Doggos do the Winter Olympics
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Doggos do the Winter Olympics

November 19, 2019

The winter olympics have 15 sports. First are all the skiing things. There’s alpine, freestyle, ski jumping, and
cross country. Cross country with a gun is the biathlon. And if they do cross country and ski jumping
both, that’s nordic combined. Sort of similar to skiing but totally sick
and stuff is snowboarding. Shred the gnar. There’s also down the chute sports. If they sit down that’s the bobsleigh. If they’re feet-first that’s the luge. And if they’re head-first crazies
that the skeleton. Finally there’s ice sports. Like figure skating, hockey, and two types
of speed skating. If they wear a helmet, that’s short track. No helmet is long track. Finally there’s the jaw-dropping,
most-riveting-sport-ever-to-be-played…curling. Diagram your olympics, and anything else,
with Lucidchart.

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  1. I would like to personally say thank you to anyone that remotely touched this masterpiece of advertisement. You guys are awesome! By the way, I am currently using lucidchart and I love it ^_^

  2. WE NEED MORE CATTOS PLEASE! also danger noodles. Btw who voices these videos? I bet they get tongue twisted a lot when they make it haha

  3. You are the best advertiser in the whole entire omniverse. I am for no deal believing that there is anybody in the omniverse who can advertise better. You should make billions advertising this. I really want to download it. I even like to watch your ads for fun. Thats how good your ads are.

  4. The reason you only have 29,000 subs is cuz the woofers and dogs hate therr secrets being exposd so tell a humans not to subskrib.

  5. Jaw-dropping-most-riveting-sport-ever-to-be-played
    knew where that was going before it got there.

    P.S: I HECKIN love these, I don't even need to make diagrams but I'm considering buying it just to make a diagram out of reasons why I might need to make diagrams.

  6. Who else didn't notice the doggo heads till half way through the video and was just sitting there like a derp thinking "where are the doggos? I was promised doggos!"

  7. I can watch the same video thousands of times and it wouldn't be different, I'd always laugh, I love ur content Lucidchart

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