Die Ultraview Archery Produktlinie – präsentiert von Kolby Hanley
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Die Ultraview Archery Produktlinie – präsentiert von Kolby Hanley

August 20, 2019

[Music] brand-new we just launched it a couple weeks ago is this new target all these are ambidextrous and they now come at 0 5 10 50 degrees well hits for you can buy the best individually [Music] and a super simple change you install your base up here there’s a threaded nut in here so I can show you it just pops right in and you’ve taken the standard screw to come to it yeah and also just your own grip pitch as well as textures if your boat doesn’t have a modular grip you can mold it exactly [Music] this texture where you compress [Applause] to our brand new [Music] every boy hunting bow except spread rx-3 we’re going to be launching the new one famous popular Jesse brought water significant series friends [Applause] our website you probably more popular our smaller items over here this is our pumpkin table lines that have their finger so you can turn you honey badger squad type field these dogs these work on button release while it didn’t work on a stand you just came out with an adapter you can find all of this at multi-view our 3com [Music]

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