Dokument RAMM: Johannes Thingnes Bø står fram som blotter
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Dokument RAMM: Johannes Thingnes Bø står fram som blotter

November 20, 2019

It’s been a problem for as long as I can remember. It’s like I’m there, but then I lose time and space And then it just happens. Johannes Thingnes Boe has a secret It’s Nicolay from Document RAMM. Welcome An inner demon he is ready to reveal – from the closet This is my closet. I’m just gonna make me some lunch. No, Johannes, no Put your trousers back on Relax Put them back on I, just don’t want to wear clothes I want them off Is it correct to say that you struggle with public nudity? Yes During the World Cup in France two years ago, Johannes’ bleak secret was revealed to millions of viewers I understand that it doesn’t look good I had just won my first World Cup race I was excited And happy, of course I should’ve been prepared, and had the tape ready Tape, what do you mean? Just attach it there Do this before training? Yes This is a bit dangerous Now I’m ready Do you like it here? Very much It’s been tabu Finally, I feel ready to stand forth to be able to help others. Where did Johannes go? I CAN’T GET IT OFF! JOHANNES, NO! NO! Johannes’ situation is not fun What do you do? Comfort him But, there’s more of us who are struggling. So what you’re saying is that you struggle with this as well? Yes Mainly, it happens when no one else is there. But sometimes, things go wrong That was not a sibirian exposer. During the world cup in Russia 2013 The bottom was norwegian Equipped with a chopper It’s a trick among us exposers. You see The tremendous urge to expose oneself has made it difficult to work socially with others on the team Wanna join me outside? Come on outside! No An advertising campaign seemed to be the way out of the dark But he was decieved They promised me nudity on TV I ran around the set – nude for an entire day It was awesome Then the advert came, and only showed from here and up. It was disappointing You have admitted on TV to exposing yourself publicly What consequences do you expect? I don’t wanna talk about it Leave it be What about sponsors? Perhaps they flee from you? But hey, I’ve said this twice. Leave it be Look at yourself, you’re no better. Sorry about earlier It’s just my job to raise these questions It’s okay So we’re good? We’re good FREEDOM!

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