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Does your name suit your face? | BBC Ideas

November 4, 2019

My name is Winjand
A P van Tilburg and I work at King’s College
London in the psychology department. One version contained an author with no middle initials.
The other versions had one, two, three or four middle initials
instead. And what we found was that students liked this written work
better if the author had more middle initials – even though the exact text
of the essay was the same. This is something to do with
the stereotypes that people use – so because people with
middle initials are seen as more prestigious, people automatically –
but incorrectly – assume that their work must therefore be of a
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  1. So, do you think your face matches your name? Are you going to start using your middle initials now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe because we put out new videos every week!

  2. About nominative determinism, here are some few examples I've encountered.
    A prominent lawyer who headed ministries in relation to law and justice has Magistrado for a middle name.
    There's also a higher court judge whose surname is Cortez.
    A classmate is named Lex and now, he's a lawyer.
    And amusingly, there are some Abogados who are physicians and Doctors who are lawyers.

  3. Well, in Indonesia, people with Batak (one of the etnists in Indonesia) last name, such as Simbolon, hutapea, simanjuntak, etc. Have been associated with advocates or lawyers. Although, not all of them are advocates or lawyer

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