Don’t Choose the Wrong Shampoo Slime Challenge!!!
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Don’t Choose the Wrong Shampoo Slime Challenge!!!

August 24, 2019

Hey guys, it’s Karina,
>>it’s Ronald from, Sis vs. Bro!
>>And today we’re playing, Don’t Pick the Wrong
Shampoo Bottle Challenge! We got a bunch of kinds
of shampoo bottles here and they have a bunch of
different kinds of slime ingredient. So we’re gonna be
thinking like, oh, I want this one and Ronald’s
going to be like, I want this one and I’m like, I want this one and Ronald’s
going to be like, I want this one. So we’re going to gather all
of our shampoo bottles and then put them
inside a bowl and mix it together and see
what kind of slime we get. At the end, you guys are going
to comment down below, who has the better slime. Oh, yeah. Let’s begin, I want to go first.
Actually no, we have to do Rock, Paper, Scissors.
>>Yeah. Rock, Paper,
Scissors, shoo!>>Why, why?
>>Yeah! That’s the first
time in forever! So for my first one,
I’m gonna be taking… this one, it’s right
in front of me. So it’s like,
lucky one because it’s
right in from me.>>Professional hair treatment.>>Really treat my hair, all right. So guys, let’s find
out what’s inside. All right, three, two, one–
>>Let’s discover together. Purple…
>>Aw, purple glitter glue. That’s pretty good. Oh, yeah.>>Would you rather
something else?>>No. So guys, I’m really happy
for my first choice. Now, it’s Ronald’s turn.
>>Alrighty. So guys, it’s my turn and I’m going to use
my sensing powers, to sense which one is
a good glitter glue. Okay, maybe. This one.
Oh it’s– it’s empty?
Wait, what? Oh, shaving cream.
Oohh… So guys,
I got my shaving cream so let’s try to
dump it in.>>That’s pretty easy actually.>>But now it’s stuck at the top. So guys, turns out I
cannot add any more but there’s still loads
of shaving cream inside there, so I’m just gonna have
to stick with this option.>>Okay guys, this is
round number two. My second pick
is going to be… I don’t know,
I like this black one. Have a good feeling
about this black one. All right. [bottle rattling]>>Maracas, maracas…>>What is this
gonna do for me? This it’s all in Spanish so,
I have no idea. All right. I’m just gonna open it up,
dump it in 3, 2, 1. Blue fish bowls.>>That’s good.
>>That’s perfect. Put them all in there.>>So guys, this is my turn
for round number two. Last round,
I was sensing these shampoos and I had a good sense
for this one too. So I’m going to pick this one,
sense it again. Okay, feeling pretty good. Pop it off. Okay, I think it’s …
red glitter glue– no, it’s pink.
>>It’s pink. I want it.>>Well, that’s
good for my case. There might be
a second one though, so be prepared. Okay, turns out
that’s all I can add. Pretty sure.>>Okay guys, this is
round number three, and I did
a pretty good job here, but I don’t want to mess it up so,
I’m kind of nervous now.>>Mamma Mia!
>>Sure, okay. All right, I like this. No. Yes.
No. Yes.
No. Yes.
No. No, okay. Actually yeah, no.>>20 minutes later.>>Yeah, I’m going to take that.
>>Do you know…>>I’m going to take this one. It feels pretty heavy.
So I’m pretty sure it’s glue. So it could be any color and it
can completely ruin my slime.>>Please be poopy green.
>>No… All right,
it’s glitters because I just got
a glimpse of it. All right,
three, two, one. Blue, yes! Perfect! It’s matching
my theme perfectly.>>No, it’s not! So guys, I’ve been
doing so good. My luck has been on point. I hope it’s gonna be on point
for the rest of the video.>>So guys, now it’s my turn,
lets do the sensing game. Dun, dun, dun,
dun, dun, dun…. These are small shampoos? So I feel sorry. Wait, wait, this one. Oh, it’s light.>>You got
shaving cream again.>>Oh no…>>Confetti party.>>It’s a pink ice cream sundae
and I’m having it on Sunday. So guys, I’m really happy
because I got pink glitter glue, which you can barely see. Pink foam balls, which are amazing
and white shaving cream. Ooh-La-La.>>So guys,
for round number four. I think I want to
pick a small bottle because those like, look really cutesies
to me, so…>>Okay, let’s see
if you’re lucky.>>Okay, so…
add this one which is upside down. It’s like, upside down,
so it’s cute. Three, two, one.>>More like six seconds.>>Oh, I got purple, yeah!>>No!>>How am I like,
always matching my theme. Like seriously, purple,
blue, purple, amazing. But it’s not glittery,
but that’s okay because at least
it’s purple. All right, three,
two, one. Oh, that’s really pretty. I like that a lot.
>>It’s sinking.>>Uh-huh. There’s not gonna be
a lot of it because– tiny little bottle,
which I like so if it’s a really
bad ingredient, just a tiny bit of it.>>And I’m gonna agree and I’m going to choose one
of these small bottles, but not too small.
So one of these, the orange or pink. The pink. We have to stick
with theme here, okay? Oh, it’s not glue. It’s re–
Gold glitter! OMG! It’s not sticking
with theme but– I don’t know what to say. I was not expecting that. I was not expecting that.>>So guys,
round number five! I do not know what to pick. I kind of want to take
a big bottle [inaudible] I want to pick a tiny bottle. I think I want to go
for this yellow one. Feels really heavy.>>You always get the glue,
it’s not fair.>>But there’s more risk in case there’s more different
kind of color combinations. It can completely
ruin my slime.>>True.>>Let’s open this up
and see what I got.>>Oof. Gold glitter.
Get rekt!>>Gold glitter glue? Eww, looks like poop.>>Yes!>> No! What if I just add
a little bit, like that.>>No, you have to
add all of it. You have to add all of it.>>Okay, guess it’s gonna be…
>>It doesn’t match my theme.>>Yay.>>Okay, I’m done.
No more.>>You’re lucky,
you’re getting away with this. Okay guys, I have
seven big shampoo options and I have no clue
which one I’m going to pick. I’m not going to go
for the small ones because those are
a little too risky. I don’t know why…. this–
just keep with the drama. Okay, this one. I cannot change now.>>It’s shaving cream isn’t it?
>>Yeah. This one feels very light, so it’s probably going
to be shaving cream. It might be something else,
so I’m not gonna look. [grunting]>>Just pull it right off. [grunting] Three.
>>Two, one, go. Ooh!>>Purple balls.
>>Don’t you want that?>>Eh, I got blue fish bowls.>>Yeah, uh eh–
Okay guys, I think I am done. The awesome purpleness
entered my awesome slime. Welcome to the club purple. Welcome to the club.>>So guys, this is only
my first bad round because I got
this poopy gold color. I didn’t really like it
and Ronald got purple balls.>>Yay! So you’re jealous after all.>>No, I’m not jealous. You just got something better,
but it wouldn’t fit in my slime.>>Oh, yeah, sure whatever.>>So now it’s time
for round number six. All right, I think I’m gonna
pick the green one. It was right next…
>>Don’t pick it, don’t pick it…>>It was right next to us. I feel like it’s
going to be good. It feels heavy so
I think It’s going to be glue again.>>It’s gonna be green poopy.
>>No, it’s not. It’s really beautiful pink. So guys, let’s find out
what I picked. Open sesame…
three, two– [screaming]>>Yes! Poopy green!>>Ugly consistency…
uh, that looks so gross.>>I am so happy.>>Like weird old chunks. Eew…>>That’s everything…>>Now my slime is
going to be green.>>Yes!>>Okay, one big squeeze
and that’s it.>>No, that is not it.>>Oh, no.>>No, no, go farther.>>No!>>You are so lucky, missy. So guys, Karina
got away with it. She only put a little bit
of the poopy green but I’m gonna
put a lot of the awesome color, which I don’t know
what it is yet. Okay…
sense, sense, sense, sense… this one. Oh, it’s heavy. Wait, you can kind
of see it, like it’s activator.>>Is that the only activator?>>Oh my goodness.
>>I’m getting nervous now.>>Imagine if I’m going
to get both activators, if there’s two. Okay, 3, 2, 1. Activator. I don’t know how strong this is. So I don’t know
if this magical liquid or not. So… I think it is. How much should I add? Okay, that’s enough.>>Okay guys, Ronald
just chose activator, so he’s pretty safe. He got everything he needs,
he got glue, activator. That’s all,
but I don’t have activator yet, so I gotta find some activator.>>No, you don’t.
>>Yes, I do. All right,
round number seven. I think I want a pick the–
this purple one.>>Oh, I had good sensing
on that one too.>>Oh, that is not activator!>>It’s glitter, I think. So guys,
I’m gonna open this up and see what it is.
All right, good thing this one has a twisty
instead you’re going like– Ooh, this is blue glitter. Yes, it’s blue glitters! Now, it can cover
all my mistakes.>>No it’s not.>>All my life mistakes with glitter.
>>No, it’s not.>>Yey! Whenever you have a mistake
just covered it up with blue… big blue chunky glitters
and everything will be okay.>>So guys, we have five shampoos
left and I’m thinking that if there was activator here, it would be in one
of the big bottles. Karina you did
not hear anything. So, I really think one
of these big bottles– I have little bit and Karina
cannot have any. And I’ll win the challenge
and I’ll dab on them haters. All righty, one, two, three. This one.
No, it’s glue! No! Okay, what color?>>Oh wow. Ooh, it’s silver. 3, 2, 1… it won’t come out.>>Oh, wow.
It’s very stubborn. He’s like, no,
I’m not going to come out. [air puffing out of the bottle] So guys,
I got the silver. I don’t know how it’s going
to look with my slime, but–
now the slime is acting like silver chunks
are getting put into it.>>It’s just a little
party up in there. All the confetti
is going everywhere.>>Okay, I don’t want to,
put as much silver because Karina was allowed to
put a little bit of poopy green. So I am allowed to put
a little bit of silver. It won’t come out
so I won’t put any more.>>Okay guys,
two more rounds left. I need to find
the activator. All right. So which bottle
is it gonna be in? It’s going to be
in a small one.>>It’s going to be
a small one. I feel like it’s going
to be in that one.>>I think I’m gonna
choose this–>>Yes!
Oh yes!>>So guys,
I didn’t get activator. I got something, noisy. Let’s dump it in.>>Oh, those are fish balls,
like that.>>Three, two, one.>>Yeah, they’re pink–
>>Purple fish bowls. Perfect!
>>Oh my God!>>Yes!
Everything is blue and purple except those ugly colors but
you won’t be able to see them, because I have so
many awesome things going on.>>Yeah, I can see some
stale green over there.>>But once mixed you
won’t be able to see anything.>>So guys, since she
did not get the activator. This is probably the activator. And if I get this, I probably get all
the votes from you guys in the comments
section down below.>>Am I prettier–
in the container?>>Create a slime challenge not
a pretty challenge. Alrighty. Wait, it’s heavy.>>Yeah!
>>Wait, what? No, no.>>I know which one it is
and I think I do.>>So guys,
three, two, one. Ooh, it’s red.
>>You got red!>>But I like red.>>Oh, it’s not gonna go good…>>With pink, it goes good.>>No.
>>Yes,.>>They match, they match.
>>No. Ok guys, now it’s
a battle for activator. It’s in one
of these two bottles. I need to get it.
Okay.>>I want activator just
because you don’t get it, but you want activator
because of your slime.>>My entire life depends
on this moment.>>You’re not sensing. You’re not gonna sense.>>I am.>>I think it is…>>Yes!
>>No!>>I got it, I got it…>>What is this one.>>You can’t find out yet.>>Yes, I can.
>>Stay tuned. So guys,
I got the activator. I’m just going to open
up this little one because it’s activator. All right, three, two, oh–
Okay.>>Okay guys, it’s time. It’s time.
What is it? It’s glue. That’s not too exciting. But let’s keep the drama. OMG, it’s glue! Oh, wait. It’s activator. I think… wait… Okay, let’s see. Karina, you think
it’s activator? No?
>>I think it’s really watery glue.>>They were both activator! You had a chance of winning– no, you had a chance
of getting activator either way. [growls] Okay, there we go, because I already have
loads of activator.>>So guys, looks like we
both going to have slimes but the question is whose slime
is gonna be prettier. Time to mix it. So I’m gonna go first. Three, two, one. Oh, it’s going to be hard
to mix, I think.>>It’s gonna be hard–
>> [inaudible] come to the top. I don’t know.>>[inaudible]>>Come on, beautiful colors,
come to me and fix this mess. Aww, it’s turning green. No! It is. I gotta mix this,
it’s so hard. I gotta fix this green. I have to fix this.>>So guys, are you ready
to see the awesome, amazing slime of Ronald? If you are, welcome to the
magical land of Ronald slime, which is about
to be mixed in five, four, three, two, one. Whoo! Oh, gold glitter takes over. Pink balls take over. So guys,
looks like my slime is turning
out ready.>>So guys before we show you
the final reveal ever, go to the comment
section down below and comment whose slime do yout
think is going to be better, who do you think is going
to be the winner. We’re going to show you
the slime reveal in three, two, one. So Guys,
these are our slime. Mine is a lot blue
than expected to be. I thought it was going
to be a little bit purple, but no, it’s all blue.>>And mine has
so many glitters, it’s literally gold.>>So guys, this is
my slime up close. It’s just kind
of gray-bluish color. If you can even see
the bluish color, because there’s so
many things inside it. There’s a lot of fish balls, everywhere blue and
purple fish balls and there’s glitter everywhere. The slime is made
out of glitter, just a little bit
of glue and glitter. Look at all this glitter. It’s my favorite part. And if we poke it,
it makes a satisfying sound. So satisfying it even
shakes the table. So guys if you
think my slime won, comment down below hashtag… Blue Glitters.>>So guys,
this is my slime. It’s actually supposed to be
red on the inside but you
cannot see the red at all because all the glitters
have taken over and it literally made it gold, with some pink
and purple foam balls. It’s very stretchy. It feels like shampoo. It does not make a noise
when you poke it but it still
feels very satisfying. So guys if you think
my slime is the winner, comment down below hashtag
Gold Glitter Equals Gold Slime.>>So guys, don’t forget
to comment down below. Who do you think is
the winner of the challenge? I really like mine,
but Ronald’s is kind of cool. I mean, it has a lot
of glitters in it. So we hope you like this video.
If you did, smash that like button
and we’ll see you all next time. Goodbye.

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