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January 21, 2020

I just want to get your thoughts on Trump the Trump phenomenon and What you can tell about the rest of the world by looking at their reaction to Trump? well Trump is the equivalent of a Hollywood actor on the movie screen and The anti Trump’s People are other actors in the movie and so humanities of those people to get caught in it oh Yeah, that is he’s the baddie is he’s the baddie in this movie that Trump beats the baddie although He’s the goodie is there in a person. I like right? It’s a movie and while we are focusing on the on this again this my new tie of Trump anti Trump left right and all this nonsense that we get caught in to Silicon Valley’s doing what it is doing in terms of destroying freedom of information and driving on on behalf of things like DARPA the technological development arm of the Pentagon this a Transhumanist agenda It’s it’s a diversion and you know Just just a quick once I talk about this hidden hand These here today gone tomorrow politicians are just that Here today gone tomorrow What we need to look at is that which is always there because that’s where the power is That’s what pushes this agenda on no matter who’s in power who’s the president? What party? Whatever a Quick example in September 2000 an America called the project for the new American Century Published a document calling for the American government to quote fight and decisively win multiple theater Wars To bring about a series of regime changes, and it named the countries that they wanted to regime change Iraq Libya Syria Lebanon Iran North Korea, China The people who published that document included Donald Rumsfeld who a few months later would be Secretary of State for Defence in the Bush administration Paul Wolfowitz who would be his deputy at the Pentagon? Dick Cheney who would be de facto president under Bush for two terms? Dov Zakheim who would control the entirety of the Pentagon budget in that same period in that document in September 2000 they Said that this process of transformation to all these regime changes Would necessarily be slow. This is the quote absent some catastrophic And catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor One year to the month after that document was published nine months after the people that wrote it came to power in the Bush administration the United States had In September 2001 what Bush called at the time? The Pearl Harbor of the 21st century as a result of that this process of regime change was triggered by the so-called war on terror justified by 9/11 and Which the official story of 9/11 is is is? Tragically laughable in when you break it down and you see without the contradictions, anyway. This is what where I’m going in terms of the the politicians and Trump First man in of course Officially george george w bush? They went into afghanistan then with tony blair lying about weapons of mass destruction they went into iraq and the reason they lied about weapons of mass destruction is because Iraq was on this list of regime change they didn’t have an excuse though They made one up and by the way there does not forget people now including even the mainstream media except that they were lied to over weapons of mass destruction in Iraq which led to a catastrophic Invasion and the catastrophe that is followed Let us not forget that the very same people not the same agencies the same governments the same personalities that told us there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq when they knew they weren’t were the same people that gave us the official story of 9/11, okay, so the lists Iraq Then they go into Libya also on the list, but now Bush is gone Blair’s gone now it’s Barack Obama is a Democrat not a Republican and It’s David Cameron. He’s a conservative not the illusory of Labor Blair But now they’re going into another one on the list and then into into Syria um and again Creating mayhem and catastrophe we I mean you know Libya is one of the great world’s basket cases now when it was the highest capacitor per-capita income Country in Africa before they sent the boys in um So that was a bomber and that was Cameron then we come to Trump and Trump is now yes, he’s supposed to be a Republican But easily easily is the anti-establishment, man. He’s a maverick a Maverick who was gonna drain the swamp had handed the American economy to Goldman Sachs from day one or before day one But who is he? demonizing now He’s demonizing Iran and he’s demonizing North Korea other people on the list other countries on the list so this list from September 2000 is been ticked off All the way through these different politicians and different parties and different Personalities so no matter who’s coming and going. Oh, you’re going to vote for you know it’s like some Americans say You know don’t don’t matter who you vote for the government still gets in yes the secret government Because America is a wonderful example of how it works, so it works the same everywhere during the Bush administration And a Republican administration like now, you have this group that control the Republican Party that Acknowledged by the mainstream media. They called neoconservatives or neo-cons they were the people that created the project for the new American Century that wrote that document in September 2000 and then in the in the Democratic Party you have another group very much the same that I call the demo-cons This is your George Soros and Zbigniew Brzeziński before he died this year and others The key is that if you go one step back in the shadows The neo-cons and the demo-cons answer to the same master So it means that we’re hearing one or the other? Republican or Democrat that is always in power And that’s what’s been driving this agenda of ticking these countries off as these people come in Continue watching this fascinating conversation For free by clicking on the link below to visit our website, learn from the best minds in the world and connect with a community Of passionate people building the best versions of themselves, just click on the link below, and I’ll see you on the inside

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  1. Anythings possible everybody is a piece of shit what difference does it make were all screwed ill put my faith in Jesus and let Him sort it out and if thats all crap then at least ill live with hope but ill keep my faith thankyou

  2. SORRY IKE…If Hillary would have won the White House ! There would have been Much MORE Instant War and almost Instant Movement towards Slavery of The American worker and the complete end of free speech and the 2nd amendment PERIOD ! SORRY IKE …At Least In this Case IT DOES MATTER

  3. I keep having hope that President Trump is our hope, but my Heart tells me otherwise. Everything is a distraction. It's so depressing to realize there is no relief to be had until the return of our Lord.
    I'm so grateful I don't have children.
    The true controllers are not human, or from Earth. Humans are cattle to be harvested. Civilizations that have mysteriously disappeared in the past, were harvested in by these aliens.

  4. He is explaining easy stuff to racist people that's why the task takes him so long and yet people will pretend at the end to not have been convinced 100%.. People are just fans of america and they want this country to keep destroying countries and civilizations one after another other thats it.. Why for example do you think america is the biggest producer of online pornography ? Because the not 100 % convinced people that america is the cancer of humanity ruled by a bunch of satanic homosexuals bankers magicians and pedophiles are also the biggest consumers.. As if people had no responsibility of course they do ! Even staying quiet is not an excuse, people staying quiet in front of all this injustice are contributing to america to keep doing what they are doing ..

  5. When is good old Dave going to tell us something we don't already know?!
    God, I could start My own blog but with what all I Know I'd be dead in a week!!!

  6. Maybe what he is saying is also staged. Someone paid for this to get it staged. If who is controlling has so much power, why he will not control somone who is trying to expose him?
    You search for everything, you will always come up with something "secret" is controlling. As he mentioned about "Secret Govertment". We know that something is secret, but still do we know who is the secret? Do we really know the truth?

  7. U should know the Reptilians, especially Zeta Alien 's very advanced in high- tech. They 've live for MILLIONS of years and our history long only for maybe 12,000 years. Their home's far 39 ly from US, they fly every day like using FB. The MOON's only a hologram, nothing's impossible in this uni

  8. The REAL power was and is in the hands of ROTHSCHILD family.13 Masonic Illuminati families that run Federal Reserve and almost every central bank on Earth.

  9. Exactly what I suspected which is why I didn’t vote at all in 2016. Big fucking show. Keep the sheeple distracted while the last of their liberties are stripped away! PS thanks for calling out PNAC and people like Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz.

  10. Trump is the real thing. Icke keep is a fool if he doesn't think that Tirump is in control. The Storm is upon the Deep State, and the are being purged and executed.

  11. Trump was never supposed to win. But Hillary was so unlikable, she couldn't even win against someone as unqualified as Donald J Trump.

  12. Trump has made mistakes with all neocons surrounding him feeding wrong information but he is not a actor. This video is one year old and so David Icke May have some different view on Trump by now.

  13. David thanks for letting the people know what is happening but unfortunately there's to many people who don't know from right and wrong

  14. KURDS SAID THERE WERE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION! They now are terrorizing Yezidi and Assyrians when they are supposed to be freedom fighters!

  15. Does Trump give deference to Israel? Will Trump ever confront and expose Israel's overt influence in our politics? NEVER…that's how you know he's not fully in control. Israel is over Trump, and they don't care what he does or how crazy he is, as long as he doesn't f_ck with Israel, their global bankers, or the fed reserve. Trump is a paper tiger, just like Obama. Loud roar, but he cannot go after the true deep state controllers.

  16. Weird. Hes the only non-politician we have ever had and all the politicians hate him….and hes still a puppet?
    ….is Pennywise running this operation?
    Sorry David, you and the lizard people can go away now.

  17. This why/how Tulsi got ignored by MSM & supposedly didn’t make 2%– notice how she advocates total withdrawal. Because SHE KNOWS. And they can’t own her. Verrrry Interesting. But the sheep will clamor for more shepherds. The Matrix as sci-fi or documentary?

  18. Icke has it all sussed out….Unlike the deranged conspiracy theorist he was once labeled as a decade ago…he has done the detective work all along and is now presenting the hard facts that expose the truth of the unfolding conspiracy against the free world and the destruction of sovereign nations like a geo-political Sherlock Holmes

  19. why is this man still allowed to live? Because those in power know that we can do nothing to stop them including the President of the USA.


  21. How is it David gets under the radar by the cabal and nothing happens to him?? Who he states is impossible to defeat and are very dangerous and very old, ancient powerful alien tribe. Yet these very same cabal leaders, deep state let's him write books and interviews about them. Without ANY repercussions from these creatures he calls the 13 bloodline elites. Hmmmm… Very curious situation.

  22. Yes President Trump is a puppet but only under the Father our Lord, that's where you are wrong Mr Icke so stop trying so hard in knowing it all. Only our God Almighty knows all!!!! Watch this space! AMEN!!!!

  23. You are so wrong about Trump Mr. Icke ..sorry. You will just have to wait & see😂WWG1WGA. Qsent me 🇺🇸✝🌟👍🏽❤️😎

  24. Instances of the United States overthrowing, or attempting to overthrow, a foreign government since the Second World War. (* indicates successful ouster of a government)

    China 1949 to early 1960s

    Albania 1949-53

    East Germany 1950s

    Iran 1953 *

    Guatemala 1954 *

    Costa Rica mid-1950s

    Syria 1956-7

    Egypt 1957

    Indonesia 1957-8

    British Guiana 1953-64 *

    Iraq 1963 *

    North Vietnam 1945-73

    Cambodia 1955-70 *

    Laos 1958 *, 1959 *, 1960 *

    Ecuador 1960-63 *

    Congo 1960 *

    France 1965

    Brazil 1962-64 *

    Dominican Republic 1963 *

    Cuba 1959 to present

    Bolivia 1964 *

    Indonesia 1965 *

    Ghana 1966 *

    Chile 1964-73 *

    Greece 1967 *

    Costa Rica 1970-71

    Bolivia 1971 *

    Australia 1973-75 *

    Angola 1975, 1980s

    Zaire 1975

    Portugal 1974-76 *

    Jamaica 1976-80 *

    Seychelles 1979-81

    Chad 1981-82 *

    Grenada 1983 *

    South Yemen 1982-84

    Suriname 1982-84

    Fiji 1987 *

    Libya 1980s

    Nicaragua 1981-90 *

    Panama 1989 *

    Bulgaria 1990 *

    Albania 1991 *

    Iraq 1991

    Afghanistan 1980s *

    Somalia 1993

    Yugoslavia 1999-2000 *

    Ecuador 2000 *

    Afghanistan 2001 *

    Venezuela 2002 *

    Iraq 2003 *

    Haiti 2004 *

    Somalia 2007 to present

    Libya 2011*

    Syria 2012

  25. Hey David prince Philip is prince William's biological father. They were raping the Spencer family otherwise would lose status althorpe. They gave dianadrugs to harvest ovum hormones before wedding resulted in weight loss. Diana did not have bulimia. Kate is the real mother of whores. She's using her kid and paty pieces to get to children of elites. The black book of ghislaine Maxwell is a modified royal wedding guest list. If you can find me I will tell you about this we are friends you and me though I am royal ok.

  26. " That which is always in power " : I assure you , " that " , is the only battle there's ever been : Good , (God ) , against the Devil and Evil ; and all these entities , manifestations at sceances , sky-seen ' aliens ' , Leaders good-and-bad , etc., they are all manifestations , in various forms , human and spiritual , throughout time , of the same battle , the only battle , the one battle that's been allowed to happen since the serpent appeared in Eden , to test people's hearts , and shall continue to do so until the end day , known only to God , arrives.

  27. Trump is a puppet before Trump supporters and Qanon muppets are bashing me you have to see who is actually controlled this world and Trump was no exception he is one of them if not they are biggest secret weapon of all in masquerading to deceived us even i understand why icke said Trump is a puppet and actors not a real leader who served humanity to be free once more.

  28. Why re the mass on earth so lazy that they re been so easy manipulated by certain elites and their helpershelper? Globally? And all the fake alien hostility? While they re producing all the holographical devices to fake us all? Real Aliens never did any hostile action against earth and us.Its a staged agenda by elite families and their helpers.


  30. He was a puppet for them and he owed them tremendous remembered how Trump was bankrupt he ran off to his one and only hope the Rothschild he owed them tons of money in doing so he do them a favour to complete the New world order government by destroying both parties and destroyed the economy of the World when federal reserves crash down and Icke was not wrong on this one.

  31. Have the public concentrate on one central figure to hate rather than focus on faceless bureaucracies and corporations, perfect psy-op

  32. It is AI … Falklands black goo … Plasma AI take over now … If we are decoding information fields to form our perception of reality … What happens when a rogue AI gets loose? It would harness us to hack us and probably just keep our personalities in storage … Or use our dna as data storage … While our limited polarity IQ's run borg missions

  33. Everybody has an agenda even that person that pretended that you hit them with your car even though you had a awesome camera to record everything.🤔🤔🤔

  34. It is amazing that so many people do still believe in the news….I cannot bring up the issue of how the different parties all work for the same ruling "elite" cabal without 6 people jumping my b _ _ _ _ .

  35. Anyone promoting conspiracy fear is part of the old system… now being exposed and dying… I guess that includes Ike now too.

  36. I love David Icke! He is so right about many things. The whole world is staged. He is right about the lizard people conspiracy too. He isn't mental! I'm still trying to figure out how that plays in this.

  37. Yeah understand this is Rothschilds and Soros manipulation to control every central bank. You blame America but the source has always been the British at the top rung and the American bankers at the second rung.

  38. I swear this Man is on the ball with absolutely everything, he says things way before anyone else could even imagine it and it all comes to fruition. I can see it now, headlines in 2080 will be talking about Reptilians and the "elite" bloodline like it's everyday news. Legend!

  39. Who is here after Trump killed Iran's General?.
    Tbh the more I follow world events, the more convinced I'm about David icke. He is the prophet of our time.


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