DONT Destroy The Expensive Items In LAVA – Challenge
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DONT Destroy The Expensive Items In LAVA – Challenge

August 22, 2019

Yes i have to destroy my playstation no, not my makeup oh no not me headphones I have to destroy my gaming PC with an axe. no it’s my phone! you have to pour lava on your $100 000 Porsche 3…2…1 In today’s video we have 2 mystery doora Round one sledgehammer The question is what item of mine is going to be placed into the box Morgan leave it to me Okay guys in the last video, morgan bought 10,000 vbucks using MY credit card Again I think it’s that season 10 guys he just can’t get enough of it. He may be addicted to playing games on his PlayStation but No games! The playstation is going into box number 1 Let’s see if Morgan picks the right door Ladies and gentlemen, this is it door number one or door number two Two, one. My playstation!!!!! Playstation This is it. We’ve been for a lot together all the kills and wins on Fornite. Now. This is the end Wins Morgan I don’ t even think you have a kill! Three, two, one Pause Just before I smash the PS4 Five-second subscribe telling where you are five seconds to subscribe to the channel Now back to the video unpause three two Guys still think it will still work? Morgan I think your days of Fornite are over Okay, guys next up is Mums turn! Wait a sec Mum you seem to really like your makeup just like I really like my playstation so I know Exactly what to do Let’s see if she There you go Mum since is your makeup Looks like the sledgehammer really worked! Time for your makeup to join my playstation in the skip. Carn’t believe you made me destroy my playstation HAHAHA. Too well for you, so is it anyway who’s next? And it’s Gucci are you thinking what I’m thinking I think so Lets put it in the box! Guys! Martin’s aftershave is going behind door number 1 let’s see. What door he picks Hmm guys, I think I’m going to go with door number one No, no. No, I’m gonna go with door number two Okay Martin, it’s Morgens turn and we need to come up with a plan how to eliminate him from the challenge He destroyed his ps4. So what can be worse than that Martin I think I’ve got an idea Instead of putting one of these consoles on the line. Let’s put is gaming PC on the line Whoo, that’s me. Let’s do it. Okay guys Morgans gaming PC is behind door number one. Let’s see what he thinks Okay guys door number one may have let me down in the first round However, it time for it to redeem itself I’m going with door number one. Morgan where not just putting a end to Fornite. Where putting an end to you gaming altogether because you are Okay, guys this is it I have to destroy my gaming PC with an axe this thing cost me almost $1000 and I’m gonna have to smash it like it’s nothing get on with it Morgan. I wanna see this destroy This here is a ancient vase It has a lot of meaning to But it won’t have The vase is inside Or will it survive? 3 2 1 Well looks like your vase has survived I’m not too sure about that. 🙁 MARTIN!!! Your turn, where is he oh I’m all in science and headphones on headphones Martin Interesting. We did mommy get me a phone. Yeah, but we’re doing we’re doing Martin it’s payback time door number one or door Number two, you know what that’s about the first round and I can survive again. So I’m gonna go for door number two three two one Get phones looks like this is the end take them off Martin take that take them off Martin are you ready? You don’t have a choice three two one I don’t think I’m able to listen to blank on these again Jimmy Drake Round three blowtorch. Okay guys it’s time for In the challenge, however, that may be about to change because the destruction around This is Martin Ritz around 3:00 now and we really need to find a way to eliminate Morgan We’ve destroyed so many of these valuables already. They just seem to care. We need to find a way to hit them where it hurts Would you I’m Cory. There’s nothing more scares about whoa. Let me smooch. Only just dropped is brand new in addition It isn’t water in it right now and in this room you have to blow so cheap perfect Morgan Morgan’s one blue empty segment is going to be out door number two Okay, guys Blue Angie Only available for the next seven days, so I need to make sure I do not pick the wrong door I’m gonna go win Door number 2 Bluto chow any last words? I just have one thing to say Make sure you’ve got the new one up little Angie’s address before is gone forever. You can get it out on KO or the bandshell Right now, you know blogging mork’s it’s time to burn too Oh Kenny when you said your numerous fire I do Laughter copper new one. Okay guys, since we’ll make me blowtorch my brand-new royal blue mg said merge It’s her turn now and it’s time to get I’m gonna choose her And it is going behind Okay, guys I know That’s really The question is well, I Just like To see you in a dress Morgan I think I’ve got an idea how to eliminate Martin more tell me more Morgan nobody knows about this, but Martin has a secret. He made me swear to never tell anybody, but I think now that’s Martin costly, but not without its giant teddy is even named a and I know Martin will not sacrifice his teddy So I say let’s put into the box Martin’s favorite teddy bear is going behind door number – guys this is it. It’s my turn again. I’m a little bit nervous. Which one to pick I Wish you look guys three two one She protects me from all the ghosts absurd of nutrition looks like this in the end. I love you What’s it like you’re embarrassing yourself a little bit here No, it’s pretty embarrassing I’m sorry Patricia, I’ve got no choice That’s tissue it’ll be fine Chainsaw Okay, Bobo, very sure to stop and after what you’ve just done to position I’m gonna get my revenge Movin this is your iPhone and this is gonna go into a box. I know for a fact to come live without laces Let’s go meet on picket movies. IPhone is good to door number two Free – What’s like my iPhone has survived However, martin we might not be saying the same about doors in a minute. I Bet you didn’t see me take this picture Martin what did thing? First thing was my headphones then position opponent. I can’t afford to lose my phone You know what Morgan pick door number one. So the gullible one as well three two one I Use Android mum has over the phone Mia Martin’s iPhone survived, but Wilmots both survived is going behind door number Guys both momentum on see pick door number one and they survived Just like that surely there will be safe two three two Mom are you sure you want to do this? You can’t always all fit till we $10,000. Do you what about all the memories you’ve got on there all the photos all the messages? Are you sure? Looks like it’s Okay guys it’s run by and as you know of the method of destruction is llama Anything touches this llama will be instantly demolished that is 0% chance of survival, so This right guys this is it this is my chance to eliminate Morgan and win about $10,000. All I have to do is find something that Morgan will not destroy and I think I Found it This year is Morgan’s diamond Rolex ever since he bought this this watch has barely been out of his sight but he’s gonna put this in bother if he wants to win the challenge because Rolex I Excusing you. I’m gonna put three Rolex behind door number Two, let’s see Morgan guesses at the right door Okay guys one plus two equals three three plus two equals five by five – – Going with door number two Your God to be jokin Is this why think is my advice our Rolex. How could you do this to me? You know, there’s nothing I care about molded by Rolex mind So fog looks like it’s quitting lava, and that’s unless you want to forfeit and let me win button. I know you Well, there is no way Well then say goodbye to your ruling Okay, guys as you can see, we have the lava The fire off of the log is literally almost hitting me and ready to go in the lava I have my iced out relax, we’ve got some good memories no legs, but now it’s all Moving this is the last time I’m going to ask you you watch your forfeit Think about how much that Rolex cost you and what that laughter would do to me Morton There is no way I’m letting you win this challenge. I’m burning it while there Morgan what you waiting for free I I can taste it Definitely heats up the ice…….on your Rolex Okay, guys, I didn’t want to have to do this but it appears I have no other choice There is one thing that Martin can not live without his most prized possession. He loves this thing So much. He doesn’t even let me go anywhere near it I’m talking about his $100,000 Porsche and if Martin picks the wrong door, then surely they’ll have to forfeit Martin’s Porsche is going behind door number Morgan all comes down to this after what’s made you do enough to fucking cook something behind those door ‘s what I can’t live without question is well, I picked the right door. Let’s find out What 3 2 1 My car keys – no my car keys I can get them replaced Martin. It’s not your car keys. It’s your car Well, you’ve gotta joke what the pull over on it? Martin are you sure you want to do this? Sure Morgan i’m going to do it, but Martin there’s lava in there and that’s a $100 000 Porsche? Are you sure you wanna do this? Doing do you know what I’ll do to push it straight Morgan, but I don’t care Well Guys looks like I’m the winner I didn’t even have to destroy my Rolex either I just used a fake watch Wow, make sure you call the new royal blue mg said nerds before it’s gone forever in seven days BitchFUCK off Morgan Yur Ugly Bitch

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  3. I tgink its that season ten

  4. I love this video is my favorite video thanks morgz for making this video I love you and I love your videos shout out to team morgz team Martin team mum

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