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Don’t Choose The Wrong Door Tag AT NiGHT Hide and Seek / That YouTub3 Family the adventurers

August 20, 2019

(bouncy, quirky music) – Hi guys welcome back to… – [Family] The YouTub3 family! – And we’re the adventurers! – And you can become one too
but, you have to subscribe! – Today’s adventure is going to be don’t choose the wrong
door, tag edition, at night. – Okay, so you guys loved this game and you wanted us to play
it at nighttime so, we are. How you play is that a
player will go around, they need to open three
doors without getting tagged. So, that’s how they win the game. Now there are other players that are going to be hiding behind doors. If, they open a door that
has a player behind it they have to run to safe base. If they don’t make it in
time and they get tagged by the other player, they’re
out, they lost the game no more chances. So they
need to get three doors or make it to base three times to be safe in order to win the game. Are you guys ready to play? – We are
– Yeah – [Mom] Let’s go
– Let’s go – [Mom] Hey, Jordan, you’re the seeker – Oh no
– [Mom] At night. Spooky. – Oh no. – The safe zone is the front door – [Mom] K. Front door. – Ohhh (spooky music) – All right, so I’m going first and it’s at night which
makes it extra creepy and you know I don’t do
well with jump-scares so I’m probably going to scream so RPi phone users, in advance, turn down the volume. (laughs) Let’s go! (laughs) Oh no. So the mission is to open up three doors
with no people behind it but, if there is a person behind it I need to just touch the
front door to be safe but, I’m not that fast, especially
in socks,’cause I’ll slip – [Mom] And going up the stairs – Yeah, so I should just be lucky and pick the right doors! (laughs) That’s my game plan.
Alright Logan, let’s go. So creepy. I don’t know. I could open up This closet. I don’t know. (scared laugh) Okay. It’s okay. One door is down. Okay that one was a good
door. Oh, okay. Phew. Okay so I got one door, need two more. I’m don’t wanna go downstairs ’cause I’m worried if I do
I get trapped downstairs and won’t be able to run upstairs. I don’t know if I dare to open up this one Logan really wants to go outside which tells me Dad might
be behind that door. I’m so scared. (Door sliding) Yes! Two down! I need one more! Okay I’m so nervous you guys. I don’t wanna go down there,
I know somebody’s down there. So nervous. (Laughs) This is so scary! – [Mom] He’s probably ready
to go around the corner. (squeals) – Yeah! Happy dance. I won! I won! (spooky music) – [Mom] Okay Jake. You’re up next. Are you ready for this?
What’s your strategy? – To look underneath all the
doors before opening them and be absolutely quiet. – [Mom] Are you going to open
doors upstairs or downstairs? – Upstairs. – [Mom] Upstairs and not
go down, you don’t dare. – No – [Mom] Ready? – Yep. – [Mom] I think you can go. – Just leave them running. (Quirky, xylophone music) – [Mom] Oh, you got one door. – I don’t wanna do this one but I have to. – [Mom] Hey. Nobody’s in there. Two doors! Where do you dare go? You’re going to go down
the spooky hallway? – This is such a bad idea. (Quirky, upbeat music) – What the? The door’s already open. (Squeals) – Why?! (laughing) I was this close! Man! – [Mom] Oh man. (Spooky music) – Okay so it’s my turn next, I haven’t ever played this game I’ve been the camera
person and it’s creepy because it’s jump-scare! So I don’t know, everybody’s
kinda been picking all the doors that are up close
right here by the front door in hopes that they can just
make it back real fast. I think I’m going to go
with a different strategy, I’m gonna head downstairs and
pick three doors downstairs in hopes that I find the
doors with nobody behind them but, if I do there’s no way I’m
making it back up the stairs to the front door without getting tagged because Ty and Jake can
run way faster than I can. Okay so I think we’re ready. Let’s head into this freaky jump-scare! Oh, it’s so quiet in here. It’s spooky. You feel like they’re going
to come bursting through the door any moment but, you never know. I don’t want them to know that
I’m coming near their doors so when I get near their door,
I’m just going to point at it that way they don’t have
a heads up that I’m about to open the door so, if they’re behind it I can take off running like crazy! Oh no, this is not a good sign. The door is closed. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. I think this is a trap. I don’t know. Should I
open it? I don’t know. (breathing heavy) – [Mom] Noone’s there? Oh my gosh I thought I would never make it especially with the door
being jammed a little bit. I’m like, I’m a goner.
Okay. That’s one door! (Dog nails scratching floor) Oh. Okay. Nobody’s there.
Nobody’s there. Oh, we’re good. Ty could’ve fit in there. That
would have been brilliant. Okay. I need one more door. I don’t know if I should open that one I think I’m gonna go back here. – [Mom] Noone’s there? That’s three. I won that round! Whoo! – So this time it’s me and Logan. Logan you ready? You gonna go
get the kids? Gonna get mommy? Alright, we’re gonna go find them. Actually, we don’t wanna find them. I wanna find three
doors, nobody behind them and then we win! Don’t we Logan? Then we’ll win, yes we will. Okay, ready? (spooky music) I don’t know where
anybody has hidden so far so, I’m just gonna try
the first door here. Oh, nobody’s there. Ah,
good. That’s one door. One door down. Yeah! Now this is a little harder because there’s actually four people hiding. So, I have a little bit
more of a disadvantage because, there’s one additional
person behind a door. Alright. I’m at the end of the hallway. Oh! Someone forgot to close the door so I know they’re not in the bathroom. That means they’re between
one of these three doors. Okay which one. Eenie, meenie, miney, moe. Here we go. You ready to look in? Ready? Get ’em Logan.
Go get ’em. Go get ’em. Nobody’s in there? Alright.
Nobody’s in the boy’s room. K’ that’s two doors. Who’s there? You think they’re downstairs? Alright, let’s go. Okay, this door here, I know it’s high and Jake
would not hide in there but, Mom could easily hide in there. Alright, so Logan just
ran up to Audrey’s door so I’m thinking Audrey’s there or somebody’s in Audrey’s room. Okay, I know somebody’s down here between one of these three doors. (Dog whines) ‘Cause Logan’s whining he
knows somebody’s here too. Whew. This is going to
be a race. Here we go. This is the third and final
door if I can get it open. Are you ready? Should I go with this door? Nah. Maybe not. I know
there’s somebody in there ’cause Logan keeps going there. We’re going to go to Jordan’s
door. Three, two, one. Yeah! I opened all three and nobody got me! (spooky music) – [Dad] So this round is Team Shortstuff. He is going to be going through the house. I am going to be the camera man. Logan is going to be the detective. Trying to find everybody. Alright you ready? Set. Go! Let’s do this! Where are we going to go? Okay Ty’s trying his strategy. Going closest to the door
– Stay right there. – [Dad] Ohhhh! – Logan! Logan got me! He tried to grab my legs. He’s having a good time. – [Dad] Logan’s a distraction – [Jordan] Logan! – [Dad] You got back to first. (mumbles) – Alright – [Dad] Let’s go. Who’s it going to be? No you gotta open it.
– [Jordan] You gotta open it – [Dad] Ohhhh! (Laughing) – [Dad] Did he make it? – He made it. – [Dad] Okay – [Mom] Yes! Good job! – [Dad] Okay, last door. Okay Ty, one more door. Where ya gonna pick it? Where’s it gonna be? Logan, where’s Jacob? Go find Jacob. – Stay right here, and I’ll open. – [Dad] You gonna open
this one? Which one? Okay, let’s see you do it. Ready, set, go! Nobody’s there! – [Jordan] He’s at the
door anyways. He booked it! – [Dad] He didn’t even wait (laughs) He’s already at the door. – [Mom & Dad] Okay Jake! – [Dad] Good job! High five! Good job! – That was so much fun
to play in the dark. If you wanna see us play this again maybe, in a mansion, or a different house, or with Nerf blasters, or traps. – [Dad] So, was it
kinda like a jump-scare? – Yeah, that was a jump-scare. Let us know down in the comments how you want us to play this game and who you want to see go first. – [Dad] Okay – That would be cool. – [Dad] You wanna go first? Dun, dun, dun – Also tell us if you’ve tried
playing this game at home because it is a lot of fun! – Yes! – Thank you guys so much for watching make sure to like,
subscribe and share and… – Hit the bell! – And make today an adventure!
We’ll see y’all next time! – [All] Bye!

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