DEER HUNTING Season 2019 – Opening Day of Rifle – Pennsylvania Deer Camp
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DEER HUNTING Season 2019 – Opening Day of Rifle – Pennsylvania Deer Camp

December 3, 2019

to the left to the left right there
that’s a big one stay right on him mm-hmm you have peas the piggies a big book hmm
really nice buck broke other side of his rack off you’ve been a nice buck it’s still nice one don’t like the spotlight the sign gives
us special powers does it absolutely ever since we’ve been putting it up it
gives you special powers the hunting gods just like elude power from that
side and you’re on puts that it’s the traditional camp deer sign we got up
every year oh yeah and before the hunt after the high holy
and deer season actually it’s the second generation sign the first one I think
it’s actually still put in a shed or something yeah it lost all its color and
faded away so this is our second generation but it brings us tremendous
hunting success so John Nugent up here by our farm pond
we shot a duck and a ghost this morning off of when we were sitting on five
gallon buckets and we this is goose meat we ate the thought we only had one duck
these are goose wrap chunks of bacon and then this is present that we showed up
on our place this is 75 and we’ll have more tomorrow I guarantee we’re not
gonna eat at all Luke in his big old Chevy about to get pulled out with my
little four-cylinder Toyota all right little more okay all right pull ever pull them out hey John
that’s what it takes us to get a little Toyota truck to pull out a big full-size
GMC you see that joint it’s all on camera how does it feel to have a little
four-banger yo to pull you out I think I need work to buy me new tires on Tuesday pretty good to wake up in the morning
and I breakfast Carla to cook special time in the morning yes making our final
plans last-minute thoughts and we’re getting ready to go we lucked out no
rain didn’t get snow but that’s okay but it’s going to be cold
31 degrees will dress in layers we’ll all be good to go and probably try to be
in our stands above maybe quarter to seven just before daybreak
hang in there yeah all right well it’s opening day and just turn to get
daylight we moved the stands I’m watching these logging roads Stan used
to be right out there about a hundred yards the deer kept Xena so we wanted to
get up higher on the hill and now I’m watching these logging roads no one goes
up there what goes up there turns around it goes behind me
hopefully I’m gonna get some deer coming up right through this to come out over
onto this road and it may be catch I’m running this Ridge so Danielle’s not
with me this morning she’ll be out in the afternoon hunt she’s got some stuff
to do this morning so see how it goes seeing some deer movement and do come
toke them up from the bottom and then I’ve come across this road game to toe
to buck and that what buck was an eight point seven or eight point I think it
looked like the same buck that I saw him on the side of it Hill but Mike doesn’t
Bret I’m really really big but you really
didn’t look that big coming through the woods to be honest I didn’t even think
it even had antlers when I first saw the deer I couldn’t even see the antlers on
it it’s uh it’s a nice 2.5 year old buck Oh awesome
but fur you know a beginner you thought her or something like that but just
something that I’m looking for oh but there’s no guarantee that deers
gonna make it to the rest of the day oh that’s just part of deer management you
have to set an example and there’s beginning to become more people that are
letting deer like that go bad they’re killing some really big bucks oh but you
know it’s all about what makes you happy you know if you get frustrated that
you’re never gonna kill a big buck well that’s where you kind of gotta let those
ones go but if you’re happy shoot net that’s awesome oh but you know what
there’s a lot of don’t do the neat shot so I’m open you know if you if you’re
shooting a deer life or the meat you should be taking some toad too because
there’s so many places in the state that are just overrun with dough and I don’t know whether Danielle won’t take
that deer not will find I have it stolen thank you I don’t we see it again this
afternoon but I know she would like to take it nice mature deer Oh but we’ll
see what happens I’ve seen it quite a few more dough and
a little spike they come up around 30 40 hours understand but one of the best
tips for opening day gun season is to sit and don’t move it’s usually the guy
who moves that starts bumping deer he bumps the deer to the other guy and so
you just sit for the first few days you sit and there’s always somebody that
can’t sit and they’ve got to get up and they got to move around and they’ve got
to go see some deer if they’re not seeing any deer
some people might start driving in the afternoon and they’re gonna start
pushing deer and if you haven’t disturbed the area that you’re hunting
or do you think the deer gonna go we’re gonna go where you haven’t been running
around walking and not scaring the deer and that’s why right now I think I have
some dough just out out of sight in front of me bedded down and I’ve seen
three bucks so far and that one buck he was nice I would just like to see him go
one more year I’d like to see Danny oakum but he’s he’s borderline and so
we’ll see what happens here the rest of the day there’s just not as much
shooting you would think for a Saturday opener there’d be a lot more people a
lot more shooting and I just don’t think people were really too thrilled about it
but you would think that there would be more deer movement more shootin and
just not much today so I don’t know hopefully the Saturday opener didn’t
hurt a deer season but we’ll see big old devil by herself
she’s a big big toe like that she didn’t have a buck behind
her I hope not but that’s one of those Martin toes that she knows she can pick
you out even when you’re not moving and everything she got to spell me to first
before she seen me but don’t look out come her up out of the bottom some of
them company come across but man the shoot is dead I mean by nine nine
o’clock she was completely dead I’ve heard a shot of her at least 20 minutes well we just had it tried to go by on a
road we got some deer coming up into this day and well they you’re breathing
heavy they’ve been rotted that’s a little bucket
he’s chasing that down comes car that’s a bearded tractor jump down the
road and then all this traffic is coming down the road
now all the deer all run around near the road and don’t make enough sense it’s weird because now all the Sun the
sun’s coming out it’s warming up I don’t even know what time it is but I got more
dough now that’s a little buck he’s out one pointer I think I saw him a
little earlier but I couldn’t see his head very well in the brush but I have a trail camera set right brothers dear going 1116 so they
should be getting hit by the trail camera any second probably already we’re
getting hit by it the first ones by the time I got the camera turned around so
object that camera probably I’ll go up and get that camera when I leave and
I’ve not already noticed there’s a lot of deer that have gone around this area
that never went in front of that camera that’s the first deer all day out of it
doesn’t deer more dead finally right in front of that camera since I’ve been in
the stand interesting well let’s see afternoon hunt and
Danielle made it up to the stand and my brother he shot a buck this morning and
my cousin Robbie up on the hill he saw some dough and some buck ron has seen
some dough in a couple of small buck and so there’s been a few people that got
deer around but just not near as much shootin but there’s still some more out
there so we’re gonna sit and see what we can see he’s legal but mr. Buckey Leatherwood outdoors my 30.6
does the talking not me alright Ron what are you using what yeah
what are you using winchester Model 70 30 watt 6 165 grain Hornaday spire point
motel SST where Rose entrance at neck on the other side oh come in the neck get
out that side I see yep yeah right here so all right so there’s entrance and
there’s come on I mean that is sick I mean there’s no chest cavity by the neck
I know I’ve seen I’ve seen they do it all right now we got way to do it man
you call hair falls down and Keith Keith God nice 8.2 you were done at what time
725 nice we got in what 7 rated 7 yeah thank you no arcs Camp Andrew Andrews
camp the end of the night post Sweeney what do you see you today I saw Joe it’s
like 18 hours ago these are deer in PA there’s a handful but not in front of me I poured the spike I’m close to Johnny
there’s one price in the same dough really nice you can hunt down the yeah
John Reno come out of the bottom in there followed by two for punk and then
they was too dark ratio and but then except for Dan was then she carrying on
with Tracy I mean everybody gonna well we saw Shawn it a 10-point but they were
to have a too much fun well so next year for opening day this
closes out opening day 2009 you

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  1. Yall make some of the best hunting content on youtube or anywhere . It's always nice to watch your videos. Keep em coming .

  2. Great openin day vidja! Myself I would have SMOKED that nice 8 first thing in the mornin and been back at camp enjoyin an ice cold Budweiser!! Like the sign on the front of ya'all's cabin suggests, SHOOTIN DEER & DRINKIN BEER!! Keep'em comin!

  3. Looks like a great time at camp! Good memories for sure. I agree with everything you said, I think more and more hunters are starting to let the younger bucks get older, and we are seeing more and more mature bucks because of it. I can't remember a year where I heard about or saw more mature bucks getting shot in PA than this year. But like you said, shoot whatever makes you happy. That's what its all about. Love Andrew's Fastenal hat! I worked for Fastenal one summer during college.

  4. Yeah, I didn’t hear as many shots as I would’ve thought, I think with it being bear season, it screwed up the deer

  5. im from pa and i heard rumors of getting rid of antler restrictions and allowing does to be shot on the first day of rifle how do you feel about this?

  6. There are fewer and fewer hunters out there, and i think that is why game commission wanted to start first day on a saturday, but it did not seem to work….. we saw fewer hunters this year out first day and about the same on monday ? who knows

  7. Great video! I always enjoy your opening day videos. You have a couple unicorns running around up there. Lol. Do you ever consider taking any cull bucks out or do you always just wait for a big one? Thanks for taking us along !

  8. I saw a four-point that probably weighed 200 lb he was shot in the leg I couldn't shoot him because he wasn't legal his rack was very widespread

  9. I hunted 1B Saturday and heard a decent amount of shots. Saw a good amount of guys. About 15 deer. And got a nice 8pt. Seems like it all depended on where you were. Good luck the rest of the season!

  10. I've seen between 30-40 doe and littles along with 3 different bucks all legal in 2F just wouldn't give me a shot I was comfortable with. Lot of shots fired Saturday morning and evening around the Brookville area

  11. John, I absolutely love your videos!! You are so blessed an I envey you an all your family an friends!!! Keep em coming! Maybe someday it is my wish/hope to be able to hunt with you til then I'm happy watching your videos!

  12. Consistently great coverage and a beacon out there in documentation of deer camps and deer hunting overall. Keep 'em coming ; you're on the road to excellence ….Cheers …

  13. Do your neighbors or even all the guys in camp work with you on the QDMA? I’ve been watching you guys for a long time now and it seems like you still are not seeing the type of deer you want. Seems like it’s been 6-7 years and the age class just isn’t going up?

    This isn’t picking on anyone or anything I would just like to know if it’s actually working for you guys.

  14. I live in PA too and I just tagged out saturday on a nice little buck just putting meat in the freezer not after antlers

  15. That first buck was nice. I didn't see any opening day where i was at unfortunately. Hoping to when I am back out on Saturday!

  16. Thanks for the video John… Great job! I hunted all day Saturday on the eastern side of the state (SGL 127). Saw nothing, heard nothing… No shooting anywhere near me. I was beginning to think I got it wrong and opening day was really the first Monday after Thanksgiving. Congrats to Ron… BTW. What did he do, dye his hair? It looks a lot “lighter” this year ?

  17. Wisconsin rifle season is over now. Kind of a crappy year for seeing buck for me. I sat 7 of the 9 day's and never saw horn's at all. I did shoot 2 doe on Thanksgiving though and I did shoot a nice 9pt on November 5th with the bow as well as another doe with the bow. This will be my first year trying to hunt with a inline muzzleloader. Maybe one day I'll buy a flintlock. Great video as always. Good luck the rest of your season.

  18. Looking forward to deer camp every year is what we live for. Watching your videos remind me of our group of guys in Somerset Pa!

  19. Excellent video guys. I really like that deer camp makes me wish I grew up in your part of the state instead of southeast of pa.

  20. Love the vids John, but I must disagree about the opportunities to shoot doe in PA. The deer heard is very depleted on public ground, if a hunter does not have access to private property, it's very slim pickings….

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