Dominic Calvert-Lewin | “Scoring in the World Cup Final was unbelievable!” | My Story
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Dominic Calvert-Lewin | “Scoring in the World Cup Final was unbelievable!” | My Story

October 8, 2019

I’m Dominic Calvert-Lewin and this is My Story. I grew up in Hillsborough near the local team Sheffield Wednesday but I’m a Blade. My family are Blades so I grew up supporting them. I always used to go down the local park, Hillsborough Park, and play football with my mates. There was a concrete pitch with cage nets and a basketball net on the top. A lot of the time we would play on there. Me and a group of mates would go down there and a lot of the times there would be groups of people older than us so we would ask them for a game, but we were decent so we would always give them a good game. I remember getting smashed in the mouth a few times with a flailing arm from people older than me. But that was a time when you would try tricks and that’s when you would get a ‘wow’ from someone who is watching on the side. My Dad took me to a team. It wasn’t Hansworth Boys at the time, but I think I would have been in the under-sixes and it was for the under-sevens. I remember running around – something that stays with me – and all the kids were
chasing one ball around. He was like “Go on, get yourself off.” I remember just jogging around on the outskirts not really wanting to get involved and I just started crying. I turned to my dad and he was like, “Come on, let’s go home.” He wasn’t very happy at the time I remember.
A year later I went for the under-sevens at Hansworth Boys – played there and then I went on to a Saturday event. They had the main team, this was under-eights before you signed for a team, I remember going to that and the main team were off training by themselves and the coach then walked over, it was Scott Sellars at the time and he said, “Is your name Dominic?” and I said “Yeah.” He said, “Come with me” and that was it. I signed for Sheffield United. I made my debut when I had just turned 18. It was away at Leyton Orient. I had come on for the last 30 minutes and I just remember just running around – I was knackered! I was just chasing round. It was a proud landmark just to say I had made my debut. I think at the time, it felt like it had been coming. I had been out on loan at Stalybridge [Celtic] as well. I had scored a few goals there in the same season. I got called back and was training with the first team ever since. I was on the bench a few times before I came on at Leyton Orient away. It was the second to last game of the season and I remember wanting to make my debut that season. Thankfully I came on and then I came on again in the next game against Chesterfield. That day we were 1-0 down when I came on and we scored whilst I was on the pitch and I remember just celebrating thinking, ‘This is a bit mad. I’ve grown up watching this and now I’m here playing.’ It was a great feeling. Two days before the window shut in August, it was a Monday night and the deadline shut on Wednesday. I was due to play for Sheffield United the next day and I got a call on the Tuesday from my agent. I was sat round the table at my grandad’s house with my family, just having a coffee at the time. He was like, “Everton is back
on” and I was like, “Shut up, you’re lying.” He told me he was being serious and that they had come in again and it’s looking more serious this time. All my family were screaming
and as you can imagine, excited. I turned up on Tuesday, it was touch-and-go again and I was just waiting for the green light. I got pulled out the game so I thought that it’s serious. My agent said, “Make sure you grab your boots after the game because you’ll probably need them.” I took my boots. Then Wednesday at 12pm, I got the green light to come for my medical. The rest is history. I remember the first time training with the first team and I was telling myself that I had to be on it. When you realise you can cope with the standard, it’s a realisation that you can do it at first and then you start wondering if you can add to it. That’s when you realised you’ve fully settled in. It was a bit of a whirlwind time because I made my first start eight weeks before that against Southampton. Within 12 minutes I had gone off with an ankle injury. That put me out for eight weeks and I remember coming in off that and sitting there thinking it was more surreal to be sitting in the physio room 12 minutes after than it was to be coming on the pitch as a starter. I came off the bench against West Brom the week before I scored and it felt good to be back on the pitch and getting back involved, knowing my injury hadn’t
set me back too far. Then I started the week after and I scored after eight minutes. I
just… it it’s more a relief feeling to know that you’ve done it and that you’ve scored
in the Premier League. It’s a bit of a drug. Once you do it once, you just want to do it over and over again. I don’t know the word to completely describe the feeling of scoring but it’s just a strange feeling. There’s a few moments in my career that I’ve had so far that I could describe as unbelievable, that would be one of them. We were confident going into there and we knew that Venezuela were an awkward team, but a good team. They had good players. Cookie (Lewis Cook) had a deep free-kick. I remember he had one five minutes before and he didn’t
play it. Before he took the free-kick, I was screaming at him, ‘Just kick it in behind!’ because their backline was so high and I gambled up with the header. Luckily it bounced down for me nice. I had a shot, the ‘keeper parried it and I just followed it in. I remember everything went slow-motion as the ball was bouncing and I was just thinking, ‘It’s on your left
foot, focus on the contact and make sure you hit the target’ and thankfully I did and it found the bottom corner and I just remember wheeling off to the corner flag again and all the boys jumping on my back. For me, that was a time where I did five celebrations in one. That goal
for me meant a lot because it proved to me that I can compete at that level and it was an extremely proud moment to score in a World Cup Final.

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  1. Hi guys. Hope you enjoy the video. If you want to read more about Calvert-Lewin's rapid rise, head over to our website and read our exclusive interview with the Everton star:

  2. Must be up there with cheating to win penalty in derby . Once a cheat always a cheat Rooney must be having influence on you

  3. world cup final hahahahahahaha that's the only final he will ever play in as he's not good enough for England and he plays at Everton.

  4. I think as a kid right now compared to him as a kid… I play better and done WAY better but.. he lives in England it’s too easy to get scouted over there becuase football is Englands hobby and obsession on the other hand in America (which no I’m not American) football is not popular but I’m playing over a team that scouts pick from to play in the reserves for that main professional team or most of the time scouted I was recommended for scouts but my coach got a better job as a pro gk coach and then the scouts never came but I’m 13 but to be honest I think that I have a 62% chance of getting scouted and 21% of becoming pro ??‍♂️?

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