Don’t Choose the Wrong Snack Slime Challenge!
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Don’t Choose the Wrong Snack Slime Challenge!

August 31, 2019

>>Hey guys, it’s Karina,
>>And it’s Ronald, and we are from SIS vs BRO! And today, we’re doing the
Don’t Pick the Wrong Snack CHALLENGE! So basically, we have all of these, and they’re filled with
secret slime ingredients. And I’m gonna be, hmmm, I want this one. And Ronald gonna, I want that one.
>>I want this one. So we’re gonna open them up, put them in a bowl, and put more snacks [inaudible]
and mix them, and then, we’re gonna make a slime, and you guys need
to comment down below at the end on who has the better slime. Rock, paper, scissors, Who’s gonna– Pick! Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Yeah! Okay guys, I have all of these snacks. I don’t know which one to pick,
but I think I have a tactic. Bags are gonna be
most likely some beads, or um… I don’t– I forgot. Like just beads or fishbowls. And this is most likely
gonna be glue or activator. And the boxes are ## hat would make you ##, because the glue would just
## because it’s a liquid, and it’s in a cardboard. Then, this one. Wait, what? What is that? Open it. Is it a rock? You’re gonna add a rock to your slime? Please don’t be a rock. Oh, it’s like– Oh. So they bring a bottle in it. Smarties.
>>I thought they I thought they put the thing inside it. Smarties! Okay, I’m gonna put this in. So guys, I got glitterly, silverly glue. Very good grammar right there. 3, 2, 1, dump! Why? Why? Why is it not coming out?
Come on, come out. Come to Poppy. Okay, that’s it. So guys, now is my turn to pick, and while Ronald was dumping,
I was thinking… which one should I pick,
and I want this one, the blue cap. So, it doesn’t shake. [inaudible] sounded that way. Glue. That’s weird.
Okay, let’s open it. 3, 2, 1. It is glue. Oh, I guessed correctly. So only the pringles has the bottles, smarties. All right, this is like a
neon orange of glitter. It’s very interesting. I think it’s really gonna be hard to get out. 3, 2, 1. Ooh… That [inaudible] satisfaction. Yeah, I can’t get pass here. I can’t like really squeeze it. Well, there. Come on. So guys, it’s my item number 1. Now, we’re moving on to round number 2. That’s not fair. You have lots of glue and I don’t. So guys, it’s now time for round number 2. I don’t know what to pick! Should I go Pringles or Sunbites? I’m gonna go with Sunbites. Okay, it’s a glue package. I could feel… the glue package. Hoo! Glow– Oh my goodness, it’s oily!
>>You got glow in the dark. The chips!>>It’s oily.
>>Don’t touch me then. So guys, I got very oily,
glow in the dark green glue. So let’s dump. Ooh, I love that noise. It’s the one Karina makes everyday. Dump it in! So guys, it’s now
round number 2 for me! I don’t know what I’m gonna pick. I think I’m gonna go for M&Ms
’cause I love M&Ms a lot. All right. Let’s get this.
This is pure chocolate. Amazing. All right. Sounds like some kind of powder. Maybe glitter? Yay. Okay, so I got my M&M bottle,
let’s see what’s gonna be in it. Glitter! Rainbow glitter. Okay, let’s dump this in 3, 2, 1.>>Ooh!
>>Beautiful. Yours is gonna be rainbow, and mine’s gonna be green. It’s gonna look way better!>>Ha Ha Ha!
>>Ew. And it’s [inaudible] glow in the dark. So guys, look at all
this beautiful glitter. Now, it’s Ronald’s turn. All right folks,
it’s time to think! Deep concentration in this thinking. Which snack should I eat tonight? Pringles? M&Ms? Premium? [inaudible] Wha– What? Pringles! That’s Tortilla Pringles. Oh, it taste good. Okay, time to open. Please be good. It’s glue. Please be a good color. Green, blue, purple. Blue! Yeah, it’s clear glue. Oh, I thought you were
lying for a second. So guys, let’s open the
magical blue glue now, that will go perfectly with my green. Get wrecked, Karins. Okay, salt. Okay, 3, 2, 1. Go! The impact! Gorilla mode, activated. So guys, it’s my turn number 3. Let’s see what I’m gonna get. What do I want? I think I’m wanna go for Kinder,
because I love Kinder. There’s Kinder there? Yep. Kinder eggs, yes! Ew. All right guys,
so I got the box. I don’t know if the ingredient
is gonna be inside the egg, or inside the box,
so let’s open it. Oh, just inside the box! And I got clear glue! Like yes, yes! So guys, so far,
I got some neon orange, rainbow glitter, and now,
it’s time for some clear glue. That’s exactly what I needed to wash out all this glitter, because there’s a lot of glitter in there and I don’t think that
orange glue can handle it. Too much. All right, let’s dump it in. 3, 2, 1! Yeah, [inaudible] like this. [inaudible] looks so pretty,
that looks so pretty. All righty! Guys, it’s now time to pick my snack. Okay. This might be inconvenient, but down here,
I can sense it. All righty. So guys, I picked
the beautiful Denmark cookies. Time to open these up. I have a feel for this. Ooh! Jackpot! It’s glow in the dark glue. He’s got–
You got two ingredients. Oh my goodness! Jackpot! So I already have
glow in the dark green, but I’m gonna add even more
so it sticks with the theme. Oh my god,
my senses are on point. That is the best thing ever. Let it go!
Let it go! I can’t hold it back anymore. Okay, dump for number 1. But wait, don’t leave yet. There is a number 2! Which is very slippery but… Okay, that was just to [inaudible]. Squeeze, please! Squeeze! I wanna do the [inaudible]. Squeeze it! Almost done with number 2. All right, we’re actually
done with number 2. The jackpot!
My senses have spoken. So guys, it’s now my turn number 4. I already kinda heard what’s in this because Ronald kinda shook it a little bit. And for me, it’s like glitter. So I’m not gonna pick that
because I don’t want glitter. And I’m going to pick… This one. Ex– Extreme Shake. The chocolate shake. So guys, I get so many maracas here. That’s only one. Or maraca. All right. So let’s open this up,
and see what I got. Probably glitter. Probably. You went for no glitter,
but you still get glitter. Oh, I got red glitter. When I get red glitter,
like ew! But it’s a red glitter. Red glitter. Okay! So guys, look at this beautiful red glitter. All right, let’s dump it in.
3, 2, 1~ It’s raining glitter. Whatever. It’s raining glitter. From out of the sky, glitter. Don’t need to ask why. Just open your mouth
and close your eyes. So why? Ew! It’s raining glitter. So guys, look at this glitter. It’s popping, it’s sparkling,
and it’s red. Time for Ronald’s turn! All righty guys,
I already know what to pick because I can use my senses. So guys, this is round number 5, and I think I got eye vision on this one, Karina, can you guess
which one I’m gonna pick? I have no idea. I bet you, this is gonna be activator.>>I bet you.
>>Eh! I bet– Everyone watching this video right now, this is gonna be activator. How much you bet? My face! Okay! You’re gonna give us
your face after this, I guess. No. No! No! Come on, you
gotta give me your face.>>No!
>>What is it? It’s red glue. So guys, I was really hoping
that I would get activator, But my vision is not correct because– You need new glasses. Yes. Okay. Oh my goodness,
I love this. It’s so smooth. Kind of,
not really but still. The red glue has– Oh my goodness,
the bubble! How? I was so sure. Oh, Karina, do you know my secret? Nope. That didn’t work? No, I don’t wanna know, because it didn’t work. I saw that it had like a shadow, that there’s like water in it. So I was like, it must be it,
but it was glue. So guys, for round number 5, I’m gonna be smart. I’m not gonna bet
my face like Ronald did. And I’m just gonna bet nothing, and yeah, all right.
>>Just go with it. I think I’m wanna go for popcorn,
because I love popcorn. Zero popcorn, okay. If that was activator,
I was gonna scream. It’s glue I think. Maracas! There’s only one maraca in it. So guys, I got my beautiful popcorn here. I love popcorn,
if you didn’t know that already. We’re gonna rip this open.>>Ya!
>>Do you like popcorn? I got not one,
but two glue. Okay, you got
the same jackpot as me. All right, let’s put these away. We don’t want them. Savage. Right, savage. All right, let’s dump this in! All right, 3, 2, 1,
squeeeeeze! Okay, that’s enough for that bottle because that bottle
doesn’t want to come out. All right, I think this one is a little more– Don’t be stubborn! 3, 2, 1! Kind of, they have big groups. All right. Come on, just… ##. Squeeze! That was a small group. That was a smaller group. All right [inaudible], now, it’s time for round number 6. It’s gonna be my turn to start [inaudible], and I was thinking, I was thinking with my head, like everyone else… What do you think with,
your eyes? Yes. This is activator. No, it’s glue. Why? Did you bet your face again? No. All right guys,
now it’s time to find out will it fit with this theme, will it not? Will it not be glue at all, and will I not survive? Okay. You guys see it? I don’t see it. I’m gonna bet something. I bet you,
it’s green. It’s green. Oh, I got it right. You got it right. Yeah! You’re cheating because
you can see the color sort– No, you can’t. If you look this way, then you can sort of
see the color right the green.>>Really?
>>Yeah, you can see that. It like the light hitting on it, and then you see the green. No, I don’t. Or you just took a little peek like… Green. All right you guys,
now it’s time to dump! Like I never dumped before! Ronald, this isn’t
really good color scheme. Well, this is green, that’s blue, that’s red,
and that’s green. Well, red and green makes brown, if you didn’t know that. Oh, why did I put it right under red? Why? Why do you have
to tell me that right now? Yeah. After I add all the glue. You can’t really turn back now. You have to add– So guys, what do you think? Do you think it’s gonna be brown? Comment down below right now. Hopefully, not. So guys, now is my round number 7. I don’t know what I’m gonna pick. Let me have a little peek. Let’s see what we got here. Okay, aha. I have decided that I want– No. No. That one. No… Yes, no? Yes! I do want it. Yes! Maraca! Oh my god, more maraca– Well, at least you got one. Oops. Maracas. So guys, I accidentally just spilled all
of the purple fishbowls from the container, so I guess now, I’m gonna have
to pick as many as I can to put in here, so at least I have purple fishbowls. I mean, at least we know
what it is right away. Yeah, in a very interesting way. With maracas! Note to self: Never do
maracas, again! No! All right. Boom, you lost one. That’s okay. All right, I got some in there. Looks pretty good. Thank you for that one
fishbowl Ronald. So guys, now it’s time
for round number 8. Hopefully, I’m not gonna be
shaking more maracas, but it looks kinda tempting,
I kinda want to try it.>>Okay, anyways…
>>Don’t try it, Ronald. I don’t know what to pick. I have no clue. What is the most likely one
to have activator? Dang! You have maracas. Maracas! Don’t shake it. The maracas are evil! So guys, let’s find out
what’s inside Activa. Close enough to activator. Green fishbowls. Ohlala. It’s gonna match your brown slime. Very. Okay, 3, 2, 1, Goooooooo! So guys, it’s now my round number 8. I don’t know what I’m going to pick. I’m gonna look around… You know what, this one. That’s a little chance to be activator. I have to more that I’m
targeting that I think– Oh, it’s glue… I think this is glue,
let’s find out, okay. It is glue. What color is it? Purple! I got clear purple glue, clear purple glue, it’s matching with my theme. 3, 2, 1, squeeeze! It was already squeezing. Odd thing about purple
is it’s very watery. So that’s good stuff.>>[inaudible].
>>Bubbles! So guys, now it’s time
for round number 9, I’m gonna pick this one. Yes! In your face! Okay. Activa! Okay guys, I got my [inaudible] and hopefully, this is gonna be activator. I can feel the water [inaudible] rubbling. What if it’s fake activator? How could it? Okay, 3, 2, 1! Yay! Hooo! Acti-via! So guys, that means
my slime is basically done. I just need to grab the next yogurt, and to get the next activator so you don’t get it. Yes, yes. So guys, I need activator,
so let’s think. Where can the activator be? It could be there. It could be there. It can be there. It could be there,
not really. Might be in these ones. Because they’re a bit bigger. But I think I wanna [inaudible] for this one. No. No! I got activator. Activator! Got a act on the vator. This [inaudible] yogurt actually is
the same yogurt Ronald got so.. Coincidence? It’s like it’s meant to be
activator, the brand. All right. Activator, that’s why
it starts with the A. All right, let’s add this in 3, 2, 1!>>Dump!
>>Ew! Beautiful! So guys, it’s round number 10. This is the stage where it’s free for all, we can pick whatever we want, but I think I know where
to get the last activator. No! So if I must quicka shake-a, I’m gonna shack my shakas… Maracas! Ronald, not to maraca,
okay? No! Okay?>>Ooh!
>>Ooh! Isn’t this like a snack? No, no. It’s deco sand. Oh? Okay. 3, 2, 1, go! Okay, I don’t like that. I’m just gonna put that much. So guys, this looks like Nerds. Crunched up. I have no clue why. So guys, now it’s my 10th go,
and I know exactly what I’m gonna pick. This one. Ha Ha! You decided to go with wafers, you think those are gonna save your day? I love wafers! I thought it’s gonna be 2 things
in here, but it’s only one. I can feel it [inaudible], all right, let’s open it.
3, 2, 1! It’s blue glitter glue!
>>It’s unfair. It’s very very… Sorry Ronald. Very fair. I have eye protection. Yeah, all right. Let’s add this in 3, 2, 1, squeeeeeze! Okay. You’re turning into me. Guys, so much squeeze,
and my hands are so tired. My fingers are worked out. I’m gonna have muscles
on my fingers after this. And look how much it comes out.>>So little.
>>Do it again. So guys, this is round number 11. We have the last standers. We got N&Ms. N&M’s. Cola shake. Cheese. Gluten-free cookies. Cheese and Mentos. Who will be the last man standing? Let’s find out. Or last snack standing. Exactly. So let’s find out. A few moments later…. 6 1/2 hours later… Eventually… What is this? I think you got more deco sand. It’s so light. It’s deco sand. It’s the same thing that you put in there. Oh my goodness.>>Oh, pink ##.
>>Balls. All right, just… do that. Pour a good amount in there. Okay, that’s like most of it. But whatever! Okay guys, now, it’s my turn number 11. And I think I’m gonna go for this cheese. Because I love cheese. That’s activator. It’s activator. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh, why are you so happy about activator? You already got it. I don’t know. Oh, it’s dripping.
It’s dripping. Okay, pour just a little bit in. That’s a good amount. You can have the rest. Oh, thank you! Nah, I’m just kidding. Okay guys, we are in
for round number 12. We got four survivors left. Who will win? All righty. M&Ms are still standing. Which is surprising, actually. I’m gonna take those [inaudible] Oh! Oh! Ronald, what you get? Activator! Oh, there’s four activators. Yes. So guys, let’s open this. Turns out, Mr. Yellow guy
is gonna have a [inaudible] death. Please don’t splash everywhere. That was so calm. Okay, 3, 2, 1. I kinda feels like this is bubble soup. Bubbles? Bubble soup? Ew! Okay guys,
who am I going to pick– 3 survivors left! Yeah, all right. So who are–
is gonna get chosen? I’m picking Mentos. Ah, I knew it’s gonna die at some point. All right. So guys, I got this bag of Mentos,
let’s open this up! Oh… What? I got neon yellow. Okay. It’s so bright,
and it’s so dark! Yeah, I think this might
be the death of my slime, because yellow plus blue equals green, and green plus red equals brown. I don’t wanna end up like Ronald’s. And green plus brown equals bad stuff. All right, let’s [inaudible] in. Yes, that will be good. Fine! So guys, two survivors left, it’s the final 1 v 1. All right, ## sense. All right. I wanted those! It’s glitter. So guys, let’s find out. Actually no,
let’s find out the color because I already know it’s glitter. I bet a 100 million dollars. I bet a 100 million dollars. Where are your money? Where is your money? Where is the freaking money? Why is it– Why is this [inaudible]? He got rice,
and rice and glue smells really bad. There we go. No! So guys, the ultimate winner,
Philadelphia cheese. I’m gonna take it… It’s glue. I wonder what is it. Okay, let’s add it. No wonder [inaudible].>>Oh!
>>What is it? Please be good,
please be– Yes! It’s green. Oh my goodness,
the green has taken over. Yaaaay! Just a bit of this. [inaudible] be left with lots of blood. That’s good. Gonna keep you inside, okay? Because no one wants them. So guys, that was what
we’ve all been waiting for. It’s to mix it! So we got our spatulas,
and we’re gonna be mixing our slime, but before we do that,
you guys need to comment down below what color do you think
this slime is going to be, and it’s gonna be very interesting. Because we added so many colors
that I think our slime is gonna be brown. But I might be wrong. Only Ronald’s gonna be brown. No, both of ours. I’m fine. No! Okay, so I’m gonna go first,
like I always do. All right, 3, 2, 1! Bang! All right. Let’s mix it up. There’s a lot of glitter in the bottom, so I’m gonna bring it to the top. Bring that glitter to the top. Yeah, it’s looking pretty good so far. So guys, it’s time
for me to mix it, let’s go! What color do you
think this is gonna be? Oh wait, I forgot something. There we go. Okay. 3, 2, 1… [inaudible] that the Nerds
are going around. I don’t like them. It’s like too much activator. [inaudible] get to the bottom. So guys, my slime looks like
someone took the galaxy, put it in the bowl,
and added too much glitter to it. That ## what it looks like. So I guess I gonna keep on mixing,
and hope it will look good in the end. Yup. Aha. So guys, we’re gonna keep mixing,
and we’ll do the slime reveal in 3, 2, 1! So guys, these are our slimes. Mine is definitely glittery. Really glittery but
it’s brown underneath it. And mine is green with pink balls, and you said it’s gonna be brown. It’s green. Yes, it’s completely green. So guys, this is my slime up close. It is all brown. But you can barely see the
brown because all of the glitter, mostly red glitters, because I added so many of them. And look at it, it’s a really
sticky and stretchy slime. You can find some of the balls I added, like this one right there, and… That’s the only one I can find at the moment. Because I put so little of them in. So guys, this is my slime. If you like it, comment down
below #RedGlitter. And brownish coverage. No, no, no,
not that. Just Red Glitter. So guys, this is my slime. It’s slightly sticky,
has green everywhere, obviously because it’s green. Has pink balls everywhere,
I mean, it’s kinda logical. And it’s pretty big. So guys, if you think I won,
comment down below #GreenishForTheWinish. That’s stupid. Just still comment it anyway. So guys, don’t forget to comment down below! Who do you think won– Oh wait, it [inaudible]. Who do you think won this challenge? Is it me, with the beautiful glittery slime, or Ronald, with the plain green slime? Okay, plain! Very plain. So guys, [inaudible] this video, if you did, smash that like button,
and we’ll see you all next time. Good byeeeee! And by the way guys, shirts are almost sold out, so you gotta get them now,
if you want to get them for Christmas.

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