Difference Between Locate & Challenge Bugle? | Wapiti Wednesday Q&A – Episode 16
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Difference Between Locate & Challenge Bugle? | Wapiti Wednesday Q&A – Episode 16

August 20, 2019

hey everybody Michael Bateasee from the
Elk Calling Academy welcome back to Wapiti Wednesday Q&A so tonight we’re
gonna kind of answer two questions again just because they kind of tie in pretty
close to each other they both come from our YouTube channel and they both come
from Ryan Clark and the first one is what’s the difference between a locate
bugle and a challenge bugle so Ryan basically a locate bugle is is exactly
that it’s it’s intended to locate bull’s do it to locate either elk best way to
put it it’s it’s you know just like in the human language of yelling hey you
know to see if anybody’s around or this or that it’s it’s a very relaxed bugle
it doesn’t get real high doesn’t really have any big finish but but basically
this this is a locate bugle there’s no aggression to it it’s not an aggressive
sound at all like I said it’s a very relaxed call now a challenge on the
other hand the challenge bugle is filled with a lot of emotion a lot of
aggression you can definitely tell it’s a challenge bugle because it will have a
lot of volume it will be very high pitched and when it finishes it really
drops off into a heavy heavy finish so challenge bugle now sometimes if they’re
really worked up on that challenge excuse me
they can also lit ball during that like I said fall off and I’m in a real real
heavy finish so so that’s your differences between allocate bugle and a
challenge bugle location bugle nice and relaxed with the purposes of just
opening the lines of communication saying hey where’s everybody at so
challenge bugle a lot of aggression very very high pitched falls off heavy and
like I said sometimes they will lip bald learning that so okay so Ryan there’s
your first question second question is when to use different bugles that one’s
a little tougher to answer because it really depends on the responses that
you’re getting from the bowl that you’re working so you you really want to match
that bull’s intensity but you can do things to kind of test where he’s at so
say if you guys are just kind of doing some location bugles back and forth and
he starts giving you some location bugles that have just a little bit of
aggressive nature to him at the end you know you might hit him with a
display bugle just to kind of test him where he’s at you know and see see kind
of what his mindset is and get him to elevate his aggression level a little
bit the thing with the the challenge bugle I typically don’t challenge first
so you know my approach is to work that bull and raise his aggression level and
get him to the point that he’s really fired up he’s looking for a fight he
challenges and once I get him to the point that he challenges then I can take
the gloves off and I can be as aggressive as I want with you know my
bugling so that’s that’s my personal approach I do know there’s a lot of
other individuals out there that they like to jump into the challenge early
and they’ve had success with that so it’s it’s kind of to each his own but
based on my experience they’ve have challenged a bowl too early could end up
losing that bull where I found that kind of by working them a little bit slowly
bringing that aggression level up and then once he gets aggressive and he
challenges and then basically I just start you know getting him aggressive
back it just seems I’ve gotten a lot more
Collins over the years of hunting with with that approach so all right Ryan I
hope that answer both of your questions thank you for
sitting both of those so okay guys what do we have coming up Friday’s video is
the full review of the rip’t lineup from native by Carlton
so that will go live Friday on here about 6 o’clock a couple of
other other things you guys have a couple of more days to get into the
giveaway that we have running that’s going to end at about 4 o’clock Mountain
Standard Time on Friday we’re giving away 5 pack of native by Carlton read so
if you aren’t entered in that yet be sure you go over to the alt calling
Academy YouTube page click on videos and find the the native giveaway video and
be sure to get in on that so alright guys thanks for tuning in tonight if you
haven’t submitted questions feel free in the comments down below this video to go
ahead and submit your questions and we’ll answer those on an upcoming
episode all right guys hey thanks for tuning in we really really appreciate
the support and as always keep calling keep practicing but most importantly
have fun with it alright guys we’ll see you next week on the next episode of
Wapiti Wednesday Q&A brought to you by Elk Calling Academy have a great night

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