DFI’s Gloved Touch HMI for Harsh Industrial Environments
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DFI’s Gloved Touch HMI for Harsh Industrial Environments

August 26, 2019

Hello, everyone!This is vanessa from
DFI. I am the account manager of DFI. DFI is here at COMPUTEX Taipei in 2016 I’d like to tell you about the Gloved Touch
HMI Solution. Due to the change of usage habits of the technical staffs, technicians now experience a more intuitive operating with HMI touch. Some specific factories, such as food manufactiring, chemical material manufacturing, and petrochemicals manufacturing, are based on security regulations. Workers normally wear gloves while
they operate machinery in industrial work places in order to
enhance the safety and fluency of manufacturing process; DFI upgraded the
existing manufacturing floor into advanced and efficient factory by using the Gloved Touch. We deliver Re-engineering Touchscreen
Experience that allows clients to touch screens with gloves on. With the Gloved Touch, technicians in factories do not need to take gloves off while using the KS150 that operates the machinery. The Gloved Touch HMI evolves to specifically support more material quality, and the thickness of the glove can be a crucial facet. In order to support a variety of working environments, DFI tested six different
types of gloves with different thickness and material such as Latex Glove, Household Glove,
Cutton Glove, Work Glove, Nitrile Butadiene Rubber Glove, and Polyurethane Coating Glove. These Gloves commonly are applied in medical industry, manufacturing or other chemical factories. According to the advanced KS150 with high sensitivity and low finger touch threshold, it can detect fingers with six different types of gloves in proximity to the screen in multiple
environments, and works as well as a conductive stylus or fingertip. KS150 performs with unlimited touch and fast response time, which accurately regenerates and reports the user’s interaction with the touchscreen. With advanced Gloved Touch HMI, factory can gradually reduce the inefficiency of taking gloves off to
achieves an improved factory. Furthermore, KS150 is able to adopts PCAP Touch with 7H so that it can be used in practical industrial applications without the risk of cracking the the screen. Also, KS150 is able to
support a wide range of operating temperatures from (-20 to 60 degree celsius) and is designed to work in demanding environments DFI has been dedicated to developing the Gloved Touch HMI with our products. With Gloved Touch HMI, users can now enjoy a more sophisticated interface, experience more intuitive flexibility, and reliability, and finally fulfill efficiency of work and productivity. Please visit www.dfi.com or send us an email at [email protected] for more information.

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