Do Not Solar Eclipse Ghost Hunt! (3AM Challenge)
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Do Not Solar Eclipse Ghost Hunt! (3AM Challenge)

November 29, 2019

Yoyoyo Sup y’all so it’s currently august 21st the day of the solar eclipse. I think it’s like 15 more minutes until total Darkness so far. That’s what the sun looks like As you can see you can kind of see the sign. Can you see the sun here? I’ll give you some glasses here you go oh There it is So apparently a lot of people do rituals or just I don’t know do Sacrifices during their solar eclipse cuz it I don’t know you know spells They think it’s like something cool or whatever, but I don’t believe in it. I’m just here to see you total eclipse Yeah, but apparently magic and stuff is like heightened during the eclipse. It’s more powerful So people wait really long time to do it now like all your senses are just Very very heightened like if you feel happy you’re super happy alright guys So I don’t know if you can see this all the birds are running away I don’t know why it’s like the eclipse. They make animals feel different ways They’re probably so confused right now like yeah, we just woke up Alright, so currently that is the eclipse right now. It looks really awesome. This is insane This is solar eclipse right over there. It’s gonna turn. There’s gonna be no more sun and like soon so dark. It’s so dark Oh my God No, it’s almost here That is insane. It’s so dark. Just got dark so fast. Yo, this is so weird This is so crazy. Yo it just got oh my God wow Yo Look you can see I don’t care. How long can you look at that until the sun comes back up? It’ll take like a minute. Yeah, it’s like a minute Yes, it is so creepy All right It’s done. So that was the solar eclipse it lasted two minutes The sun is back. This is crazy So cool Happy birthday to me wow Thank you wow everyone’s freaking out over there Surprisingly nothing exploded no gunshots. No crazy summoning rituals or whatever awesome Alright y’all so the cliffs. Just happened. We are on our way to this abandoned farmhouse We’re just gonna do some scary stuff while we’re still here in Oregon what I mentioned earlier Rituals happen some weird stuff happens during the solar eclipse so might as well see if it’s true. So there we go We’re trying to find it right now We’re like the middle of like the Farmland and Oregon so I’ll see you guys in a little bit Alright guys, so the house is actually not on the road. We actually have to walk towards it It says here in the location I Think we should just stop right there, and it should be okay. I think I think it’s creepy wait, why is there no like there’s like no road like literally this is I don’t know if you guys can see the map but That’s exactly where we sorry Maybe we can just park here. It’s just creepy. I oh I I have never done anything like this, so this is Look seriously like I am legit right now. I’m just freaking out right now alright, okay, so I guess we’re go away Yeah, it says here cuz the maps here you can see the map cuz we’re right here right now And we want to get to the location right here, but there are there’s no path there I think we just we just got to go on foot so alright alright. Let’s I guess let’s back up and start walking alright guys, so before any exploration you want to make sure you have enough flashlights, so you gotta come prepare it you need to come prepared, so I Got Marlin. Oh good. I was right, okay all right let’s uh Let’s try to find this abandoned house and see what happens all right. So we’re currently right here. We need to walk all the way this way which is Here oh, hey you guys good. Oh, I’m nervous. I’m super nervous right really going this way yeah, we all right, so Make sure you’re gonna hear form a line. Let’s go Here we go dude. We just I’m just freaking out right now would would We’re walking Careful I just that what just that cool gosh Yo, yo, yo chill? They were getting close check this out Car look look whoa, okay check that out you see that You see that We’re definitely getting closer cuz this is the car. This is definitely a bland abandoned because we have plants out of nowhere Yo, there’s a body. I’m just kidding check it out. That’s creepy look that is That is weird dog dude. We get in you won’t whoa Alright guys. Well, I’m your uber for the day Gotta Go Gotta go Alright, that was weird. Yeah, that’s soviet alright, how much? How should be where over there somewhere? Uh-oh so we’ve been walking for about like five minutes and literally I have no service here whatsoever. It’s just We’re Gonna like we’re almost there almost there seriously, but we’re almost there really and We’re seriously almost there, but just um I’m just gonna here. Just look look around. It’s like so creak you see is like Oh, it gives me the creeps Lights, Era flights shh who’s that? Visit I know now. I don’t see the eyes. Oh, where’s it we gotta go we gotta go? You get in the back Wait, dude what? are lights Just pupae those stars with my guys All right, this is really. This is really really getting creepy. Yo, it’s not another car. Oh what I? Think that’s the house you see the house. I think over there Okay Y’all I need it going to stop the car. I found one He wants to go in the car. It’s creepy here no boy Boy, you got it bad. Oh no, whoa cho cho cho what? oh Okay, all right. See if it’s a lot wait. Let me show you yeah, I’m just Gonna this car good Snake cool, that’s creepy Hello, okay. Yo, seriously we heard like branches branches Good okay. Yeah. Yeah a little bit creeped that I’m creeped out but That’s your chance. Do we have a pool have a stick We have a knife hold on anything We call this stuff. It just tires in the bucket. This is the door buckets. We have buckets Hey, there’s no What is that? Oh, no? Hey, if I forgot I wanted notice if you like look that bridge that looks like a fridge there it there’s not dry right there There’s a dryer Oh, God – Joe okay, there’s definitely something there we okay get a stick or something okay, okay, just Got thrown let’s take that Did you guys hear that? I’m scared. There’s something I know I heard that Yo, seriously okay? What is this fuck he is my open his box not really well, just leave it alone It looks nice I mean yeah, I just want to see let’s just leave it chill Whoa you see the branch it’s moving but plant that’s moving Okay, maybe we should just look for the house some more. I want to I’d even open the bowl. I don’t know oh my God. That’s the creepy Stick or something chill From the Annabelle movie. There’s a butch mister. I heard something here Alright. Yo, so That’s freaking creepy. Oh my God. There’s an Angel here, Santa Snow globe this is all Christmas everything is Christmas in a dress look. It’s red and white Whoa whoa look at? Rican who is that you know I think that was just a tree okay first off, okay first off First off why why why is this? Okay, that’s weird everything okay. Every scene if you touch the doll Freaking weird things have been happening. We came hearing noises, especially around there. Oh Okay, sorry says except for like all right. That’s good freakin you’d Not sure to do here yeah, we still gotta find that house Okay, well where’s the GPS said we need to go? back alright Okay Gary don’t stay here Alright. It’s saying we are almost here. We just gotta go like it’s seriously where the noise is coming from over there Excuse me allergies creepy down here This put her back in the lies like that’s like some crazy, so it’s gonna happen cuz she’s like out of the box And they’re like that’s one like crazy It’s like all rusted Chainsaws like I’m just like wondering who lives in this house like Like they just threw everything in the back and kind of just left left it alone or something like we have random like Appliances we have random washing machines whatever wait oh oh like a book for my ear right there like inside inside my ears like No you oh. Oh that was you? Okay, it’s just a sticker. Go okay. Good good Where’s the boy? No, no the bus Okay Okay, no.8 philip you put the doll there. Did you do this with the dollar I was in the bottom No, I was there with you the whole time Yo Look at that It’s freaking weird Put it back in the box. Oh Shoot I closed it on her face. I swear bro. I swear Dawg Alright, okay, cool. You locked it right? Let’s make sure everything about this is locked. This is good. We should have backed off, okay Let’s just go back you Should have like brought like a baseball bat or something done or something Okay, this is not cool. Oh my god. Oh my God Chill chill, this is all real why is it on his blue? What stop pulling it seriously? This is I don’t know why this was tangled in my leg like to get off his legs that is creepy Okay, what is that? What is this bill does it? What is this okay? I don’t know why my legs were tangled okay alright, okay? That was creepy The Founder yo she’s right there Okay, put her in there in the dishwasher. I don’t know Do yo you remember that. Oh that the gas tank. You want a burner? Okay, let’s just burn it or happy burner. It’ll get rid of her right? Good okay. Where’s the gas tank right there by the car? because the solar eclipses happen oh Okay, there’s just a little bit of gas in here. That should work We have a lighter later, okay? Yeah, oh She’s no. Oh okay. She’s burning okay. Good all right cool. This is we’re gonna get rid of her now She is burning Dude, it’s burning horsy is it. Oh, okay? Good? Seriously yeah. Yo no. It’s not cool dog. Oh yo. Yo yo Okay Yo, seriously. I don’t know what just happened. I thought it burnt the dog. We just saw you guys saw the dog Yeah, like it’s crazy We gotta get out of here. We can’t do this anymore. We seriously need to get out of here What’s hurting? Talk to me roy, okay? Come on. Get up please come on? Okay, it’s real able boy. What chill bro chill will drink Raven stop recording? Way with Raven Subway boy boy. It’s a chance. Whoa. Yeah

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  1. Is it was field of resolving living process by spirits say her that full moons kids at different every full moon?

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeee

  3. Roy please make it run Annabelle's right behind you you need to go now run now and if, damplins tell your team to call an ambulance please don't want to see you hurt are you okay though wait you're not breathing so someone needs to call an ambulance don't worry no??????????????????????????????????????

  4. bruh who watching dis in 2019 and I am turning 12 so the next one is 2028 AU and that time I am 21. 2 pm and lasts 2min SYD

  5. The very end like from the doll that is like peeking through the log and at the very end,I was getting far from the screen of my phone like,its very creepy and scary. Still wondering if Roi was actually possesed cause he is screaming like a burning girl.
    1like=1prayer for Roi (for his safety and his family)

  6. That Solar Eclipse means that Nightmare Moon rises but when it was over,Celestia sended her to the moon.
    (My Little Pony Theory)

  7. By the way I’m a singer so ……
    Happy birthday to you!! Happy birthday to you!! Happy birthday dear Roi ….happy birthday to you

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