Dim Souls (Dark Souls Parody)
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Dim Souls (Dark Souls Parody)

August 21, 2019

Clint: Greetings. Niko: Hey, you gotta help me beat this boss. Nice sword. Clint: Oh, thanks. Yeah, I can kill anything in like one hit. Niko: Neat. Clint: You want to see me swing it? Niko: Okay. Niko: So, do you know anything about this guy? Is he hard? Yeah, I was wondering if it’s possible to maybe stop swinging your sword? ‘Cause I have to go fight the boss. Clint: I’m swinging it. Niko: Okay, well I’m gonna go take a quick peek. Clint: Argh, wait Niko. Wait, Niko you need me! I can’t stop [mid] swing, Niko. No, no, no, no. Niko, Niko you need me, you need me. Niko- [OOOOOOOF] Niko: I lost my Souls! I lost my Souls! Clint: Oh, jeez! Niko, It’s okay, it’s okay. it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. Look, we’ll get your souls back. They’re right where you left them, just by the boss door. Are you here to kill us? Player 3: Yeah. you guys are screwed. You guys are here to fight that boss, right? Clint: Yeah. Have you ever beat it before? Player 3: Yeah, it’s like the Dark Souls of boss fights in there. Clint: Y-you know that reminds me, ’cause like, running is the dark souls of walking. Player 3: Oh. Yeah, just like uh… Tests are the dark souls of going to school. Clint: In the- in the (interlevels) of Mario, It’s just like the dark souls of (Mario). Player 3: It’s just like that if you think about it, no. If problem-solving is the Dark Souls of thinking in general. Okay. Anyways, ah good steady. Clint: Go say something. Niko: W-w-w-wait! Dark Souls was like- My childhood was when Dark Souls- My ball was like- [MEGA OOOOOOOOF] Player 3: That wasn’t supposed to feel good. Niko: My souls. Sam: A-a-and so you can’t get any of those souls back, forever now? How many was that? Niko: 40,000. Sam: You lost 40,000 souls?! What was the first thing that went through your head when you lost 40,000 souls? Niko: An arrow. Sam: Oh my God, probably shouldn’t stepped on that stone pressure plate. And as for you guys! You should probably check out the Corridor Cast! Our brand new podcast! Featuring members of the Corridor Digital Studio! Interviewing awesome personalities from YouTube and beyond. Check it out right now on the Corridor Cast Youtube channel. Or wherever podcasts are found. We are everywhere! Can’t miss us. Check it out.

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  1. At 0:40 – 0:41 niko's sword is going down, in 0:43 it's back up.. just saying, you guys might want to know about this 😁

  2. Why tf is the chosen undead in New Londo, hearing the bell, while Taurus Demon is behind the fog door?
    0/10 no lore, call Vaati at once!

  3. Whenever I lost 40k in DS, the first thing that went throught my head was "Oh, okay… That's it for today"

  4. Did anyone else just really want to give Niko a sympathy hug at 2:48 when he said "my souls…"? He just sounded so helplessly pathetic!!!! :'(

  5. I never gave a flying rat's ass about losing souls.
    I can always grind them back within minutes if they matter that much.

  6. Coming back here after Shadiversity's video on the Swordstaff, I can't believe that they used it in the video without knowing it.

  7. The creaking while he tried to lift the sword. Whoever thought of that, BRILLIANT
    .Fucking Hilarious.

  8. I am a little disappointed that they didn't go comparing who's sword is bigger than the others sword, cuz that's totally where I thought thus was going to go based on the picture for the video. lol

  9. 3:07
    "You lost 40 thousand souls!?"

    Me who lost 78k souls just today: Today I lost more than you can ever know

  10. That slow ass swinging is exactly why I don’t play Darksouls. Any other game you’d have been able to throw in 50 hits and run around the world in the time frame of one swing in Darksouls. Speed > Power

  11. Now do bright souls where everything is happy and colorful………………….. and still full of DEATH. lol

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