Deer Hunting Forecast 2017  – Texas Parks and Wildlife
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Deer Hunting Forecast 2017 – Texas Parks and Wildlife

November 18, 2019

Now we just have to be real quiet.  
[Alan Cain] The 2017 deer season is shaping up to be a
pretty good year. We started off the winter and early spring
with good habitat conditions which sets the stage for good antler growth and good body
condition and fawn production. It did dry up late spring and early summer
and so antler growth will probably be average but the deer population is very healthy. We have a robust
 white-tailed deer population in Texas. GFX
((buck snort))  
((cash register))  
[Narration] And that’s excellent news for the state’s
[Alan] Deer hunting in Texas is a thriving industry
and brings in about 2-billion dollars to the state’s economy and it really helps the rural
towns out there where deer hunting is a big part of their everyday life. [Narration]
Over population is also common across the state. Too many deer in one area can cause illness
and possible die offs in the herd.  
[Alan] We encourage hunters to take a full bag limit
in those particular counties and by doing so, it helps improve the habitat. If they don’t want to put that meat in the
freezer, they can certainly donate it to Hunters for the Hungry or some other charitable organization
around the state.  
[Narration] The wet year has also helped boost mule deer
and pronghorn populations.  
[Alan] We’ve had some good rainfall out there in West Texas and we expect hunters to have
a good season out there. Probably average just as we expect for the
white-tailed deer hunting.  
[Narration] Biologists are also asking hunters to help
monitor deer for Chronic Wasting Disease, a neurological disease that is not known to
affect people but is eventually fatal to deer.  
[Alan] Chronic wasting disease has been a concern
in Texas since 2012, since the first discovery in the Trans Pecos. This year,
 the state has three CWD or Chronic Wasting Disease zones: in West Texas, and one in the
Panhandle and one in the South Central Texas. In each of those zones it is mandatory sampling
of hunter harvested deer and also mandatory carcass movement restrictions so hunters are
encouraged to go onto our Parks and Wildlife website and check out the CWD page where they
can find more information. [Narration]
And with an excellent forecast for deer hunting this season, it’s a good time to get the
next generation involved.  ((bang))
[Alan] It’s a great opportunity to get kids outdoors,
expose them to hunting, and recruit our future generation of wildlife managers into this
[Narration] For Texas Parks and Wildlife,
[boy] Awesome. Awesome. [Narration]
This is Karen Loke.

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