Dessert Slice Gameplay video: Slice and Dice
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Dessert Slice Gameplay video: Slice and Dice

August 22, 2019

Hi guys, this is steph with Game OVR welcome back to our Channel today We’re going to be doing a game play video of a game called Dessert slice. It’s really cute. As you can see the environment is pretty rich with a lot of things you can kind of watch and interact with Little dude here is having a great time spinning around on the barstools This little guy here I think is my favorite He’s just having a great time wandering around And these guys here are doing a few dances, which I’m sure some of you guys will recognize especially the little blue, dude And of course music is super catchy If you’re looking around you’re seeing there’s a lot of dessert and everything Yes But you’ll also see that I have two weapons in my hand kind of because this game is like fruit ninja in that way It’s really nice because you can kind of bash everything together. It’s got some really good sound effects to it And of course, there’s sparks if you hit them I’ll show a couple of the different things. And of course, yes, it is multiplayer So Eric will be joining me in a few minutes So one of the cool things is to access anything in the menu is you just go ahead and slice it So you can change everything from you know, your sound effects and everything else Go into the single-player version you can change your equipment you can do Time Attack survival. Oh, sorry guys okay, single-player and This really cool. Is that oh, come on Steph Don’t touch anything. so you can actually change to be doing different different weapons So it’s something that says you can have a light sword you can go ahead and stab them this one here is slashing obviously and We have the the axe here And it’s nice because you can shoot everything. It’ll be a bunch of noise anyway, so yeah whole bunch of different swords and everything else Let’s do a quick one of the Time Attack You see a bunch of deserts in front of you Of course just wanna slice it. You got a time limit Another one I don’t recommend coming hungry for and if you’ll notice if I don’t slice it open If I don’t slice it right where the axe head is and it won’t slice it Whereas the lightsaber will cut everything no matter where you hit it But it’s a nice added touch. I think Of course the donuts look pretty darn real They just kinda spit them back and forth at each other Yeah, there’s so much going on in this game all around you at all time This little dude over here he’s struggling to get up I don’t he’s just too Rollie pollie or Maybe from eating too many doughnuts Here you can hit things with it don’t know if it does anything here, oh there you go hit the bombs because of course there are bombs in here So pretty much just wave your arms around and hope for the best I suppose. There we go, so now I’m out of time Okay, so yeah, there’s another mode survival, but you know what let’s join Eric in the multiplayer Right Okay, so we’re gonna join the room because he’s already got it going Really cool about this is in order to put the code in so one One and then you have to hit it the amount of times you want to change it. I Haven’t tried the Multiplayer yet. So this should this should be fun Okay So Apparently, that’s what we look like. Kind of nice to see a little a full body avatars. Hi Eric. I don’t know. Can you hear me? Okay, well we can’t seem to hear him, so I don’t know if that’s just An issue with his mic or not, but that’s okay I’m gonna change it because I personally do not like this axe You can see Eric doesn’t look nearly as cute and cuddly as little guys over there I Don’t know if I look the same or not, it’s all right. Well either way let’s go that’s ready up We have two minutes apparently waiting for the other party to start. Okay, so I guess he’s the host. He’s the one who starts Oh Hey, ok we’re competing directly against each other so we have to oh Okay, that was a massive donut. Holy crap. Oh Shoot hit the bomb. I Have to say it’s it’s pretty awesome. Oh, no, I love the fact that you can see your partner right across the way Oh, no, he’s just getting them all Oh he got it Hahaha Oh bomb Oh shoot I hit the other one Oh No Oh shoot and the music is so catchy Oh Big donut I Think you can cut them up. So the bigger donuts multiple times. Yeah see not the smaller ones though At least not that I’ve noticed Ah No! Ha ha He got the bomb before I did. I was going for it though Oh times coming up Oh we blocked it off Did I win? Oh, I did look at that. look at that. nice Alright, that was really cool That was a lot of fun and you can kind of see a little bit more back here now that I’m closer to it Just grooving out See if You can get a bit closer to this guy poor little guy Poor little dude All right. Well that is dessert slice Try see if there’s anything else of course. Yeah, it shows you all your different weapons and everything Eric wants to have a lightsaber duel It might be nice to change the colors of them Alright guys, well, that’s it for this video. Hope you guys enjoyed it If you did make sure you give it a thumbs up If you didn’t make sure you give it a thumbs down and let us know how we can do better And of course if you’d like to see more videos like this Make sure you hit that subscribe button on your way out until next time. See you later Hi guys, welcome back to our channel, this is steph with game ovr today. We’re going to be doing a game called desert slice Nope, that’s wrong. Oh my god steph dessert slice Yes, that’s right Ugh I suck

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