Doctor Who: Series 11 Teaser | Jodie Whittaker – BBC
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Doctor Who: Series 11 Teaser | Jodie Whittaker – BBC

November 7, 2019

It’s a big occasion but he’s a big game player. You can see that from all the confidence that he has on the ball. He’s got great movement. The first touch was out of this world. They’ve got the makings of a really strong team. They’ve got great energy, they’ve got great flair… And that’s what people are talking about. I’m really excited to see what happens.

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  1. Soucn damn salt in this comments section. For the triggered asshats, it's cannon within the Doctor who universe that gender sometimes switches during regeneration. Also, doctor is a damn alien. Why are you applying your human standards? Also, also, doctor who has long been a fairly progressive show. If inclusivity and progressiveness triggers you, why are you even here? You're clearly not a fan.

  2. I'm disappointed to see they haven't shot a new Outro in which Jodie says: "Don't forget to click below to subscribe to the official Doctor Who Youtube channel"

  3. I guess they're trying to introduce characters, but forgot to introduce the characters?

    Idk I hope with both of my hearts that the series production is in better hands than the marketing is.

  4. May as well have been still images, shown to the theme. What are we even supposed to take from this which the cliffhanger didn't do better?

  5. Sadly this is BBCs prime time entertainment. And this is what we pay a license fee for. Dr Who should have been killed off years ago. It could have been so much better.

  6. So hold on a minute, where’s the TARDIS? Or maybe she doesn’t need the TARDIS because of that blinking through time thingy she did.

  7. I'M READY! PS. i think the background commentary is like what the series will be like. "i'm really excited to see what happens" well me too!

  8. I am open minded on this, would be great if it was back to the 1975 style story telling? But I was kind of hoping for that with the last Doctor… So let's see 🙂

  9. The universe is calling, eh?
    Someone find out how I answer that call.

    Also, that's the best tagline since 'A Time For Heroes'.

  10. I've wanted a Dr Who to be female since Lala Ward stole my heart. I'm an old whovian. The last season was frankly, utter shite. If this teaser is anything to go by, it's going to even worse than McCoy's last season. For godsake BBC, make it more adult will you. And BRADLEY WALSH? What the actual F!

  11. i mean, a teaser is meant to tease. This just left me feeling indifferent :s still optimistic though I suppose.

  12. Ghostbusters Mk II – if this was the teaser then the series better be really good. No real substance to the teaser. Risky move by the BBC, this may put the doctor back on the shelf

  13. Is this hinting that the TARDIS has in fact exploded and the Doctor can now manipulate the time vortex herself?

  14. I am worried as to how the new season will go. I was not a fan of the last doctor and hope the new one will be a bit better. Sadly they have to long of a wait to find out which was silly and stupid. I'll give the new season a chance, though they better make a good first impression.

  15. "The trailer didn't tell me anything"

  16. This is a teaser to get the hype going, to break the wait, both for a trailer and for the new series

  17. typical bbc, scraping the entire premise of a show and focusing on ticking all the diversity boxes, rather than making a decent show. All they need now is one of the assistants to be gay and they have the set.

  18. its simply does wonders that regenerative energy for pizza much better than the humble microwave, not only that but the telepathic TARDIS curcuits in conjuction with the Heart of the TARDIS giving Graham that copy of the Beano his hearts desire. He always wanted that issue. His own father went to the newsagents to get but never returned gone out to get a carton of cigarettes…

  19. This is going to be awful! women don't have the charisma that men have. Imagine comparing her to the amazing Tom Baker!

  20. This is so dull i thought I was watching the ad before the actual clip, then tragically I realised this was actually it. Wake me up when she's regenerated.

  21. I…. don't quite get this. Is it tied into the World Cup. I'm not a soccer fan, so I wouldn't really recognize it. So for me, this is honestly sort of weird to watch. I wouldn't say it's horrible. I just don't get it.

  22. So… some white males are the only ones who have a problem with this, right? I’m a straight white male and I don’t see a problem here at all. I know it’s not all (or even most) straight white males but all the people complaining are. Calm down guys. Everything (LITERALLY EVERYTHING) has been dominated by us since before Roman Empire. After thousands of years the rest of the world wants a voice too. It’s ok, really. I promise no one is coming to take your penis away.

  23. Call me crazy or nuts are just plain straight don't get it but how can this all be new to the particular timelord if has done this for almost over a millennium I don't get it what time Lawrence a girl that means it's all new but two of pandas been watching Doctor Who since 2005 it's really not all that new it's just a new bunch of people with new scenery and new places to travel which has been done but I'll still watch it anyway just to see what happens but the call it new we'll see

  24. The man sitting at the edge of the counter by the window looks a lot like the man that played Cory's father when Matt Smith was the 11th doctor so again I'm not so sure I'm willing to give it a chance but let's just hope female doctor doesn't break the Tardis again cuz that's not good

  25. don't know what to think of the new dr.who yet? Been a fan for so many years. Miss David Tennant thou. Met Tom Baker at his height(no pun) great actor.Magnificent voice

  26. I'm not a anti-feminist or mesoginist or whatever. But I do dislike the fact that Doctor Who has been a man for tens of years, and then suddenly a woman. Like imagine if Sherlock Holmes is played by a woman.

  27. Provavelmente: regressões temporais perspetiveis só a seres conectados com o tempo parece com Life is Strange só que aparente mente eles não controlam,
    é hora do show é ai que deve ser o ponto de ignição e o jogo começa

  28. Not be watching this load of crap the BBC seem to be against white straight men strange when all top jobs are straight white men rip dr who

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