Democrats react to GOP requests for whistleblower, Hunter Biden impeachment testimony
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Democrats react to GOP requests for whistleblower, Hunter Biden impeachment testimony

November 16, 2019

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  1. Republicans, you slimes, you are calling for breaking the whistle blower LAW. YOU ARE UNETHICAL AND SHOULD IMMEDIATELY RESIGN!

  2. Leningrad Lindsey wants to know who the bat boy is, even though the World Series of impeachment has begun.

  3. Republicans care more about Donald Trump and the party more than the country. They love their president more than American. Donald Trump bragged about his penis size on the debate stage and said that windmills cause cancer. Those are things that are true.
    Also, that Donald Trump tried using the office of the presidency for personal gain.

  4. The Democrats have NOTHING. Just another waste of time. This crap gives the Republicans a great chance of taking back the house next year.

  5. Edward Snowden Julian Assange where whistleblowers how did that workout ..t Chelsea Maniing at.. least got a sex change and an Obama Pardon….

  6. So, let me get this right: Repugnicans are arguing against the laws and regulations that were established by Repugnicans? WTF!

  7. I will admit that I do not understand u.s. politics very well. Nor do I understand US law that well. I do Wonder though if it matters who The Whistleblower is so long as the claims of The Whistleblower are shown to be accurate.

  8. It is against the law to expose a whistle blower…why does trump have the right according to fox news.  What if people started a following to not watch fox because they cannot tell both sides

  9. Test of AI censorship algorithms :

    Is E*ic Cia*amella the whistleblower?

    Is Er*c C*aramella the whistleblower?

    Is Eri* Ciara*ella the whistleblower?

  10. They don't want the whistleblower to testify because it will come out that he has been part of the coup d'etat since Trump took office and all the Democrat corruption will come out.

  11. It's amazing to me how the Democrat party seeks to prosecute "whistle blowers" who blow the whistle on Democrats (Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange come to mind) and then seek to impeach the President when he blows the whistle on Joe Biden's past corrupt dealings. How do US citizens continue to support corrupt politicians and their media machine who vigorously attempt to destroy anyone trying to inform them?

  12. Hypercritical Democrats are liars they protected their own clans, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Nancy Pelosi and son, Kerry and his stepson and Romney and his son. All crooks and liars and greed and all colluding with Ukraine and pockets millions our tax payers. I Hope they will pay the price.

  13. The communist pedefile Adam Schiff will start the Schiff hunt hearing on Monday after consulting his father in law George Soros

  14. Bank Robbers testify the bank across the street, not the bank inquestion, was the one robbed and by the prosecuter & police chief

  15. The Democrats think they are above the law. They hate our constitution, they think they are the kings and queens of the world because they have connections to the Rich.

  16. The Godless, Soulless Democrat Party is perpetrating yet another Hoax.

    The Quid Pro Quo Hoax.

    The Russia Collusion Hoax.

    Kavanaugh Rape Hoax.

    Jussie Smollett Hoax.

    Covington High School Hoax.

    The Earth has 12 Years Left Hoax.

    Charlottesville Hoax.

    Hands Up Don't Shoot Hoax.

  17. Oh boy this sounds like nonsense,!! Please bring all the facts out every body knows that hunter got a great deal just because who he is good on him?? We the tax payers voted for his dad! As for trump well he has the upper hand he has nothing to loose!,, As a life long democrat I must honestly say this is the greatest president that America had!!!!to my shame and sorrow I didn’t vote for trump however in 2020 i will ,, the swamp needs to be drained. This is sadly and painfully fake news ??☘️☹️

  18. Liars vs Congress, cowards vs Congress, the grotesque horndog vs Congress. Steady stream of UNAMERICAN and unqualified Republicans since Bongo Ronald and Nixon flim flamed your taxes to the rich. Welcome to stupid town America. END THE REPUBLICAN VOTERS PARTY PERMANENTLY

  19. Sure- call Hunter. And Trump, Little trump, Guilliani, Pompeo, Pence, Mulvaney. Let’s make EVERYONE testify and get to the truth. Drain the swamp.

  20. This is proof that GOP so called "lawmakers" are soft on crime. How do we know that? They insist on trying to out the whistleblower which is against the law. They should all be told to put their arms behind their backs and be read their Miranda rights: “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?”

  21. Really NO evidence regarding the Biden's? There is a video revealing that Joe Biden threatened the Ukraine with not receiving the loan unless that criminal investigation was stopped and that investigator fired. We have an interview that reveals that Joe Biden's son did not speak the language of the Ukraine.. Nor had any experience regarding that particular business.. and yet he was placed on the board? and yet he was paid how much? Does no one see anything wrong with the fact that at that time period.. Joe Biden was the Vice President?

  22. It's time to send the traitors to the firing squad. End of story. At least, end of THEIR story…
    Treason in time of war is punishab le by DEATH. Impeachment is not. Which way do you want to play this, GOP? Do we lose the Orange Nazi or do we start lining Graham and McConman up against the wall? YOU decide, it's your treasonous actions that got us here… (No response=take you ALL out, Civil War The Update…)

  23. Schiff and Pelosi started something they will regret. Just like the Mueller report they will come up with nothing. They are wasting everyone's time. Worthless political hacks.

  24. The law for protection of a whistleblower is clear. It's because of retaliation. The witnesses will substantiate the claims. trump is out threatening this person and others are too. This is a crime and intimidation.

  25. Planning to pull in joe biden and his son, is a secondary attempt to continue the trump efforts that trump and Rudy Giuliani set out to do. When that plan was foiled, the secondary attempt and plan is now the senate republicans, to continue those very efforts. Joe Biden, and his son, is irrelevant to question and hand.
    Which is (Did the president commit a crime ) those that are attempting to pull the Biden faimly into the hearings, may contain an investigation within itself, as to whether or not. That came from trump as a planning structure to continue those very efforts that trump set out do with Rudy Giuliani and Ukraine. (The political corruption must end) because this is obviously a secondary attempt to do just that. As that is overwhelmingly obvious. And it's unfortunate that would even be the case… given the situation that the nation has found itself in as a possible presidential impeachment process. To then start up a secondary attempt to finish what trump stated. Sad situation for the nation.

  26. Don't need the whistle blower!!!! ?? you all knew what Trump was doing. All of you talk behind Trump's back!!!!!! Stop your crap.

  27. Trump requests to face his accusers? WOW the OUTRAGE of this who does he think he is an American under constitutional protection? ?


  29. Under what authority do Republicans ask for the whistle blower to testify in person? This is an indication that his or her identity remains unknown. To testify in person is to give up the protection afforded by the law of the land. They have already proven to be unworthy of trust.

    Are they that desperate to do this president's will that they stoop so low? If this foundational protection is taken away from the whistle blower (s) what is left for future whistle blowers. You cannot set this kind of precedent.

  30. Besides there's plenty of whistle blowers out in the streets. They're called traffic cops. They'll blow their whistle for you. Hehehehe.

  31. This is quid pro quo at it’s best. GOP ASKING whistleblower and Hunter Biden in exchange for Bolton and Mulvaney.

  32. Hunter Biden is such a faggy name. Why couldn't he be the son that died I know at least both Joe and I wonder that.


  34. If Hunter Biden would read emails and speak Russian like he would do at board meetings when he worked at the Ukrainian energy company, then I would say no corruption.

  35. The drug-addicted dishonorably discharged son of a draft-dodging father was corrupt
    Who is surprised when he fed his nose habit instead of looking out for the sailors under his command.

  36. Biden wasn't a political opponent when this started. Biden is corrupt and should be charged. Whistle blowers are not anonymous. The president job is to make deals with foreign countries and having Biden investigated for him and his son's corruption is whiten the presidents legal powers. The real question media should be asking is why isn't Bar prosecuting any of the swamp and why isn't Trump demanding it?

  37. They want the Whistleblowerso he can blow the whistle on Adam Schiff folks. They conspired together to shape the whistleblowers testimony instead of going through the proper channels. But everybody's testimony about Trump is here say. it's like through five different people I heard it from one guy that told it heard it from another guy that heard it from another guy. And the people that's actually involved in it like the president of Ukraine said there was no problem. So it's all bulshit!

  38. This is bad politics by the left. Donald Trump will not be removed from office, he will be the 2020 candidate, and he is being given more and more ammunition during these proceedings. This is why Democrats should never have talked about impeaching him before he was even sworn in and for the last three years. It's very easy to argue this is nothing but a political hit job because of it. It shows they have very little confidence in the Democrat presidential candidates because the right way to remove Trump is November 2020. The far left loves this but most Americans want the House of Representatives to worry about citizens first and not their own political desires.

  39. It seems to me that people are not seeing this for what it is…. accusing the President of the USA of a crime is different than accusing the guy at the super market of a crime on the job.  The whistle-blower has no rights to remain anonymous, and honestly, most whistle-blowers who have found the courage to blow the whistle on corruption only want protection by the law to not get killed or harassed or retaliated against…. they honestly don't fear someone knowing their name, and they honestly will eventually find it in themselves to not fold under the pressure or the threats, because their initial and sole motive was for justice and truth and nothing else, when they decided to come forward about the corruption, or when they decided to take a stand for justice.  What people don't seem to understand is when you decide to come forward and fight against corruption or injustice, you've already fought the battlefield of your mind, and you have decided enough is enough, or that you would rather endure what you must for truth to prevail, instead of suffering another day holding on to the lie or information.  So… what is this whistle-blower hiding or covering up?!?

  40. If I were one of the people that the whistle-blower names in his/her hear-say, I would hire an attorney and DEMAND that this individual is called to testify, as well.  I would want them to have to say under oath, in a federal court of law, what their motives were for writing the letter (or whistle-blowing) in the first place.  Motives are important in this particular case, and the financials of all involved to determine if the whistle blower wasn't getting a kickback, etc. for his/her hear-say. It is all relevant in this situation, and it blows my mind that so many don't see it, or in the case of Democrats– are trying their best to convince the American public that it is not necessary.  It is very necessary in this case.

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