Do Video Games Cause Violence?

October 9, 2019

video games and gun violence that
something that’s been used uh… as a scapegoat since the shooting at sandy
hook because uh… adams lanza played uh… first-person shooter games so of
course depending on that party also a baloney sandwiches so uh… let’s win there too by the way so lamar alexander representative lamar
and i and rumors lamar alexander he is um… well represent senator actually is you senator as you probably know this
being that this is the stuff i talk about twenty four seven anyway here’s what i do know about lamar
alexander he is a center here he has on the um… science and technology committee and he doesn’t believe in global warming my guess is he probably also doesn’t
believe in technology uh… he thinks that the microwave works
by hutu magic from god uh… anne wait let’s listen to what he
had to say to chuck toda on msnbc about the your beings this ought to be precious norway support
universal background checks category sale all expels acting
europeans their problem then guns because they have games at
that the first amendment before we can do
about deliveries second concentration until we can do about that who doesn’t love and and with who doesn’t know that he’s crystal
clear video games are a bigger problem than guns are right time magazine article by christopher j
for descent as a video game violence researcher and
someone who has done scholarship on mass homicides let me stating very
emphatically there is no evidence that video games or other media contributes
even in a small ams homicides or any other violence among youth journal of youth an adolescent study
same thing whitney gunter and kevin daily recently plot published uh… a
large study of children in computers in human behavior no link between video games in violence a study published by holly bowen and
julia spaniel in applied econ native psychology they expected to find a link
when they did the research no link between video games in violence uh… a review of the literature of all
of the scientific literature by the swedish government in two
thousand and twelve no link between video games and violence uh… the u_s_ supreme court brown versus d_n_a_ we have reviewed the research there is
no link between videogames insurance australian government research same thing during the years in with video games
sword in popularity youth violence has declined two forty
year lows u_s_ news quote video games don’t cause
children to be violent even vol one reporter from uh… two thousand one and two thousand five that uh… people aren’t like morning
joe for example quoted at they they suggest there they suggest oppose a lot link but even then that very study they don’t want to conclude
that other factors are more important an override it including access to guns and by the way that study which is the
only one that the a_n_c_ video game people use a number one is methodological flaws at
number two it’s not be reviewed and if videogames lead to violence japan would have uh… roughly the same amount
of that’s as we do how many did they have from guns in the year two thousand six a one-year
there was twenty-two gun deaths and there was a national scandal we have an average of thirty every australia to dad violent video games
there say monthly play here their violent movies incredibly low amount of gun violence a
fingerprint you know it’s not like they don’t have
t_v_s are movies in britain so i don’t have the yoga is britain they have video
games all over the place just like to have my own movies all over the place you don’t seeing people dying from guns
in the same numbers as you do in the united states

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