Doki Doki Literature Club!: Cool, A Writing Assignment – PART 3 – Game Grumps

October 25, 2019

Hey, I’m grump, I’m not so grump! And we’re the Game Grumps! Arin: Welcome back to Game Grumps–
(Dan interjects) Hello! — everybody. A: My name is Arin, and this is Dan. D: I am Friend Dan. A: Friend Dan. A: Uh, where were we? D: Oh yes. A: Oh, so, uh… D: We were talking to Yuri, we just blew it with her a little bit– D: She knows we’re an idiot, and now Monica has joined the conversation. A: But she can’t sense human emotion, because she’s a robot. D: That’s correct. That’s kind of our own fanfiction spin– A: I don’t know, it could be real. A: “Really, I wouldn’t have expected that Yuri, for someone as gentle as you.” D: “I guess you could say that…” D: “But if a story makes me think or takes me to another world, then I really can’t put it down.” D: “Surreal horror is often very successful at changing the way you look at the world if only for a brief moment.” A: “Ugh, I hate horror…” D: “Why is that?” A: Cuz it’s scary! A: Natsuki’s eyes dart over me for a split second. A: “Never mind!” A: “That’s right. You usually like to write about cute things. Don’t you Natsuki?” A: “WhaaAAAt!?” A: “What gives you that idea!?” A: “You left a piece of scrap paper behind last Club meeting. It looked like you were working on a poem called–” A: “Don’t say it out loud!” A: “Give that back!” A: [Robotic voice] “Fine, fine.” [Both laugh]
D: [robotic voice] Processing fine. D: Ehehe, your cupcakes, your poems… D: Everything you do is just as cute as you are. A: [high pitched voice]
SHUTTHEFUCKUP! D: I’m gunna sidle up behind you! A: “Sayori sidles up behind Natsuki and puts her hands on her shoulders.” D: “Oh, my hand’s on your shoulder…” A: “I’m not cute!” A: “Natsuki, you write your own poems?” [Dan interjecting] “You have cute shoulders…”
[both laugh] A: “W-Well I guess sometimes…” A: “Why do you care?” A: “I think that’s impressive. Why don’t you share them sometime?” A: “N-No…” A: “Natsuki averts her eyes.” A: “You wouldn’t like them–” [Dan interjects] –when they’re angry.
[both laugh] A: “Ah, not a very confident writer yet,”
and she’s like, “no, I was just starting telling you my poems.” D: “Yeah. Fuck you!” D: “I understand how Natsuki feels —
I’m over here now” D: “Sharing that level of writing takes more than just confidence” D: “The truest form of writing is writing to oneself.” A: Oh! Wow.
D: “God, I wish I was Clifford the Big Red Dog…”
[laughter] You must be willing to open up to your readers Exposing your vulnerabilities and showing even the deepest reaches of your heart for example on the inside you might be a giant dog yeah Harden up with a big old dog heart, maybe you’re red. I don’t know just off the top of my head Do you have experience writing too, Yuri? Maybe if you share some of your work, you can set an example and help Natsuki feel comfortable enough to share hers . . . actually p- oh I I-I Was just gonna say like the the quotation marks with the with the three dots and then the other quotation marks look like a little monster face going Nyaar “…” That’s cute, I guess it’s the same for Yuri Aww, I wanted to read everyones poems. We all sit in silence for a moment. It’s wildly uncomfortable, but the monika EXPLODES through the TV! Okay I have an idea everyone mm-hmm Nat and Yuri *Dinosaur noise* Natsuki and Yuri look quizzically it Monica. Let’s all go home and write a poem of our own Then next time we meet we’ll all share them with each other that way everyone is even. God, this is fucking hot! U-Um… Th-There it is there’s the little monster face Nyeeh mreeh “…” uhh… Yeah! Let’s do it! Plus! now that we have a new member, I think it will help us all get a little more comfortable with each other and strengthen the bond of the club. Let me just- Crinkle my neck for a second… *crinkleing neck noise* Processing… Processing pain Receiving pain- Ow! Cool. In order to distract you from you thinking that I am a robot and not a human, Please write poetry. I will not google poetry and bring in a printed-out copy of someone else’s work Isn’t that right FriendArin? Monika smiles warmly at me once again or at least an approximation if when smiling might look like, it’s very uncanny valley Hold on. There’s still one problem Eh, what’s that? Where’s the beeeeers? Now that we’re back to the original topic of me joining the club, I bluntly come forth with what’s been on my mind the entire time. Where’s the blunt? I NEVER SAID I WOULD JOIN THIS CLUUUB!! *Colossally large inhale* Sayori may have convinced me to stop by, but I never made any decision! I’m just here for the cupcakes, and them hot nasty tats I’m here- I’m here for the cupcakes and the multicolored hair. I still have other clubs to look at and… um… I lose my train of thought All four girls stare back at me with dejected eyes. Oh that is super sad actually But… B-but I’m sorry, I thought We’re all SINKING! HAAAALLP!! Y-You all- oh, I’m sorry You all- Ahh I’m defenseless against these girls! how am I supposed to make a clear headed decision when it’s like this… I HATE GIRLS! That is if writing poems is the price I need to pay in order to spend every day with these beautiful girls right Okay, I’ve decided then, I’ll join the literature Club. Now RISE! I fucking knew it! One by one the girls eyes light up!! But only one- Monikas *BWEEEEE* One by one the girls eyes light up first Monica’s left eye, then her right eye! Lighting right eye Wait Only a figure of a- of expression sayori wraps her arms around me jumping up and down He-Hey… You really did scare me for a moment. If you really just cared for the cupcakes I’d be super pissed. Then that makes it official. Eat my hair. Eat! *muffled hair eating noise* Welcome to the literature Club. Ah thanks, I guess… okay everyone, vanish! I Think with that we can officially end today’s meeting on a good note. everyone remember tonight’s assignment Write a poem to bring to the next meeting so we can all share Monika looks over at me once more. FriendArin, I look forward to seeing how you express yourself! Ehehehehehehe Tilda Hahahaha Tilt! Y-Yeah, can I really impress the class star Monica with my mediocre writing skills? I already feel the anxiety welling up inside me meanwhile the girls continue to chit Chat is Yuri and Natsuki clean up their food Hey, FriendArin, since we’re already here. Do you want to walk home together That’s right, Sayori and I never walk home together anymore because she always stayed after school for clubs! stupid clubs that no one would ever want to join Sure! might as well. I mean what better shit do I have to do… Hang out with your stupid-ass yaaay! With that the two of us depart the club room and make our way home The whole way my mind wanders back and forth between the four girls. Sayori, Natsuki, Yuri, and robot! Will I re- Will I really be happy sending ev- spending every day after school in a Literature club? Perhaps, I’ll have the chance to grow closer one of these girls. Perhaps I’ll have a choice to grow closer to one of these girls. I just need to make most of my circumstances Make- make the most of my circumstances And I’m sure good fortune will find me and I guess that starts with writing a poem tonight oh boy… It’s time to write a poem! Pick words you think your favourite Club member would like something good might happen with whoever likes your palm the most. oohh… um… Fluffy Okay, so who should we appease? Oh it tells you which girl- they would like it right? No? I think that they’re just bouncing around okay They are bouncing right so so like I guess Sayori would probably like fireflies. And then Natsuki would like pink and fluffy… which girl do you like the most? I don’t know. That’s the thing! You are a FriendArin! You must decide! Yuri likes… I guess… Well, she’s sort of negative, so she’s probably grief. Yuri? yeah, she’s the dark one and then Monica is… So who should we go after? I don’t know I like I like Sayori the most. Sayori? Yeah, ok so she’s like wonderful and sunset. Yay! I bet she’s incongruent Congruent. I know- I don’t know what- yeah How come you can’t appease Monica? That’s interesting. Uh, because she’s a robot. Yeah doki-doki that’s- Incongruent, that’s smart. Are you saying I have a problem shitting? Disarray journey breathe, oh! That was an incontinent joke disaster… color? color. Yeee Sayori liked that one! She’s the happy girl for sure bouncy! Oh thats Natsuki… shiny? That’s probably Natsuki too… Promise yeah, *Weeb noise*. What? That means promise in Japanese… Oh yeah! ok! PAPA! Dammit GIGGLE! Papa… I love it when you call me big papa… umm… Whistle dammit! fucking Natsukis all over the place umm… Parfait. landsc- Parfait? I think that’s probably Natsuki as well. really? oh, you’re right because she makes cupcakes. nightgown Kitty! jesus fucking Natsuki takes all the words um Embrace? that’s probably Sayori right? yeah! Laugh or silly Silly is definitely Natsuki. Oh really? yeah. I think bliss is probably Sayori let’s try it Yeah, boy Climax Death let’s go ahead with climax. Yeah Good for you yuri Cheeks yeah time puppy sui- what? S- puppy suicide! Puppy! the name of my indie band was born. uhh… Star scape awesome. Yeah um.. Unrequited I use that word in a rhyme! yeah, in Star Bomb! I’m gonna use that nice Unrestrained flee… Oh boy, mmm she’s getting dark- and probably flower or party… or flower- flower- flower is Natsuki… for sure party is probably yeah, yeah Nibble vertigo Oh excellent Imagination waterfall, I can’t believe it just said that is one of my favorite phrases ever… my god… vivid sweet and wrath what about Boop! BOOP! dammit! I don’t want to boop you! Hello again FriendArin. Glad to see you didn’t run away on us ha ha ha This is day two. Next time on Game Grumps. Nah! don’t worry. Oh, man I- alright. I’m in… I’m in to this. All right! all right! let’s- I’m like I’m genuinely emotionally invested now, alright let’s keep going, keep going. Let’s keep doing this. I am very excited. This happens every fucking time Yeah, dude. Well the story’s gonna really pick up pretty soon. excellent! Alright bye. I’m just gunna keep saying that after every episode! it’s not… like nothing changes. Thats awesome! Fucking love it

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