Desert Velvet Mule Deer Bow Hunting – Solvid Archery – Film It Yourself
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Desert Velvet Mule Deer Bow Hunting – Solvid Archery – Film It Yourself

August 11, 2019

Its late summer 2015 and my brother Shawn
and I are bow hunting the desert hills of Idaho. We were only able to get one weekend of preseason
scouting in, but in the first 10 minutes of scouting we were able to find the type of
buck that dreams are made of. Even being a mile away in low light conditions,
we could tell he was something special. We found several other decent bucks as well,
but nothing we would chase opening weekend. Bought to you by, Solvid, and the universal
head camera mount, which turns almost any camera, camcorder, cellphone or action camera
into a point of view head camera. We pulled an all nighter and got there the
day before season at daylight in hopes of spotting the dream buck one more time before
the opener. We couldn’t relocate him though, so we hoped
on the 4 whelelers after getting camp set up to try and find him or something else to
chase in the morning. Drove all night didn’t sleep, showed up 4 something this morning, all to look for this buck, coming up to do some evening scouting looking for
this guy. right next to the road, here he be. Geeze
tats huge, plus that a nightmarish outcome for this once beautiful
dream mule deer buck. What appeared to be a bullet hole in the front
shoulder explained the likely cause of death. Later that evening, the sun set on a somkey
horizon, and we had no opening day shooters to chase the next morning. Opeining day turned out to be bright and somewhat
smokey, but we were able to find some nice bucks from about 2 miles away that appeared
to meet our 5 year old criteria. They were in a decent spot for a stalk, so
I got my stuff together and hoped on the 4 wheeler and headed their direction. The wind direction wasn’t great once on top
of the plateau. So I was going to have to alter my direction
of attack. But before I could get into position, something
else caught my eye. Immediately, all interest in the 180 class
buck was lost. this was definitely the biggest buck I’d ever
seen. After swapping the boots out for stalking
shoes and making sure he was still there, I grabbed my bow and the stalk was on.With
a light breeze blowing in my face, I was able to get within 100 yards without being detected. They’d moved into some thick brush, so getting
any closer was going to require stealthiness on all 4’s. I eventually came to a dead end blocked by
chaparral. The closer bucks of the heard now were at
30 yards and there was no way to get any closer. There was several shot opportunities at the
younger bucks, but the target stayed protected in the cover of the mahogany. I held tight as he fed less than 35 years
away, hoping that with patients he would present a good shot. The old heart started pumping as he started
head my direction but stalled to eat on a tree. If he continued this same path, we’d be looking
at a 30 yard broadside shot. But instead, he hung out at this tree for
nearly 10 minutes. And as was bound to happen eventually, on
of the smaller bucks sensed something and started heading the other direction, of course
the target followed. I got to my feet, stepped into the clearing
and ranged him, Nearly 50 yards, a few more steps and he’d be out of range. Bummer, he never did stop for a shot, then
of course a smaller buck blew, which got the rest of the bucks to pick up their pace. Thankfully they weren’t terribly scared as
they went out of sight. After watching the biggest buck ive ever seen
slip away from my finger tips, I went back to my backpack and got a hold of Shawn. Wait
Get down, get down! We hadn’t been looking long when Shawn spotted
the biggest buck he’d ever seen. He was bedded down with the other bucks only
40 yards off a main 4 wheeler road. This made for easy stalking but at any moment
it could be blown and the last thing we wanted is for some other hunters to know this buck
even existed. Just as I had cut the distance with in 40
yards, there was a sound of 4 wheelers down below and they were getting closer. The bucks heard it to, so I stood up, drew
back and hoped to get a shot before he busted. As big bucks tend to do, he went from laying
down to running, never giving me a good shot. We conversed with the other hunters for a
bit, who courteously went back the way they came. Of course we followed the big bucks path,
hoping we could get on him again. Is that near perfect? Base is broke off. After finding a cool artifact, again we spotted
a mass of rack sticking out above the chaparral. There’s not much cover. I don’t know if I ll be able to get very close. Yeah, you’re going to have to crawl. Stalk number 3 in 3 hours, on the same buck. Just as I was getting as close as I could
without making too much noise, a young buck stood up that I didn’t know was there and
looked my direction. The spike had me on lock down, so all I could
do is wait and hope the big buck stood up and give me a shot. Finally the young buck had enough and bombed
out. This got the target to stand up, but not broadside;
he was head on. He never did stop broadside for a clean shot,
so again I got to watch him bound away. As he got out of range, I took off the Solvid
Head Camera mount to zoom in to get some after stalk footage. After a short lunch break Shawn and I split
up. He went low and I went high. Not long after that, I located the big buck
hiding underneath a big tree. I worked my way down and around, and hid behind
a big rock only 30 yards from his last know location. I could see his young accomplice, but the
target buck must have hid behind the branches, or so I thought. While I thought I had him at 30 yards, he
had actually snuck out before I got there, and Shawn was watching him on the open hill
side waiting for me to stick an arrow in him. He eventually fed into the brush and over
the ridge. And that was the last time we saw him that
day. We were extremely happy to find the buck first
thing in the morning on the second day of our archery hunt. He ended up disappearing in this brush, where
we presumed he bedded down. I made a move on him later that afternoon,
but the wind wasn’t right so I backed out. Maybe he caught my wind or something, but
he was a heck of a lot harder to find after that attempt. While trying to find the nontypical, I located
several great mule deer bucks that would have definitely been shooters had I hnot got my
heart set on the mega buck. But after 5 days of searching with no sign,
I was ready for some action. On day 8, which was the last full day of this
archery hunting trip, I found what was probably our number 2 buck on the hit list. There was a pretty stiff easterly wind blowing. In fact it was blowing so hard that it was
tough to get good footage. This is actually a couple days before right
before shawn put a stalk on him in nearly the same spot. This is what it really looked like as he made
his way to his bedding area. The plan was to ambush him before he got there. With the Solvid Head Camera Mount on, and
the camcorder rolling, I circled wide to get down wind. The target exposed himself just as I was getting
behind some sage brush that I used for cover. The target buck wasn’t the only animal to
stay out of sight though. There were several does and jumpy cattle around
as well. I kept inching forward until the mule deer
buck crossed a clearing not more than 100 yards off. With an arrow nocked and his vision blocked,
it was time to make the final push. It appeared the arrow hit pretty good behind
the shoulder, maybe just a little back, but still lungs. He made a kick and it sounded god, so… So I took off the Solvid Head camera mount
and replayed the footage. It all happened really fast, but I was able
to stop him at 42 yards. The arrow’s impact, visible on the video,
confirmed what I thought was a good shot. As he made his escape through the trees, I
took off the Solvid Head Camera mount and filmed what ended up being his last few steps. He never did come out behind te junipers,
so either he ran straight away, or there he lay. Im gonna mark my spot and then back out and
comeback in a little while. Possibly with some help. Yes. Well the arrow sure was easy to find, and
it ended up that he had only made it another 10 yards from where I had last seen him. He’s way heavier than I thought. Oh Man. Geeze! Pleasantly surprised. He’s been dead a while. Maybe I should not have waited so long. Can’t complain. Hes go some stuff going on down here on the
bases. Many he is heavy isn’t he. Look at all of that, those little things down
in there. Wow. That’s what we came here for. That dudes a hog! I like him. He keeps growing. The deer has been growing since day 1. He’s bigger than I thought, for sure. Yeah, especially from this angle. Well, good job man. Congratulation. Lets get it done. Team What? Solvid. Rocking the CamStrap. Film It Yourself.

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  1. You make the best videos!! Congrats on the amazing deer. I am shocked you didn't take the frontal shot on that monster. Have you ever shot at a deer facing you?

  2. I've seen a lot of other hunting videos that are an embarrassment to the sport. I congratulate on a great display of ethical bowhunting. Too many other hunters would have forced a shot on the bigger buck that you past up 3 or more times. You could've hit that buck and drawn blood for tracking purposes, but you displayed self control on behalf of the deer. Much respect!

  3. Another great film and stalk Chris. Looking forward to fall here in Wisconsin and wearing my SolVid headstrap and catching some video on some Western Wisconsin whitetails and coyotes……..and any other wildlife that shows up……good luck catching up to that big non-typical….excellent footage……

  4. The Frustrations of Archery Hunting are so visible here in this video. That is why I love it so much it is by far the hardest thing to do and to get it on film is even harder. But to get that many chances on the same big buck is so very cool. Big congrats on taking a great buck even if it was not the one you had your heart set on, still a tremendous buck!!!

  5. Great video man! Ended up with a great buck! But if I'm being 100 percent honest? I would have drilled that non typical in the throat when he presented the frontal shot. 22 yards, 39 yards, and 64 yards (laying down) are 3 out of 3 frontal shots I've ever taken with a bow. All 3 times the buck died under 100 yards of impact. But hey you personally didn't feel comfortable with it so I respect the fact that you held off. Still ended up with a great buck. Great video and happy hunting man.

  6. Great video, i just recently bought head strap system, but was wondering what you used for a cover up on your camera and how you covered the led screen as it has to be opened to the outside to record?

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