Do Teens Know Their Parent’s Favorite Video Game? | React: Do They Know It?
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Do Teens Know Their Parent’s Favorite Video Game? | React: Do They Know It?

September 17, 2019

– Man, everyone should get this. If not everyone gets this,
then I will be surprised. – It’s a big monkey throwing barrels!
Who doesn’t know it? ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So tell me who
you have with us today. – I have my amazing mom right here. Mwah! – I am here with my wonderful, loving,
amazing, beautiful mother Tabitha. (loud kiss)
(laughing) – (FBE) Have you ever played
video games with each other? – Uh…
– No. – Not so much.
– I’m so bad at it. – I know. We both suck. – (gasping) No!
– I mean, not really. – (FBE) Today, we’re testing
teens’ knowledge of classic video games.
– Oh, wow. [Inaudible]. Oh, goodness. – (FBE) So it’s gonna work
is we’ll play the clip from a classic video game and you
have to correctly name it. – Okay. – (FBE) And all of the picks today
are from parents and their favorites. – Mwahahahahaha! – I know most of your favorites. It depends how long
we’re talking about. – Oh, we’re talking way back. – Pong, Dig Dug, around that area. – Pong! Oh, come on! – You better know it.
– Do you think I know it? – I don’t know.
I don’t want you to know it, but you probably will know it,
which will be totally annoying. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ ♪ (game blooping) ♪ (silence) – Oh, wow! – What? – The frame rate and the speed
everyone’s moving, how could that guy even get over
to that side of the screen? – It’s gonna take him a minute. – I mean, this is how I remember
video games– very basic. ♪ (chiptune) ♪ – Okay. ♪ (chiptune) ♪ – It looks so crazy, doesn’t it?
– This is so old-fashioned. – That was so ahead
of its time. (laughing) – That was ahead of its time?
– Yes! – (FBE) So do you know this one?
– No. – I don’t know it. – I’ve never seen that in my life. – I have no clue. – Street Fighter, but
I don’t know which one. – Is this one Street Fighter? – It’s Street Fighter. – (FBE) So this is Street Fighter.
– Street Fighter? Okay. – This is the game that I picked. (sniffling) Thank you.
– (laughing) – I mean, I don’t even think
kids would have fun playing this. – Street Fighter!
– Street Fighter? I’m a street fighter.
– Yeah. PEW! – So I’m really into old stuff,
and I also play a lot of Smash Bros, and knowing that Ken
was just recently added or was added to the game,
they added an assist trophy called “Guile” and because they’re
both from Street Fighter, that kind of gave it away. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ ♪ (chiptune) ♪ – Wow, man, this is old-school! ♪ (timer beeping) ♪
– Nintendo. I know that. Nintendo.
– Yes, you can read. Good job. (engines revving)
– This is mine. – This is yours?
– This is my pick. – You didn’t pick Frogger? – Ooh! I know exactly
what this one is because there’s a Mario Kart map
that has this game’s map in it. – This is my favorite
Mario Kart stage. – It’s like Mario Kart
but from a different perspective. – It’s like a bike version of Frogger. We just need the frogs to go– – No, because this is a racing game.
– So is Frogger! You gotta race or you die!
– Pffft. – (FBE) So do you know it?
– I don’t know. – I have no guess. – Nintendo Motorcycle Race? – I don’t know it. I’m gonna guess
that’s Motorcycle Galore. – It’s Excitebike. – This one’s Excitebike, right? – (FBE) This is Excitebike. – (both) Excitebike.
– Wow. – I’d rather ride my real bike. – I knew he was gonna do well,
but I didn’t know how far back everybody was gonna select games from,
so I was quite impressed. Maybe you get to drive home.
– Oh, yeah. – Boy, did I play the heck out
of that game. – Did you?
– When I was little, yeah. – Do you wanna verse me later?
– Yeah, totally. – Pew!
– It’s time to break out the classics. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ (fighting sound effects) – “Blue Suede God and Taffy”? – (laughing) That’s Elvis. – We played this! Come on!
– Did we? – Yes, we played this. – (Elvis) Whoa, mama.
Yo, watch the hair, man. – He said, “watch the hair, man.”
– (laughing) – Who would choose this
and how does this exist? – (FBE) Do you know this one?
– Yeah, I don’t know. – No, I don’t know it. – I don’t know this one. – I don’t think I know this one. – I don’t know that one. – (both) I don’t know. – I honestly don’t.
I’m so sorry. I don’t. – Yes! – (FBE) This is called ClayFighter. – Never would have guessed.
Seems interesting. I’d play it. – How did that seem interesting? Elvis hitting toffy of Taffy? – This one’s mine, kid.
– This one’s yours? – Yes. – I totally would have played it
just to whip Elvis’s hair around. – (laughing) ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – Ooh, boy. What is this one called? – Oh! I know it. – I picked that one.
That’s mine. Oh, I miss it! – Bleep, bleep! – There’s a modern version
of this, too. – Dawg, why do you wait
so long to cross? Whoever’s playing this
right now is pissing me off. (laughing) – ♪ Do do do ♪ – I remember the arcade version
more than the home version. – Get it! Get it! Yay, he made it. All right. – (FBE) So, do you know it?
– Leap Frog. – I don’t know, Jumpy Frog? – Froggy Run? I don’t know.
♪ (game over tune) ♪ – Was that Frogger? – This one’s Frogger. – That’s Frogger. – (FBE) This is Frogger.
– Frogger! Come on, we knew that. – (both) Frogger!
– Oh, dude. – I was close.
– I should have known that. – Frogger!
– Frogger. – Frog-ger. I thought you would get it.
It’s a frog. – I didn’t see a frog. I didn’t think that was a frog.
I thought that was a green square. – It seems a little harder
because you don’t know what’s what, especially from
the graphics back then. – That was state-of-the-art,
Jaden. Come on! – That was good graphics back then.
– 8-bit or nothing. Come on! ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ ♪ (cheerful chiptune) ♪ – Everybody knows this one. – Man, everyone should get this. If not everyone gets this,
then I will be surprised. – Ah, I know it!
I know what it is. – The water levels are
the most annoying though. This guy’s got a lot of patience. – This one looks fun.
I would like this one. – Was this yours?
– This is mine! – (groaning)
– What’s wrong with this? – It’s so basic!
Everyone knows this. – (FBE) What is this video game?
– This has gotta be Mario, period. – Mario. – Mario Swim?
♪ (game over music) ♪ – Go Mario Go!
– (laughing) ♪ (game over music) ♪ – Oh, Super Mario Bros. – Super Mario Brothers. – Super Mario Brothers. – Super Mario Bros? – (FBE) Super Mario Brothers. – Oh, god. That’s the full name.
Of course! Gee. (groaning) – Oh, so stupid!
Why didn’t I get that? – “Super.” “Super Mario Brothers.” – That’s what everybody knows.
It should be a staple. That’s the mascot of Nintendo.
Come on! ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ ♪ (cheerful chiptune) ♪ – Oh, this is easy.
– Yeah! – Easy.
– Pac– – I know this one.
– Guess who picked this one. – No! You did?
– Yeah, I loved this game! – This is extremely slow.
– Yes. – It’s amazing how slow it is
when you look back. – Hmm. Eat those yummy ghosts.
– Yep. – It’s such simple gameplay
that got everybody into it, you know? Pretty crazy. I think it’s so crazy
that is what got people’s money. – (FBE) So do you know this one?
– That’s Pac-Man. – Pac-Man. – That’s Pac-Man. – It’s Pac-Man. – This is Pac-Man. – Oh, this one’s Pac-Man. – Pac-Man, obviously. – (FBE) That is correct. Did you think she would guess right? – I certainly hope so!
See, it was a gimme. – I knew that one.
Hey, at least I knew yours. That’s cool. – If you wouldn’t have
got that title right, you would have
to turn in your gamer card. – I would have. I would have. I would have to sell my Xbox. – Oh, no! I would just take it over.
– Oh, okay. Right. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ (video game beeping) – Oh, yes! – Gee, I remember this thing. – Ooh, dad’s favorite.
– It was my favorite, too. – What is this?
It looks like bowling. – I mean, I did like
how random it was. It wasn’t a set– – There wasn’t an algorithm. – It’s a big monkey throwing barrels! Who doesn’t know it? – (FBE) Do you know what this is?
– No, I don’t know. – I think this is Donkey Kong. – This one’s Donkey Kong. – This is Donkey Kong. – It’s Donkey Kong. – Donkey Kong! – Donkey Kong. – (FBE) Donkey Kong!
– Donkey Kong– – I was gonna say– (laughing) – I think he did great
but he’s pretty well versed in video games anyways. – They still hold up. I’d still go drop a quarter on this. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – Thanks for watching
Do They Know It– – On the React channel. – Subscribe for new shows–
– Every week. – Did you know these classic games?
– Let us know in the comments. – (both) Bye! – Hey, guys, Caprise here,
a React channel producer. Make sure you check out Super Fam. By joining, you’re helping us
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  2. I feel bad cause the parent from the first one said “ I can’t see somebody having fun playing street fighter” 🙁

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  6. I played some of these as a little kid (on my older brother's Commodore 64) but my favourites were Paperboy, Little Nemo Dream Master, and Boulderdash. I thought the miner in Boulderdash was an ant. 🙂

  7. Everybody even a little into retro gaming should now all of these games. I really can't understand that these kids don't even know street fighter

  8. That was a bootleg version of Street Fighter 2 that they showed.
    Edit: 8:57 “What is this? It looks like bowling.”

  9. I wondering today's street fighter. Those two fighters, Guile and Blanka. Are they both had been removed from the game?? Why today teens don't know them?? Or today teen no more play street fighter video game???

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