Deer Hunting With The AirBow Air Rifle  / Day 18  Of 30 Day Survival Challenge  Texas
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Deer Hunting With The AirBow Air Rifle / Day 18 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Texas

November 29, 2019

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  1. I don't agree with the "FAT" theory? Too much especially domestic animal fat will give you a heart attack once it gets the chance to clog your arteries. Doesn't matter if your body weight is skinny or fat..

  2. After unboxing the gun "I should remember where I put this wrench to put the broadheads in"

    Going to load broadhead "I'll just use the bottom of my knife"

  3. Gawd I hate these wimpy sissy puss YouTube idiots that just sell shit and have no idea what they are doing…. Just creating content and don't know what they are doing…. Yeah your just camping…. What an idiot…. You go in the woods there is plenty to eat every where why are you losing weight…. Your bs explanation is just bs

  4. Bele iki lucu rombongan lek di rasakno , wayah mangan berdoa , sembayang gak tahu , mek puji puji an ae dasar bule .

  5. The "Ever Stew" lol so funny. I was wondering some of the contents of the pot have been in there for some time. How long does it keep as you're eating on it for several days? What are ways to prolong how long you can eat on it? Thanks for the great videos!

  6. You drink so much coffee each day… I'd be shivering and twitching around like some kind of crackhead for the rest of the day.

  7. I remember once When I was in Africa – I shot an elephant in my pajamas – how he got there I will never know.

  8. so if you find a spot where animals run through, get up early and sit in the brush and wait. you do way too much moving around and making noise. dude have you really ever hunted before?

  9. If you ever come back to Texas A Buck has to be 13 in from ear tip to ear tip or a spike which is a antler that has not been branched off with over in long

  10. Only 2 pair of underwear? And u burnt the 1 pair 1/2 way though. I know ur not washing it in that nasty pond so 2 weeks per pair WOW!!! That's all I can say!

  11. Use a poncho when it rains. Its lite, small, but not easy to put back. Takes up little space. Just saying. It all good though. You got great videos. I enjoy them. An DC I learn quite a bit to. Thanks ????

  12. I gave up with facebook because too many, rather boring, acquaintances kept posting up pictures of what they were lunching on, and at which restaurant.    This video takes that snoredom to a whole new level…………………… cheese n rice

  13. I envy your freedom over there ,if we did that in uk we would have police on our case by land owner.
    Though I do have afew permissions to hunt on ,I hunt mostly rabbit ,,with lurchers ,catapult ,airrifle and ferrets ,also pigeon and pheasant,,the occasional roe deer but nothing like you have it over there ,,,watching you eat the stews made me hungry so I'm of to de breast a pigeon and have it with parasol mushroom, both harvested from one of my permissions.

  14. At what point do hunting laws go out the window , I know this is self induced but in a survival situation is the game warden gonna slap you with some tickets if you took a deer out of season

  15. I lost an LL Bean fly rod when I was fighting a forest fire. In the process of grabbing gear to fight the fire, I lost the last two feet of the fly rod.
    Amazingly, since the forest is where most LL Bean equipment is used, the wealthy corporate bastard refused to stand behind their product… I will not use L.L.Bean anything again.
    I like Maine, I like the mainers, but L.L.Bean acted like the Chinese on that one.

  16. It amazes me how humans used to survive.

    Ive seen plenty of "survival experiments" and regardless of modern equip. they always seem to slowly "die" (lose weight)

  17. If you were really out trying to survive it wouldnt matter to follow the rules of shooting after dark because you wouldnt care because you need food, just a little food for thought

  18. I hang all deer then let soak for awhile..I have not had wild deer taste in over 15 yrs or so ..and head shots cause less adrenaline in the deer and the meat is better also..

  19. The Lewis and Clark expedition actually had an Italian made air rifle which they demonstrated to every Native American tribe as they explored. It's claimed it contributed to peaceful relations.

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