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August 11, 2019

(dramatic music)
– Are you ready Bruno? – [Bruno] Ready guys? – [Ruby] Let’s do this! – [Bruno] Three, two, one Mc. (electronic sizzle) – [Ruby] What is going on, what is that? (dramatic bass hit) Hey guys, it’s Ruby Rube. Welcome back to the channel. We’re back with another 3 a.m. challenge and today we are gonna be ordering the McDonald’s Monopoly Burger at 3 a.m. (dramatic bass hit) Yes, you heard me the spooky hour guys. Because guys the Monopoly
game is back in the UK. And if you don’t know
what the Monopoly game is, basically when you order food or drinks you get these little stickers that you peel off and you collect. Usually you get straight
nads or little prizes. But a big jackpot this
year guy is £100,000 pounds or if you are in the U.S. $130,000 dollars! That is a lot guys and I spend so much money on it in a day and I never win anything. I just keep winning
these street names, guys. I don’t even get the little
prizes like the nuggets. Guys, let me know in the comments if you’re winning anything. And if you’re getting
better luck than I am because if you are I salute you guys. I’m not even winning a Mcflurry or nuggets or burger or a drink. I’m just having the worst luck possible. Which is why we are going
to be going at 3 a.m to see if there is a difference and if I’m actually gonna
win the £100,000 jackpot. I hope I do. Please give me luck, please give me luck. But, all you guys have to
do is smash that like button to give me even more luck. Please guys I really
want to win this jackpot. I haven’t even seen anyone win it yet. So maybe I will be the first
person to win it at 3 a.m. Who knows guys but make sure
you subscribe, if you are new, because we are on the road
to 3 million subscribers. So guys, let’s not waste any more time. Let’s go to McDonald’s at 3 a.m and see if I’ll win the big jackpot. (dramatic reverberation) Alright guys, I’ve just woken
up, literally right now. Bruno’s getting ready. We’re about to go to McDonald’s. Look guys, I haven’t even
had time to get dressed. I’m in a onesie and santa slippers. Oh my goodness, time is currently. Hold on, let me put you down quickly. As you can see guys the time is currently seven past three in the morning. We are already late. Guys, we are literally
about to go to the car to go to McDonalds. Make sure you smash that like button there because we’re doing this for you. We’re going to be ordering Monopoly burger at McDonalds at 3 a.m. I have no clue what to expect. Hopefully, I still win the Jackpot though. I don’t know, let’s go to McDonalds. (loud thunder) Alright guys, I just
got out of McDonald’s. I’ve got all of my food right here. I have no clue what time it is. It’s really dark and it’s freezing and I’m still in my pajamas. I’m just walking to the car. We’re about to head home to open and see if I’ve won the big jackpot. I hope I have. Alright guys, I just
got back from McDonalds. I’ve just arrived home. Here is the food, right here. I’m going to place it here. I don’t know which to open first. Should I open the drink
or do I open the food? I think I’m going to
go for the drink first. Guys, Bruno thinks we
should open the drink but guys, what time is it? It’s currently, it’s almost
half three in the morning. Oh my goodness. – [Bruno] It’s winning time guys and we need to win the jackpot. – I know we need to win the
jcakpot so make sure you smash that like button
for our bravery guys and to give us good luck. Because remember, it
is three in the morning and I really want to win that jackpot. (claps) (dramatic pulsing tone) (excited inhale) – [Bruno] What you got? – Okay, I’ve got a street name, as usual. Guys, it says I won chicken Mcnuggets or a McChicken sandwich. It’s given me the road
Whitehall and it gives me the Will You Win Online? Code. So guys, it’s given me a code
to search online, in a second. No jackpot so far. Come on, I want a jackpot
but we still have other food in the bag to see if we get a jackpot. Please guys make sure you smash that like button
for us to get a jackpot. Okay, what am I going to go for first? I’m going to go for the fries, guys. Oh, let’s pray that we get a jackpot. Come on, Come on. (dramatic quick inhale) Okay, I’m ready to open
our Monopoly fries. Oh my goodness, what am I going to get? Oh, what did I get guys? Guys, it says I’ve got a
fruit bag or an ice cream cone and I’ve got another
Will You Win Online Code? Still no jackpot guys, but we
have the chicken burger left. Is this going to have the jackpot? I have no clue. I’m so nervous this is
the last thing in the bag. Come on, please jackpot,
come to me, please. Okay, I’m ready. What am I gonna get? (dramatic music) Guys we won an apple pie
or another fruit bag. We’ve got a road, Pall Mall. And, we’ve got another
Will You Win Online Code. No jackpot guys! But we still have the codes
from the Monopoly prizes which means we could
still win the jackpot. So my computer is over here. We’re about to enter the codes. Come on, please. Come on Reanne, give
us good luck this time. Just once please. So my mac is open, guys,
we’re about to enter the code and I’m going to go for this one first. And the code is 4JX D3 P4 VBR. Okay, that is the code. I’m about to enter my email address Rudyrube Okay, and guys, it says
you have to be 18 or over so Bruno is here, he is about to click it. (music drowns out sounds) You think you can approve it? Guys, don’t forget to
smash that like button before we click on three. I’m ready to try and win that jackpot. Are you ready Bruno? – [Bruno] Ready guys? – Let’s do this. – [Bruno] Three, two, one, Mc. (electronic sizzle) – Where’s the window? What is that? There’s like a bunch of
letters, commas and signs. We were just literally on the McDonalds. Wait. – [Bruno] Wait, what did that do? – Access granted? What did I do? What? Guys, I don’t know what’s
going on with my Mac. Seriously, come on, get off of this. We were, wait, access denied? What is going on guys? We were literally just
on the McDonalds website. We entered the code and now
this, all of this mumbo jumbo. – [Bruno] What have you done? – Guys, I think I’ve
broken my MacBook Pro. Like you know, literally,
you can even see on the tab we were on the McDonalds Monopoly page and it’s just hacked. Let me know in the comments if you know know what these words mean. Like they’ve started to slow
down but I just don’t get it. Like, how do you unhack a MacBook Pro? Oh my goodness? – [Bruno] And why is Ronald
McDonald behind the M? – I have no clue, we’ve got a massive M and I think that’s
Ronald McDonald holding. What is he holding, guys? – [Bruno] Comment down below
if you know what he’s holding. – Whatever he’s holding is creepy. Yeah, comment down below
about what he’s holding but it does really looks creepy. – [Bruno] And what do these codes mean? – I don’t know. I think I’m going to go
get my gaming computer to see if we can do something. Guys, I’ve just brought my other computer because my MacBook Pro
is obviously broken, and we’re going to test out another code. This is my gaming laptop. Okay now, let’s go on. Oh my goodness. Alright, my computer is open. I’m about to log in. I’ve got the two other codes right here. I’m trying to make out these
codes, they’re so small. Right, let’s log in. What does this even say, like? – [Bruno] Look at your computer – DQ, they’re so small, make 6 or? – [Bruno] Ruby, look
in your ROBLOX account. – What, what? – No, I wasn’t. Guys, I was playing Roblox
but this is not my account. Were you on my account Bruno? Is this your account? – [Bruno] No, this is not my account. – [Ruby] Sir_Mcdonald? – [Bruno] Sir_Mcdonald. – [Ruby] Guys, if this is my
account where is my Robux? And why does my character
look really creepy? – [Bruno] What is going on Ruby? Did you change your
character or something? – No, I didn’t, I was just playing. – [Bruno] All your Robux is gone. (dramatic bass hit) – Where are my Robux? Guys, what is going on? Like, we haven’t even entered a code and someone’s hacked
into my Roblox account. – [Bruno] Gosh, guys what is going on? – Guys, I’m about to go into home to see if this is my account. Guys, that is definitely my account. Like, I’m not even joking. Like, no, this is the game,
I was recently played. Restaurant Tycoon, Theme Park Tycoon 2. – [Bruno] You’ve lost all your Robux. – Look guys, all my Robux is gone, and my username is changed, and I look really creepy. Like, look at this face, seriously. Yellow hair, does that sort
of rag represent McDonalds? And his name is Sir_McDonald as well. (dramatic piano music) Guys, that stopped. – [Bruno] Oh it did stop as well. – [Ruby] Why did it stop? – [Bruno] What do you mean? Unsigned int left right. – If (group_info return O; Both of my computers are hacked guys. Like, I am never ever
ever going to McDonalds to play the Monopoly game again at 3 a.m. Hey, really. Hey, 3 a.m. McDonalds? Guys, what is this? Should I open it? – [Bruno] There’s a message for you. – [Ruby and Bruno] 3 a.m. McDonald – [Bruno] What is this? – Oh, wait, what? You’ve got hacked. I have all of your game now, everything! It’s 3 a.m., 3 a.m. I see you at McDonalds. Guys, someone is messaging me on my Roblox account right now. And he said he saw me at
McDonalds and he’s looking. Oh, wait. – [Bruno] What is he telling you? – He said, “He’s looking.” – [Bruno] He said, “He’s looking where?” – I don’t know. – [Bruno] I’m looking. – [Ruby] Maybe he’s somewhere. – [Bruno] I see you at McDonalds,
we’re not at McDonalds. – But we’re not at McDonalds – [Bruno] Say, say, we’re
not at McDonalds right now. We’re not even there. – I see Bruno. Wait. – [Bruno] I see Bruno – [Ruby] Hello? – [Bruno] Hello? – What is going on? Going faster, hurry cause it’s whoa, it stopped and
now it’s started again. – What is going on? He looks scared? – [Bruno] Ruby type, type
in, type in, type in. (fingers snapping) – What do I say? I’m going to say, “What
do you want from me?” – [Bruno] Okay Ruby. (keyboard clacking) – What do you want from me? My spelling is not good
cause I was rushing. Guys, what does this
person want from me, he’s? (laughs) Oh, guys, is this the
same person who’s hacked my MacBook Pro and now my gaming computer? You see a black hat? Does that say black hat? – [Bruno] You’ll see a black hat. (dramatic suspenseful music) Bruno, you’re wearing a black hat but it’s not a proper hat, it’s a cap. – [Bruno] Behind you – Boo. (dramatic reverberating bass hit) – [Bruno] Shut down the
computers Ruby, shut down! Shut ’em down! Shut ’em down, shut ’em down! – Guys, I don’t know what’s going on. Both of my computers have been hacked. We shut ’em down. We’re just going to call it a night and see what happens tomorrow morning. And all I wanted to do
was just win the jackpot but no it turned into my worst nightmare. Alright, that is it for today. Make sure you smash that like
button and for our bravery. And I’ll see you next time
on Ruby Rube, bye guys. (electronic dance music) Make sure you go check
out my brand new merch and website is And I’ve got really cool stuff on there. And click on any of the
videos on the screen to watch more of my videos. And also guys check out my
gaming channel, it’s right here. (electronic dance music)

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