Destiny Sword Reforged: Best way how to farm solar ability Kills as a Gunslinger Hunter
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Destiny Sword Reforged: Best way how to farm solar ability Kills as a Gunslinger Hunter

August 24, 2019

You will need double tripmine via gloves. So basicly 1 grenade 1 wave, use 2 grenades, then heavy kills, then super, REPEAT. Clear first. First Tripmine. Finish off with the weapon that gives you most super energy.Heavy in my case. Second Tripmine. Now after second trip mine, you should have super,clear next pack with it. PEW PEW PEW Repeat whole process from first Tripmine. If they dont spawn , that means Taken are somewhere close to the spawn radius,kill, and continue.

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  1. This works for sunsinger warlock also just make sure ur melee is explode and don't use it on the sevetor took bout 1he for me cause the taken crap spawns every 15 mins and then they don't spawn till the taken leave

  2. I fucking hate when the taken corrupt the land you gotta either take the time to kill them till they leave or go to orbit and come back

  3. So do the tripmine kills count as Solar kills for this quest? I am planning to start this section tonight and wasn't sure if they qualified, or if it's only the super kills.

  4. This is really helpful and works great! Except for when taken corrupt the land, annoying bitches. Thank you so much!

  5. IT HAS NOT BEEN PATCHED YET! THE DATE IS CURRENTLY AUG 23 AND IT WORKS FINE! YOU HAVE TO MAKE SURE NO ONE IS IN THE AREA BUT YOU AND THAT YOU JUMP CORRECTLY! Also, use scavenger. The ads drop so much ammo that it is impossible to not have grenade ready. If you can't pick up ammo than shoot your gun.

  6. works perfectly, so sad i discovered this video so late in the quest, but thanks to it i finished quickly. now to wait until next wednesday for arms day.

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