Don’t Choose the Wrong Glove Slime Challenge!!!
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Don’t Choose the Wrong Glove Slime Challenge!!!

August 26, 2019

>>Hey guys it’s Karina.>>It’s Ronald from
>>Sis VS Bro.>>And today we’re playing don’t
choose the wrong glove challenge! So basically we have slime
ingredients inside these gloves and we’re going to choose one
of these gloves and put that ingredient inside and it’s
going to be surprise, surprise! because we’re not gonna know what it is! And at the end we’re gonna mix it
all up and see what color it is, and you guys are gonna decide
in the comment section down below! Who has the better slime?>>And we’re gonna finish
when all of them run out.>>So first, we’re gonna decide
who’s gonna be picking the glove first. All right, so…>>Rock, paper, scissors! [Singing] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!>>Oh yeah! All right. Which one should I pick? This one has a very interesting
shape to it so I want to pick this one. What does it feel like?>>Orbeez?>>No!>>So guys this is the glove. It has
a very weird shape to it, and it feels like little tiny balls
swirling inside, so it’s definitely Orbeez. So I’m gonna cut off the fingers… Like I use– Oh my gosh!>>Satisfaction! It’s not big enough.>>Come on. Ah! They’re orange!>>Oh yes!>>They look like peaches!>>Is that good or bad?>>I don’t know. Depends if I have an orange slime. All right. Another fingertip gonna go. Ah! Squirting water everywhere.>>Squirt the water. Oh yeah.>>Oh yeah. Oh. Ahh!>>It’s not as satisfying now.>>Look at all of those. Peaches coming out or oranges
or whatever you want to call them. Alright, Orbeez. Come on get in y’all in there! Oh yeah squeeze all those orbeez out. And I got a little bit of a half a orbee, and all this is gone, demolished, buh-bye!>>I am very scared.>>Which one are you gonna pick?>>I have no clue. I feel like the color of the glove
is going to represent what’s inside.>>I don’t think it will. So it blends in more. But…>>Come on pick one!>>This one.>>Oh no.>>Can I feel it?>>It’s… …sand?>>I think it’s glitter. All right, one way to find out! Snip off the fingers!>>Okay, let’s find out. I think it’s glitter. It cannot be sand.>>Come–
>>You need help there?>>No! Yes! Ahhhhhhhh!>>It’s salt! No, it’s rice! Rice!
>>Wait, shut up! No!>>Why did I think that was salt?>>Ahhhhhh!
>>Ahhhhhh! I like rice. Oh my God, Ronald. You’re making dinner or something.>>Yes, I am. Gonna put it up. Put it down!>>Okay, let me help ya! Oopsie daisies!>>Rice! All righty.>>You got all your rice in.
That feels interesting. You got your dinner ready,
you just need to cook it up now.>>Yep.>>All right, time for the next glove. Okay guys now it’s my turn, and for my turn,
I think I’m gonna pick… This glove. Ah! It’s definitely glue.>>Oh, is it?
>>Oh yeah!>>Okay, so this is my glove. Kind of feels watery so it could also be
activator but I’m pretty sure it’s glue.>>I’m putting my books on activator.>>I just hope it’s glue and it’s
gonna be a really pretty color of glue.>>All right, do your snippin’.>>All right, I’m gonna snip off the–>>I think it’s activator. Ah glue! I guessed it right!>>That’s glue!>>All right, it’s red glue,
this is Interesting. That looks so weird. Okay so I think I got
all of this out almost. Do a little– do a little more squeezing. All right. So I guess that’s done and it’s
looking kind of gross to be honest. Kind of looks like red poops.>>Okay, I know which one
I’m gonna pick! I’ve been putting my hand
over, sensing… Oh, actually… I might change my vote for this one. But! This one, this one, and it
has to be this one. So, I’m going to grab it.>>Can I feel?>>It’s glue.>>That’s definitely glue.>>Glue! Karina pass me the scissors.>>There you go.>>Okay.>>Come on pinky. Okay. It’s green glue! I told you it represents the color.>>Sort of. Ooohhh. That looks green.>>Oh.>>I don’t like green, so…>>At least it has glitter in it.>>Yep. Ooof. Chibi! Hello! I don’t want to snip your hand,
so please be careful!>>Hand?>>Paws. Okay, let’s squeeze it.>>Oooh, satisfying.>>So guys now is my go to pick, and I think I’m going to pick
this yellow one. Do I think this yellow gloves gonna have a little bit of glue in there?
I hope it’s going to be pretty. If it’s not glue, I hope it’s glitter. All right. Or activators. We’re going to get snipping. Snip!>>It’s glue, isn’t it?>>It’s not coming out.>>It’s glue but just like stubborn.>>It’s yellow glue!>>Yellow! Interesting!
>>Represents the color.>>Oh! Oh, it will match my orange um…
Orbeez because I’m going to have red, and yellow, equals orange. That’s gonna be cool. Oh yeah, but this fingers kind of
sticking out. All right. Oh yeah! [Singing] Look at that satisfying squeeze. All right, Ronald, your turn.>>I am sensing and I
do not sense anything. I do not sense. I feel like one has to have… This one. This!
>>Pink?! Seriously?!>>Yep! Okay, so I got rice and glue
and I kind of need more glue and I think this is what exactly I need!>>Yup it feels a little squishy.>>My sensations are always right. So let’s start snipping.>>Oooh!
>>Pink? Oh is that silver?>>It’s silver!>>I like silver.>>All right time
for some squeezing action.>>Ahhhhhh! Ooooooh! Hoohoo!>>They kind of look like little
poops just like dropping down!>>Don’t they, Ronald?
>>Yep. All right we’re doing
shenanigans and that’s good. Okay. Here we plop it.>>Okay, so now it’s my turn
to pick a glove! Which one should I go for? I think I should go for… This blue one, here. I think it’s more glue.>>Is it?>>Or it might be shaving cream? This actually might be shaving cream.>>It’s glue.>>But the only way to find
out is to start snipping. All right, so I’m gonna start snipping. Ahhh! It’s a black glue!>>Do you want black glue?>>Not really. But it’s really watery!
Look how it’s pouring out. I thought it was shaving cream
cause look how watery that is. I don’t even have to squeeze,
it’s just coming out. Oh wow, okay. Come on, sque-eze! All right. [Singing]>>Okay.>>Boom.>>Okay, I’m going to start sensing now.>>Ronald you can’t sense it.>>It always works! This one. Something very Jello-y.>>I think this is activator.
It’s so watery.>>Oh yes! My sensations! [Singing]
I told you! I told you!>>You’re still not a Jedi.>>AHHHH!>>You sprayed me, Ronald!
>>Sorry. I was right! My sensations are working perfectly. All right! That was an awesome sensation–
sensation thing.>>All right. Now you’ve got a pool of water in there, and now I’m gonna get
my own pool of water. So, I think I’m gonna get. I’m doing this one. Oh, it’s more glue! [Laughing] You have to sense I’m telling you!>>This is definitely glue,
I wonder what color is this gonna be?>>Yellow.
>>So, we gotta snip… It’s blue! [Laughing]>>Is that glow-in-the-dark?
‘Cause it’s kind of clear.>>No, it’s not glow-in-the-dark. Wish it was. All right. Oh yeah, look at that blue… …pour down! All right. I think I’m done here. Bada-bing, bada-boom!>>Okay, sensation. Okay. Let’s start. This might be the one! Okay. I think… …it’s this one.>Pink one?>>It’s more glue! I kind of need a more glue
for how much rice I have. Guys, what color do you think it is? I think it’s pink
because the glove is pink.>>It’s orange.
>>It’s orange. I thought it was pink for a second. That was good, that was–!>>No, it’s yellow!
>>It’s yellow! Oh wow! Okay. Okay! It squirting in. Nice, not too shabby?>>It’s looks like little fingers. Just plopping inside that little bowl.>>Oh yes! The last squeeze!>>That was a good squeeze. All right.
>>This one only had four fingers I think. Okay. In the pile you go, missy!>>Okay guys, now it’s
my turn to pick a glove. I don’t really know
which one I’m going for. I don’t even need to think about it.>>Please be bad!>>It’s this one.
>>Wait.>>This is definitely–
>>Oh my God! That’s a good sense! That’s a good sense!
>>Ronald feel it! It’s activator!>>How did you know that was activator?>>I was looking at him
like that’s activator.>>It’s just like flopping down that way
I glue doesn’t flop this way. It’s activator.>>That one’s glue. Or something very pricey.>>But this one’s shaving cream
because it’s kind of floating. All right. I’m gonna. Oh my gosh! I’m making my own pool here. All right.>>Okay. I might go with the shaving cream
or I might start sensing… …and these two are bad. This is the best. I swear if this is more glue!>>It’s glue. It’s glue.>>I actually need loads of glue. My senses are just giving me
glue, all I’m sensing is glue. It’s red.>>Pink! Ronald, pink!>>Pink?>>That’s such a pretty color!
>>Oh yes! My senses were right!>>But mine’s black anyways. It wouldn’t work with the pink.>>Time to start the squeezing contest! [Singing]>>Which finger can squeeze the best?>>Okay! We are finished our squeezing program. See you next time folks
on Squeezing Program TV! Ow!>>Ronald you have glue on your face!>>That’s the outro
for Squeezing Program TV! See you later folks!>>Okay, guys I know what exactly which one
I’m going for again, I’m going for this one.>>Oh my god,
I should have went for it.>>That’s actually no, she no [inaudible].
>>Senses.>>It’s glitter!>>It’s glitter! [Singing]>>Well I wouldn’t like glitter.>>I want glitter.
>>That’s why my–>>That’s why my sensations
are really bad on that one.>>All right I’m gonna include it. Ahhhh! Not glitter! Ahhhh! Rainbow balls! Oh yeah! Look it’s magic!
My balls are floating. JK. It just floating on top of the activator.>>Okay guys, so now we have
three gloves left! I don’t know which one to pick, but… This one is giving me the senses.>>What is it?>>It’s very full and squishy.>>Probably glue.>>It’s not glue.
It’s shaving cream.>>Shaving cream?>>Okay, let’s find out! Please, be shaving cream!
please, my sensations!>>It’s glue.>>It’s pink!>>Oh, another pink! Another pink. I think my senses are just
trying to make you jealous. [Laughing]>>But yours is gonna be ugly, anyways!>>Okay guys, this is another glue
and it’s pink but I really like it. It’s my second pink and pink
is always the one, so I’m going to be the winning slime
as usual. And noise makes it to the world!>>That’s enough.>>Yep. I don’t want more.>>It’s enough goodness for you?>>Yes.>>All right. So I’m going to be going for this one. This one I know, I know it’s glue. It feels like glue and this one I can
see through it, it’s glitters or balls or whatever and I don’t need that.>>No, I just don’t need it. So I’m going to add it in. I wonder what color it’s going to be.>>Blue. Orange?>>Hello?>>I’m guessing orange.>>It’s green! Oh no, it’s blue!>>It’s both combined!>>That’s a pretty color.>>Look!>>It’s like all in synced. It all squeezes together.>>I’m just gonna
quickly sense if this is good.>>You don’t need it
because I already know it’s bad.>>Does it smell, or taste or feel good?!>>Taste?>>Okay guys, this is
the ultimate last glove. It’s not too ultimate,
it’s not too good. I just feel…>>It’s glitter.>>Is it rice? Well, prepare for the satisfaction. Ahhhhhhh!>>Rainbow glitter!>>It’s actually good glitter! Okay, last finger and then
we’re gonna have to do the thumb. Oh, I decorated my sister’s a lot!>>Oh, wow! They’re looking stylish.
>>They’re better than yours.>>Excuse me?>>And the pour! Oh yes! This is amazingly awesome! Look at that! Okay guys that was the last glove. As you can see, there’s no more
gloves left and just before we mix it all up and ruin it all, but not really. Take a look at these awesome
slime smoothies. So here, I have orange Orbeez. I got a couple of different
colors of glitter glue. Some blue glue. I got the activators here’s
which makes the balls here from kind of flow a little bit. And of course I got this beautiful
kind of turquoisey color at the top.>>Karina’s smoothie looks
pretty tasty but mine looks even more. Okay, let’s start. The first ingredient. We have two awesome rice
and then the silver glue, and then the dark green glue
and then the bright green glue. Some pink. Even more pink over here. Some rainbow glitter,
and there’s some activator in it but you cannot see. So guys before we mix it up,
comment down below, what colors do you think we’re gonna get? You have five seconds to comment. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!
>>That’s so–!>>Five seconds is not enough. You guys get to pause the video
because I don’t I’m not sure if you can’t type that fast.>>Have you done it yet? Click the like button if you did. I think my slime is gonna
turn out to be brown ’cause I have so many colors, and all
together should brown.>>Mine is gonna be green,
pink or rainbow or rice.>>Okay, if that’s even a color. Okay, so let’s do it. I’m gonna mix in 3, 2, 1!>>Woof!
>>Ohhh. It’s gonna be a bit of a toughie to mix. Gotta pull up the glue from the bottom, and bring it to the top.>>Karina I don’t know if your
slime is actually slime. It looks like a pool like jumping? Bad things will happen.>>Great way to describe it, well Ronald. When mix it up and I wasn’t finished. You’re gonna regret saying it. Okay, so now it’s time for my ultimate dip! Dump. Awesomeness. Yeah! Okay, dump starts off pretty clean. We get some stuff going to the top. It’s hard to do it though. Okay. Okay, this is hard, this is hard! I’m just gonna dump. Bring up a little. It’s all glitter, OMG! Where’s the glue?
It’s all the way down there. It’s chilling!
Well if it’s– I don’t know.>>With rice?>>Yes.>>My mixing is going pretty good. Everything’s mixing up,
I could see some orbeez. Actually it looks like this is
gonna be a dark blue which I like.>>Yours looks like it’s going to be black.>>Dark blue, Ronald. There’s difference.>>Okay, so far not going well. The glitter takes over
because the glitter is very strong and powerful. Okay guys, we’re gonna be
mixing here for quite a while and we’ll see you guys in 3, 2, 1! See guys these are our finished slimes. Mine is a dark blue color
and it looks so pretty! And mine is a very, very rainbow-ish
glitter very– not stretchy.>>This is my slime. It’s just really pretty dark blue
color with a bunch of different kind of glitter colors and a bunch
of different kind of like these circle colors and it makes it look
so colorful but yet so blue. And in these Orbeez are started
off orange but now they’re green. It’s probably because of the blue. But I think it looks absolutely amazing. If you think mine won, comment
down below, hashtag: #IGotABlankSpaceBaby.>>Okay guys this is my slime. It’s very, very rainbow-y glittery. It has lots of rice like it’s
dinner and it’s very not stretchy. So if you think mine won,
comment down below #WonCusWhyNot>>So guys hope you like this video.
If you did, smash that like button and we’ll see you all next time!
Good bye!

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