sure its not a bad starter, and not the battery why car won't start……….

  14. OPTIMA BATTERIES are the real deal. Have had the red top in my 06 F-150 5.4 V8 for 8 years now and its still going strong. Damn good batteries. Even though I keep reading comments online on threads that OPTIMA makes the batteries in China and that they only last a few years now, you better believe I will still buy OPTIMA batteries.

  15. Appreciate the info but the laughs are cringe as hell especially when you laugh at a person directly, asking a question. Besides what's so funny can you make sure your battery will start your car bahahahaha lmao hehehehe ? really it's that funny???

  16. Not a pro but if you are alert the car will have at least a few starts that seem to labor especially at the first turn. Don't ignore it.

  17. Chrysler 300c is not "notorious for horrible transmissions," Scotty. Without knowing the year, you can't even know which transmission he has. If it is the 5 speed, that's a bulletproof transmission. Could be just some stupid electronic input from somewhere. If he needs a rebuilt unit there's tons of them out there. All depends on miles/year of car though; might not be worth it.

  18. Heyy SCOTTY!!I was given a FREE 1997 GMC Sierra 5.7L V-8 VORTEK SLE-C1500 ext cab truck with ONLY 46,000+MILES on it!Its in decent shape&Runs really good.Its vortek powered V8 feels very powerful,but are these good trucks?What can you tell me about it??LOve the channel keep up the great works!!

  19. Scotty i have a 2003 bmw ci 325 convertible. Its stalling out when cold. I believe it to be do to the valve cover or something around that area. Do you have any suggestions

  20. Selling it and buying another vehicle doesnt help anything unless you know you are selling to someone who is willing to fix it and aware of all issues. Dont want want to just pass shitty or unsafe vehicle down the line. Eventually it could end up being driven buy some poor single parent, senior or new driver and it could put them in debt or hurt someone. There are many running, driving, steering like new small cars for between 1000-2000 canadian. So if your vehicle is making noise, running rough, shifting bad, full of rust, vibrating and its high mileage and over 10 years just scrap it or donate it to the kidney people. We have too many people driving old dangerous shitboxes with no functioning emission controls as is. I feel we need to phase out these old cars and especially trucks and there should be some sort of subsidy to help with this based off of income.

  21. Autozone says everything is bad so they can sell you a new one. Long story, had a starter and alternator tested on same visit and they said both were bad. Both were good and lasted for years. Never had to replace them during my ownership. I walked out after seeing how several employees looked at each other. Installed both on different cars and both fired up and worked great. Bought used from a pull and pay. Thought I would stop at autozone to have them tested. Waste of time.

  22. Those little testers are junk. More times than not it says battery is good when it’s bad! And if a flooded battery is 5 years old then it’s time to replace it. Dry batteries, like AGM’s can go up to 10 years.

  23. dont buy shitty batteries from walmart. i avoid over priced ones from autozone/advanced. last battery i got they wanted $150. i got a better one for $80 at a family owned battery n fitler shop.?

  24. Autozone batteries. Buy the cheap one and when it fails within a year have em' replace it for free. Cost time though and a little aggrevation.

  25. Hallo Scotty which one is the best obd scanner for about 1500 Cad dollars.which one I can use it later if I set up my small shop. thanks

  26. Scotty would you rather have a 1999 mercury grand marquis 33Kmiles for $6000,
    or an 2002 mercury grand marquis 145k miles for $2600?

  27. Lead acid batteries that AT&T use last for many years, 15+ years. They are kept on a constant charge and I always checked the rectifiers. I dont know why car batteries don't last as long.

  28. Wow. Lets get a few things straight. Only a fully charged battery can be accurately tested. Most parts stores batt. chargers are "smart" chargers and won't complete a cycle if it senses the batt. is bad. 3-4 years is the average life of a battery. I am a retired Mechanic who now works at a Parts store, the testers we use can be wrong sometimes. Most batteries are now made in Mexico and don't last like the older USA made ones. If your having constant battery problems, make sure you actually bought one the car required. Some cars have large electrical loads and require a battery with a large reserve. Check price and CCA. Cheaper batteries have less CCA. Keep your battery clean along with your terminals. If your vehicle sits a lot, get a battery tender. A battery that is allowed to be discharged for long periods of time will not last long. There is no such thing as a "reconditioned battery"! Love your vids Scotty!

  29. Abdullah must be from some 3rd world islamic shithole if he doesn't even know about the existence of a car battery tester.

  30. I worked as an Auto Tech. Shop used a Midtronics Tester. I have seen it "Pass" batteries. Then the customer comes back with a No Start. I have seen it state, Recharge and Retest. Then Fail it. Testers are not infallible.

  31. The fundamental problem why batteries don't last as long as they should is the charging/discharging system inherent to all automobiles.
    Ideally, there should be 2 batteries – one on charge, the other on discharge.

    When one battery is being charged and discharged at the same time, the constant back and forth movement of current in the cells is what destroys batteries.

  32. I can't trust auto shops for testing batteries. I had a new battery from Wall Mart fail to start whenever I let the van sit for 2 days, so I charged it and drove to the auto parts store so they could tell me whether it is good or bad. They hook up their diagnostic tool and tell me it's bad. I ask them what's wrong with it? Why is it bad? Is it holding a charge or not? They say, "All I can tell you is our machine says that it is bad." So I get another opinion for another auto parts store, and they say the same thing. When I get to Wall Mart, the battery tests "good", and they won't refund me, or get me another one. Turns out that I had a parasitic draw that I did not know about. The moral of the story is, "Don't trust auto parts stores and their diagnostic battery testing." Unless you can get someone to put on a tool that says how many volts it has, and see if it drops. That is the only way I know, where you can tell if it holds a charge or not. Even if the battery is dead, it does not mean it is a bad battery. Maybe it just needed a charge.

  33. Scotty; I've lived in Canada for 60 years and in some of the snowiest places imaginable, (currently in Ottawa where it's blowing a blizzard – as usual.) I've had front drive cars, AWD cars, (including 2 Subarus) and rear wheel drive cars, (currently a Crown Victoria). I prefer rear wheel drive in the snow. If you start to lose grip on RWD, you know it right away and can easily correct it. Front wheel drive may give better traction, but breaks loose quite suddenly if traction is lost. As for AWD? Well, my feeling is that it provides a false sense of security and – as the old saying goes – such cars let you "get stuck deeper and further from home."

  34. The safest ways these days is always have a car portable lithium battery in your car too for emergency to for helping to cranking your car engine over,if you needed.Checking only battery how many cold cranking have leftover only doesn't helped,if your car battery is like a few years old.

  35. There's also the brute method load tester. The one with the coil in that heats up. I have one. But it only tells you if your battery has enough juice in it to to turn the starter. Which you can also deteermine by starting the car. The electronic tester can tell you if your battery needs to be replaced.


  37. All you need is a damn volt meter 12.6 is 100% charge & get other guy to start car while cranking up it should not go lower then 10 volts . And with the vehicle running, should be around 13.5v -14.0v anything other then that is alternator most batris only last 2-3 years.

  38. I had the motor replaced in an '00 Venture. The car's computer didn't match the motor, so the computer that came with the replacement motor had to be installed. It had about 60,000 less miles – the odometer apparently is in the computer.
    Now, the main concern is the miles on the motor, not the wheel bearings or the steering gear.

  39. Use LubeGard if your transmission is having trouble shifting. Worked for me. Wouldn't up shift 2nd to 3rd when cold. Added like 1/2 then more a few weeks later. Amazing stuff.

  40. Scotty I need you to answer a question Chevy or Ford your air compressor goes out they change the air compressor, so why does NISSAN tell you have to purchase the entire air system .

  41. Renault really doesn't have to merge with Chrysler THEIR already with Nissan? If Nissan goes WITH Chrysler THEIR its still a merger!! 🙂

  42. Budget battery is a place that my grandparents have been going to for the last 10 years and so have I and they have literally never let me down.

  43. all mechanics should be Scotty's apprentice, thought set up your own mechanics school scotty and fill Texas with honest straight talking mechanics who know what the hell they are doing,

  44. when I was in College I worked after classes at a local gas station. The owners Son had a rigged up button on a battery/alternator tester . When he connected it to a customers battery he would press the button on the bottom and it read BAD BATTERY or ALTERNATOR. He would then put in a new used, good battery. He did the same for alternators. He kept the customers battery or alternator . Clean it up and sold it to the next sucker. He also did the same with the oil dipstick trick. He had an empty oil can with the metal spout filler. He would check their oil with his finger on the stick. Showed the customer it was a quart low. Put in the empty can and got paid for no oil !
    I hated him, but I could not say a word or get fired. He is probably in hell now serving time as he should be ! As you sow so shall you reap ! Amen !

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