Dietro Le Quinte | Fede Brignone, Sölden e l’Italia s’è desta | FISI Official
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Dietro Le Quinte | Fede Brignone, Sölden e l’Italia s’è desta | FISI Official

November 20, 2019

Federica, you’ve come full circle. 4 years ago, you threw away a win here, but made up for it today. How does it feel? I was definitely feeling a bit tense after the first run and the memory of 4 years ago was certainly in my mind! However, I did my best to forget about it and start from scratch, as if it were a new run and with everyone on the same level Also because in skiing, if you start making too many calculations, it certainly affects your overall performance, so I just thought about skiing and nothing else To then see the green light at the finish-line was fantastic! What was it like to win with all those fans behind you? There were a lot of them! That’s right, there were so many, and I couldn’t let them down! Right from the start I said I must do well and at least try for those that have come to watch me, but above all for myself I needed this. If I hadn’t won before this, it was because I hadn’t deserved it, but today I earned and deserved it I want to also ask, will wearing the red bib in Aspen change anything? No not at all. It’s always been my dream, and wearing it will be truly fantastic. I always watched in admiration those that were able to wear it in the past and I’ve always dreamed of it Finally I’ve got one of my own! I hope to keep a hold of it for a long time But I have to keep working hard and skiing well, because the others won’t stand idly by They will be trying to catch me up and I have to try and break away from the chasing pack They’ll be watching you on video though, because today you really made the difference I will watch back today’s performance and see where I can improve: there is always room for improvement But today was simply great and the main thing was to win Hurray for Italian skiing!

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