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Dominic & Tim | Same Mistake

February 28, 2020

And then? Did you take her home? No. I’ve kissed him. Oh. Okay. Hey, Dominic… It’s no big deal. Yeah, sure. Hey, your hoodie! Do your parents know? No. You’re the first. Do Noah and Moritz… They don’t know either then? How do you think that would go? ‘The gay rapper Dominic!’ Hey, Dom! You’re right up. Umm… what?! You two? Just shut the f##k up, Kuzey! Dom! Bro! Dude, you act like it’s the end of the world– I wasn’t ready yet, Kuzey! Well… This never-ending back and forth, because you don’t know what you want. I know what I want. Then tell him, goddammit! I need to go to work. Yeah, I know. Hey… Dominic. I don’t have the nerves for somebody like you. I know I screwed up. Don’t make it so hard for us. I know I’m not an easy guy. Go home?

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  1. i watched the first season on youtube, it has subtitles. the second season is geoblocked but available is SRF Play without subs however

  2. High school was hell… Now in my late 20s I still find very hard to open up to someone I love. Always back to square. Tried dating App…not a single decent guy. Gym, work, bills is what I have for now.

  3. You consistently make amazing videos. I know I watched this movie at some point but I don’t know if I loved it as much as this video. Great song choice too. Sooo good. Thank you!

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