DESCENDERS PC Review – Early Access Downhill MTB Mountain Bike Game

September 14, 2019

The Descendants is a 2011 Academy
award-winning screenplay which follows George Clooney as Matt King a Honolulu
based attorney and the sole trustee of a family trust at 25,000 pristine acres in
Hawaii. Of course not, Descenders is an early access downhill mountain biking
game from developers rage squid and out now on Steam so grab a can of monster
polish your helmet and let’s see what it’s all about
straight off I cannot remember actually playing a pedal game I’ve definitely
ridden bikes in games sometimes off cliffs and even back in the day I
remember that rubbish mountain bike section of ESPN extreme games on the ps1
but I don’t know pedal them up I’m drawing a blank so why is this why is
there a lack of these games I thought maybe it’s because we have motorbikes
you know which have their own locomotion and conveyor 4 also go uphill but then
there’s more skiing and snowboarding games than snowmobile games there was
also a spell in the ps1 ps2 era of BMX games but that seemed more of a cash-in
on the Tony Hawk craze you know we’re even Kelly Slater got a surf game and
Shaun Murray got a wakeboarding game the BMX thing is still not downhill mountain
biking here we actually have one please accept that with what I say in the
remainder of this video this game is in early access and developers rage squids
say give it six to nine months to be considered complete there’s quite a few
coming soon spaces in the menus so we’ll also hold out judgment on that until
they’re filled in could be new game modes but then again could be a store
who knows for now how the game basically works is there is four locations each
one of them has a number of routes to get from the start to the finish
once you complete a level you get to choose which one you’d like to do next
along the tree and you get an indication of whether it’s steep whether it’s curvy
or whether it’s got a lot of stunts once you complete the location three times it
means you can start from the next location next time until you’ve done
that you have to start from level one one every single time before we get onto
any gripes here’s some of the things that I do actually like graphically the
game is is fine it’s simple but I was actually playing it in 4k without
realizing and there was no framedrops or anything the backgrounds are nice the
bike looks pretty good no complaints is the same with the soundtrack as well
I was chatting with Matt about this and I liked the ambient drum and bass is is
very much fitting the style again it’s there in the background but it’s not
stopping you from concentrating I do kind of agree with him though that it’s
a shame it hasn’t got the early 2000s new metal and pop punk like there’s old
Tony Hawk games used to have but whatever the tricks themselves are
limited to increasing number of 360 spins and flips also skids are
considered a stunt which is a bit weird this is downhill biking so it’s actually
quite true to reality it is kind of weird though that in a game you’re not
doing stuff as red as what people are doing in real life it’s very strange for
an early access game to be without its force and unfortunately descenders
doesn’t fall into that unique category I’m definitely the intended market for
this game Here I am on the bike but right now it’s not quite
clicking being a mountain bike game should be the unique selling point of it
but it has a couple of its own one of them being that the maps are semi
procedurally generated and the second is that they say actions have consequences
and in this form that is lives this is the part that I found probably needs the
most attention in this early access phase lives this seems like an outdated
concept in modern games you have lives and if you crash you lose a life if you
crash badly you lose – here lies the problem
you complete a challenge on a course you get a life back but you have to carry
these lives through your game the challenge is to get a life back are
often very hard and you’ll lose one or two or three trying to do it the maps
get progressively harder and through each area there is what the game calls a
boss jump if you fall on that due to its height you usually lose two life
straight off so you have to carry a few spare lives on purpose to this last
track meaning that a massive amount of trepidation is needed on the easier
tracks the procedural nature of these tracks also means you can’t learn a line
or be confident in what’s coming up so this means playing the game against how
the designers probably intended by straight-up avoiding jumps and
not trying to achieve challenges I want to double corkscrew backflip and vomit
as fast as I can but if the penalty for trying and
failing is losing all my progress then excuse me for taking it slow it also
means that when trying to progress to the boss stage I’m sure as sugar gonna
take the mellowest route I’m sure that with a lot of time and practice you
could get your speed and flow up at the moment for me the juice just ain’t worth
the squeeze procedural also means get ready to see
the same two rocks and the same little wooden bridge over and over again with
all that which may be considered negativity I must also say that I you
definitely kept playing it I would mock up use up all my lives to be fed up and
still going you know alright one more game the criticisms I’ve got are I hope
constructive as there’s definitely something here it’s not a throwaway
bollocks game that you see come up on Steam it is fun it’s good
I will definitely watch the development of it and I will pick it up again once
some more content and adjustments hopefully made I’d also like to see some
sort of VR support because it does have a first-person view which would be
flippin’ mega some other things that I’d quite like as well is if there was some
non procedurally generated tracks which are almost like the greatest hits
as in really good jumps good runs which you can perfect get good scores on that
you can compare or do your fastest time which you can put on a leaderboard these
things don’t seem like a huge amount of work to put in and then again it is a
small team doing the game and they’ve done very well to get it to the point it
is at the moment kinda just sort of in the video here but I’ll probably just
put some footage of me smashing into some rocks or caning it down a hill
either way thank you for watching like and subscribe I hate saying that say
please make it worthwhile Cheers

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