Digital Journey of ICC Cricket World Cup | World Cup Cricket Final
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Digital Journey of ICC Cricket World Cup | World Cup Cricket Final

September 7, 2019

Welcome friends subscribe “YouAndImpact” channel and press the bell icon to get latest videos on digital branding and technologies. Are you watching cricket ? I mean Cricket World Cup! Definitely you are. I’m only curious to know if you are watching live cricket from television or from your smartphone. This question was irrelevant just 10 years ago. In the 2011 World Cup we didn’t think of anything beyond television. Unless we had gone to
the stadium directly. But today it’s a new world. Now we are more in the digital era. Cricket is also going digital to stay relevant. Now Cricket Board is concentrating more on the digital mediums to reach their global audience. I will show you how the cricket world is gradually transforming to stay trendy with trendy with time. This observation surely give you some insight that you can implement for your brand or business. I am sure you will like this
video so please continue watching. Hello this is Alana Banerjee and you are
watching my channel “You And Impact”. Now let me take you through the journey the
way Cricket World Cup has been modernized using digital technologies. I
will try to extract the core principles that has been implemented in this
progress. In 1992 the World Cup cricket final was
played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground between Pakistan and England. Pakistan
under the captaincy of Imran Khan defeated England and became the world champion
for the first time. Many of my viewers had enjoyed the Cricket World Cup on those
days. But did you know something called internet at that time ? Probably not !
Unless you were too tech savvy. Because just a year ago in 1991, the internet was first opened to the common public. Still it took some time to encourage people to get online. May be initially due to the lack of user-friendly web browsers. But the power of the internet was gradually being comprehended. Internet-based tech companies were booming. Netscape went public in August 95, Yahoo in 96 and Amazon in 97. The general assumption was formed that appending dot-com to your name could double your business. On this backdrop 96 cricket world cup was organized between February and March. And this time it was hosted by India
Pakistan and Sri Lanka jointly. This World Cup too, was untouched by the
internet. Having realized the power of the internet ICC authorities finally decided to have their web presence. They registered a domain name by the end of 96. But still it took a few years to get actually online. Even the 1999 World Cup did not get any online exposure. In late 2001 first appeared online with few simple web pages. The website informed about 2003 Cricket World Cup in South Africa and had a ticket booking section, where they put 20% of the tickets for online sale. This year ICC registered another
domain name This domain got a website only in 2004. This website was more focused on various cricket activities conducted by ICC, whereas only
concentrated on World Cup. Since 2001 they repeatedly modified the
color theme and layout of the website. Remember, at that time there was no
Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram, no Youtube. The one and only way to get online
was to have a website. Search engines were also at their preliminary stages. Google just launched in 1998,
not definitely like the way it appears today. But only giving information on the web was not enough for the common people. They wanted to share their opinion, knowledge, creativity, photographs, videos with others. That is why online blogging and social networking platforms started to gain popularity. Several modern day popular social networking and content sharing websites were launched one after another. was launched in 2003. Orkut and Facebook in 2004. YouTube in
2005 and Twitter in 2006. By the end of 2005, Facebook got almost 6 million users. in 2007 100k tweets were posted per month on Twitter. These facts were an indication that social media was going to dominate the Internet. In 2007 World Cup, ICC introduced podcast in their Cricket World Cup website. In 2007 another great thing happened in the tech world. Apple released their first smartphone. So.. three things .. a widescreen iPod with touch controls,
a revolutionary mobile phone and a breakthrough internet communication device. These are not three separate devices. This is one device and we are calling it iPhone. Today .. today Apple is going to reinvent the phone. Touch sensitive user interface with handheld internet. Entire mobile industry was revolutionized. Mobile apps were introduced for better user experience. People started to spend more time on social media through their mobile apps. With the advent of the iPhone, mobile photography was also getting popular. In 2010 Instagram was launched as a photo sharing iOS app. In the same year ICC first stepped into the world of social media with their official Facebook and Twitter account. Later just after 2011 World Cup, they opened another twitter handler as “CricketWorldCup”. Next year in 2012, ICC updated their first video on their official YouTube channel. In 2013, they started another Facebook page as “ICCCricketWorldCup”. Same year they opened their first official Instagram account as “ICC”. In 2014 another Instagram account was created as “CricketWorldCup”. So before 2015 Cricket World Cup ICC was fully equipped with the social media channels and updated website with modern standards. This time they updated their website in mobile-friendly version. because people became more habituated to browse a website from their smartphone. Even they launched a mobile app CWC15
for this World Cup. Another attraction of 2015 Cricket World
Cup was the release of hotstar. As an official broadcast partner of ICC,
Star Sports launched the digital video streaming app Just two weeks before the World Cup. Huge cricket viewership on hotstar confirmed that India is ready to shift from
television to online streaming. ICC is exploring every possible way
to reach their cricket fans worldwide and to do that they are using the digital platform
in the most efficient manner. ICC launched a new mobile App version
CWC19 for this year Cricket World Cup. They have also developed an online
shopping portal where you can buy your favorite sports garments. We all know recently tiktok has been
the most controversial mobile app. In India this app was even banned for some time. But tiktok is growing exponentially
specially among teenagers and youth. Currently tiktok has more than
500 million monthly active users. This year in 2019 Cricket World Cup
ICC has taken the cricket excitement to tiktok. As the marketing rule says you have to hang out
where your target audience is hanging out. So today whatever be the controversy,
no one should ignore this online giant platform. This is how the internet and
subsequent tech innovations have changed our engagement with cricket. and how efficiently Cricket World Cup organizers are using digital platforms to maximize their reach. That’s all for today. Write in the comments below how we can
implement these online strategies for your brand promotion. Please like this video if it is helpful to you and share among your friends
on social media whatsapp groups so that it may help others as well. and if you have not yet subscribed my channel please do it now. I will see you in the next video. Bye

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