Dietro Le Quinte | I ‘velocisti’ testano la condizione fisica alla Mapei | FISI Official
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Dietro Le Quinte | I ‘velocisti’ testano la condizione fisica alla Mapei | FISI Official

November 20, 2019

The athlete is a person first of all and not a ‘machine’ What we try and do is get an overview of the athlete and identify what margins there are for improvement, even if they may be very small To lead to an improvement in their performance The FMS, or rather, Functional Movement Screening, is a way of quantifying the way an athlete use the body in the right way It’s a way of identifying potential areas that are at risk of injury and to avoid overtraining them It helps us understand our areas to work on, which could be back, knees, shoulders etc. The Dynamometer test is a way of testing strength in the legs in addition to potential strength in the lower limbs It also measures the height the athletes are able to reach during the jump-test I am working on this skill because I feel it can be of extra help me to me when skiing This is the V02 max test via motorised treadmill During this, we test the maximum rate of oxygen consumption and their efficiency in using that oxygen Itís a bit like going up-hill, which is getting increasingly steeper, maintaining the same speed Keep pushing as much as you can! Keep going for as long as possible! The performance is still great! Go! Go! Youíre nearly there! With a lot of suffering we can finish this! Go ! Go! Go! You push until you can go no longer When you’re alone on the bike, you never reach these goals of going beyond your limit Here instead you can, because you can see the charts and numbers in front of you and you want to beat them This is the Mognoni test. The athletes are pushed against the machine and they have to try and resist the weight load It’s the same kind of muscle contracture they experience during the turns downhill It’s a real killer, but I did slightly better than previous occasions! Good! Good! Come on! The neuromuscular test of the quadriceps measures the strength of the leg via electric impulses We measure it when resting and after exercising. It measures their ability to resist fatigue over time It’s a really strong and powerful shock to the leg! The triangles are the test results from this time, the little circles from last time. You were very precise Your jump was done in a very quick and dynamic manner allowing you to jump really high My results were fairly good I have to say These are yours and I will send you a copy via email These are yours and I will send you a copy via email.

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