‘Deplorable’ Hunting Movie Triggers Conservatives
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‘Deplorable’ Hunting Movie Triggers Conservatives

February 17, 2020

>>There’s a movie coming out, it is The Hunt. Now, remember, it almost came out a while
ago, but there was a bit of an uproar around it. In case you don’t remember, here’s a bit of
the trailer.>>Hello.>>Hey.>>What is happening? What is all of this?>>You see that article. Every year these liberal elites kidnap a bunch
of normal folks like us, and hunt us for sport.>>The last I heard free speech still exists.>>Don’t First Amendment me.>>It wasn’t real.>>Everybody get out of here.>>We were joking.>>There’s been a killing spree. You gotta come here right now.>>You actually believed we were hunting human
beings for sport?>>But you are?>>Okay, so you might recall that was supposed
to come out. I’m gonna say this and I guess I’ll speak
slowly for any right winger who’s watching this, it’s satire. And by the way, the libs are the villains
of this movie, you get that? But no, all of these people, they will make
nine hours straight a day of videos about how they care about free speech and all of
that, no censorship. They lost their minds when this movie was
previewed, and it was pulled. That’s not the government censoring them,
but a piece of art was pulled from distribution because right wingers lost their mind because
of their misunderstanding of what the point of that piece of art was.>>No guys, I mean, you got somebody who watched
this so I’m super curious about it. But based on what we’ve seen so far, the liberals
are the bad guys. How could you miss that? They’re hunting human beings for sport. And then the conservatives are the underdogs. And then they turned on them and they appeared
to heroically win based on the description. How did you think that that was against conservatives? This stupidity is what just drives me nuts
like that is through the roof stupid.>>Yeah.>>I understand why it was pulled when it
was, it was right after those back to back shootings, the back to back highly publicized
shootings because we’re always facing back to back shootings. It’s just some of them more elevated than
others, but it was right around that time and so they pulled it because of the violence
and everything. But I was talking today to my coworker, Beatrice
Verhoeven, our senior film reporter. She’s great, and she’s on vacation right now. I hope she’s having a good time, not thinking
about this. But she told me that the main point of the
movie is actually a really centralist idea of, don’t judge anybody, and both sides are
bad if you’re too extreme. That’s the point of the movie. The movie is any kind of extreme, no matter
what it is, is bad. And there’s a second point of the movie which
is really kind of ironic is that apparently that everything that happens in it is possibly
based on an Internet conspiracy theory that gets blown out of proportion. We saw that in the new trailer that they released
where she says it wasn’t real. None of this happened. I don’t know what is and isn’t real in terms
of who actually is hunted. Beatrice says at points both sides are hunted. And that the third main plot besides the two
different hunting games, seems to be that something just spread crazily on the Internet
and got blown out of proportion. Which is kind of what happened with the movie
roll out when it was supposed to come out a few months ago too.>>See so Damon Lindelof is one of the producers. So he did Lost, Prometheus and every other
frustrating movie with no point, or show.>>The Leftovers I think.>>Leftovers.>>I think he did the Watchmen which was amazing.>>To be fair, he did the Watchmen, which
was great. Yes, so we’re always fair on the show. Okay, now so ostensibly the plot is a bunch
of liberal elites hunt down these poor conservatives. So I don’t know why conservatives would be
upset about that. But knowing Hollywood, they’re not actually
liberal what they care about is money. Okay, and it was a crazy conspiracy where
they wanna maximize profit. So I thought to myself that’s why I said I
knew it when you started talking about what actually happened in the movie. I thought to myself, they’re not gonna pick
sides. They’re not gonna make the conservatives be
the bad guys or liberals be the bad guys because then they might lose money, right? They’re gonna have some cutesy thing where
at the end the centrists are the good guys. Or we all get along and Kumbaya, don’t worry,
we all killed each other. It’s all fine.>>Saved in a helicopter that Mike Bloomberg
is flying.>>Beatrice told me that her understanding
of it, too, was that there’s a lot of really sensational and graphic violence. And so if anything, it’s just a vehicle for
that. People are blowing up really disgustingly,
and then she said that overall the movie never takes a side. The movie never says one of them is right
and one of them is wrong. They’re actually both wrong for having extreme
ideologies.>>Yeah.>>Yeah, so when I first saw the trailer I’m
like, I don’t get why conservatives are upset, but was I upset as a progressive like, they’re
gonna paint us. No, it’s a movie.>>It’s a movie.>>It’s a movie. Actually the movies I’m more upset about our
movies like Zero Dark 30 which pretends to be true, a true depiction of torture and how
it helped us. But it actually is not true. It’s propaganda and the torture did not work. That is a crap movie. That is a terrible movie, okay? This on the other hand is just entertainment
where it’s almost like gangster rap or Scarface, etc. People are getting blow up and you’re saying
hey to somebody’s little friend, and we move along in our lives.>>Yeah, jeez.>>If anything, they just picked the political
angle because it’s really touchy right now. They know it would get a lot of reception
it’s going to get a lot of people talking, big on social media. They could have picked anything. It could have been any two groups of people
versus each other. It just so happens it’s election season and
people are really hyped up on this topic. That’s it.

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  1. 😝😝😝
    Make a Movie about Libtards trying to find Safe-space or screaming at the sky when President Trump wins again 😁

  2. Aren't conservatives the same group of people over there in America that voted for Donald Trump whom wants to ban violent video games?

  3. So these conservative and right wingers still love to watch and follow Hollywood when they keep saying how bad Hollywood and Hollywood stars are lol
    They keep saying they will boycott ect they never do. They also say similar thing about Left leaning tech companies too. They say it because there is no alternative like fox news for them. Right wingers are not so bright when it comes to IQ and building there own.

  4. Libtards hunting deplorables? 😂😂😂🤪🤪🤪 Libs to scared to touch a firearm for one so you know this is Hollywood make believe!! 🤪🤪🤪

  5. Looks good. I’m a libertarian. I’d like this movie but the reality would be that the right would completely DESTROY the left. The left would have pepper spray, bike locks and eggs and the right would have suppressed 300 Blackouts, bolt action 50 BMGs, AR15s and AKs.

  6. Conservatives truly don't understand what SATIRE is. They are very literal. It's an obvious deficit that we all have always had to endure.

  7. Name ONE person who was 'triggered' by this film, fat brown cenk, because you certainly didn't do it in your farcical video.

  8. So in your small minds the right is triggered bc they are portrayed as the heroes in the movie?

    Go back and watch the YouTube videos it’s nothing but you lefty cucks crying!

  9. Both Drumpf & the media “love the uneducated.” Satire is a boonie shotgunning Budweiser til y’all caint git your plumbers butt up.

  10. I don't know which conservatives are getting "triggered" by this, but if they are, I'm guessing it's because of the way liberals are portrayed as being the tough bunch in the trailer. Conservatives HATE the idea that liberals don't see them as being tough bad asses. That said, I'm waiting for the movie to come out and find out that the "hunted conservatives" actually somehow win in the end and kill the liberal "elites," lol, so that I can start seeing headlines from all the conservatives about what a "patriotic, great film" The Hunt is, as if they had never spent months protesting its release.

    'Cause conservatives don't give two shits about "fair portrayals." Thet just want "conservative good, liberal bad."

  11. If there roles were reversed in the movie the conservatives would be cheering on the conservatives killing the liberals. And because they think that way, they think that we think that way.

  12. The conservative news is triggered over freak driving a van into a voting tent, but nothing like the left would have if it happened to them. TYT would have 8 videos out instantly if a Bernie tent got ran over. We know who gets triggered, it’s the progressive way.

  13. The Project Veritas secret videos of Bernie Sanders' campaign organizers look very tame in comparison to this movie. Getting thrown into a Gulag for "re-education" is so much better than getting trophy-hunted , hey fellow Deplorables?

  14. if you want to find the largest percentage of low information, low IQ, low testosterone, weak effeminate males, then just look for the bernie voters.

  15. Holly shit I thought for sure in the begining of this video that the liberals were Guna be the ones bitching but it was the right wingers Holly shit. Lol ahahahaha that is priceless

  16. "….The point of the movie is to show that both sides are bad…."
    There are plenty of storylines that can show that point without having people hunted and shot up. Don`t be upset with the state of our society if you are 100% ok with this movie.

  17. I'm a Trump voter and I definitely want to see it. I speak for myself and that doesn't offend me. Reminds me of the purge, cool series btw.

  18. The thing is, the whole idea of hunting for sport is a conservative concept. To any actual,well centred liberal, hunting is not a sport.

  19. You're the only news Network talking about this movie. What right wingers are complaining about it? Troll accounts on Twitter?

  20. What's most ridiculous about this is Liberals don't do much hunting. Most liberals pride themselves on owning no firearms at all. This is true even when living in places where they probably should for their own protection. it seems to me that most people who consider themselves 'right-wing' are utterly divorced from facts. I've noticed many people lumping all liberals into the boogymen narrative that will fit at the time. This is independent of any facts or statistic. Lately it's gotten so bad, they are even contradicting well known stereotypes in blatant slanders against their so-called 'enemy of America' as Trump puts it.

  21. The film should have been released. But TYT are such simpletons. If there were any people that were truly outraged it would have had nothing to do with liberals being the 'bad' guys but because the film itself divides the nation into two groups trying to kill each other. It is excaberates the current division in the country in quite a reverse way. But this would have been fun to see and interesting. But the chubby guy (not chunky but the other tubby) is right, it is 'art' so it should be released. But I doubt conservatives got this censored. I think the idea that liberals and conservatives killing each other was deemed to be bad timing considering the country could segregate soon or be on the verge of civil war in the next few years.

  22. Not every right winger/conservative is a hypocritical jackass. And not every leftist is a socialist, multiculturalist, feminist, marxist, postmodern, gay parade loving degenerate.

  23. Hunt 2: Someone pays homeless individuals ($10k/hit) in a Liberal city to kill off Elite Rich Progressives. Primitive weapons only, no firearms. Imagine the wildfire from the Democrat 'emotional responses'.

  24. When one of your favorite attacks is to project your flaws onto others you aren't equipped to understand satire. That conservatives can see themselves as the villains in this movie probably means they can see themselves as the villains in many other situations too.

  25. The movie is obviously fiction…the Left wouldn't stand a chance against Conservative guns and knowledge of such things VS the Left's safe spaces and apple martini flavored lube….just cut off welfare and 90 percent of the Left would starve to death

  26. The conservatives were the underdogs? We don’t know that. We do know that the liberals are the bad guys. I don’t like censoring anything but this movie is very bad taste. How will this movie unite? If I was an actor I think that I’d pass on this flick. We already have too many mass shootings so I kind of agree with the conservatives. It’s just a movie Cenk says… will Cenk doesn’t really believe in god and people kill for god. I like Cenk by the way but I don’t agree with him on this.

  27. It's just a movie. Liberals can be assholes and conservatives can be assholes as well. Extreme is bad no matter what the idea.

  28. Then why was it liberals are the ones that got it suspended and conservatives wanted to see it? Conservatives aren't at all triggered! Conservatives are looking forward to a real civil war, as a matter in fact. It will be nice to remove all of you inbred city Darwin awards from the population. Remember we are the ones who are armed, have served, have training greatest military on the planet, have the backing of our brothers in the military, and far more work and trade skill. When you're throwing cement milkshakes on your mommy and daddy's dime, we will be throwing high velocity projectiles, grenades, motors, rockets, and bombs at you. You will lose, and it will be the shortest civil war in history. Calling conservatives triggered? Are you psychotic?

  29. Oh No ! Let me guess. Yet another movie or actual real report of unhinged & crazed Progressive National ANTIFA Socialists beating & killing anyone that dares to disagree with their Evil Marxist Cult. Is it a story about the ANTIFA member that attacked the ICE facility in Tacoma with his favorite Socialist AR-15 ? or the Crazy Bernie supporter with his AR15 that tried to kill the Republican softball team ?
    Thank God that The Great President Trump has exposed your sick & twisted ideology of Hate for all to see.

  30. Between 700,000 to 1,000,000 unborn babies are murdered every year and 63,000 American been killed by illegal aliens so to put this on your Conscience , anyone that votes for any democrat have blood on there hands , blood of all the unborn babies and the blood for all the American people that lost there life's by illegal aliens do to the democrats policies on abortion and immigration (sanctuary cities /states – open borders – catch and release . etc )

  31. Ironically the movie actually mocks rich liberals and is about rich woke types hunting average working Americans. I don't know why conservatives are so triggered by this.

  32. This reminds me of the red pill documentary. People tried everything to get that movie banned. Only worked in Australia though thank God.

  33. I'll probably watch it at some point just to see if all the crybabies have a point, which I have no reason to believe they do. So congrats conservatives, you sparked interest for me for a movie I probably wouldn't have cared about otherwise. To be fair, I still don't care enough to pay for it.

  34. So conservative are the victims and main characters of this movie. Libs are the villains. Why are they triggered? This is pro conservatives

  35. Peaces of art are being taken down by the left, yet you support this movie? I can see why conservatives don't like it because it seems like they are killing people who are conservatives. It kinda seems like propaganda.

  36. Surprised at TYT's attitude to this, but probably because I'm an old guy who hasn't seen violence normalised by watching TV or seeing many films, and doesn't see any point to computer games.

    Violence like this should give unbrainwashed people with empathy for the suffering of others, nightmares. I remember as a kid in the UK, when a TV police soap killed off a lead character with a gun shot. It shocked the whole nation and gave kids nightmares. That is how normal people should react to violence.

    As for this film: I'd say the likely reason for its 'withdrawal' was to further promote the conspiracy theory. I don't think it is aimed at people who understand satire, and from where I sit, it looks like typical right wing propaganda, helping to prepare for civil war II.

  37. But the Left is not violent. We dont shoot up black churches or send bomb threats to politicians we disagree with or do mass shootings. It is ALWAYS the RIGHT so to even suggest that violent lefties exist in the same manner that we actually have Right win violent extremists is a LIE .

  38. “The Hunt” was pulled because of recent mass shootings. Not because people “lost their minds”.
    Wait till proggies figure out that it’s really not about torturing gun owners…

  39. When will the snow end!!!???? When dear god, when will the snowflakes go away lord? Sweet Jesus give me strength not to start melting snowflakes with a blowtorch.

  40. What right winger had a about it? Did you find the one conservative who had a issue, then felt the represented everyone who had a issue, including libs?

  41. That girl .. maybe if you had more of here on the show it would actually be tolerable to watch. She’s not like loud chunk and Ana..

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