Deer Hunting and Deer Drives Last Day of Pa Gun Season 2018 – Bucks Misses & Filled Tags
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Deer Hunting and Deer Drives Last Day of Pa Gun Season 2018 – Bucks Misses & Filled Tags

August 17, 2019

well he’s ready to go hey buddy
so tell us what we’re gonna do today well we’ve no doe tags
we must not even go out today here we have no deers have doe tags
we have no bucks so those are still on punch so our goal has his last year is
to fill the bed of the truck again this year hopefully take some bigger deer
because there are some big deer running around out there if John says that you
got to take a decent buck this year yes don’t stretch it for that first one now
John said at the age of 27 any buck it’s childish speak of the myth
there he is so Sweeney just says that he’s it’s time
to fill the bed of the truck try I’m gonna try we did last year but that was
I think we were luckier last year we’re gonna go up to John’s property where I
figure you take John and archery season they got quite a few bucks you got what
none of you guys got a buck up there this year right no one has shot any buck
off that property yet we are ready to rock and roll 17 degrees an inch and a half of snow on
the ground we have a little bit of flurries out here
perfect it’s gonna be cloudy all day no glare can’t ask for a better day dear
on about something I don’t see okay yeah he’s legal
I don’t caught him okay slang mah mah sweet let him go up to join well sweetie misses. but that’s the first
buck you got a shot at not say missed his first buck they had the wrath like
ever in his life and hey that’s the way it goes and we looked and man I mean he
took the shot right when it jumped in the air he’s like he doing he knew that
it was the best decision triggered and Clara ran towards John but it just
stayed right blurred Johnny couldn’t see it John was probably looking wrong way
it kind of stuck down below them and come around so we’re gonna come up here
where some of these deer were coming from we’re gonna drive up around this
cornfield and see if we catch any deer I’m gonna do some driving for these guys
see if I get too mad over bucket of all the morning hunt was over and it was
embarrassing you mutt you better redeem yourself
you’re gonna be in a shirttail Chronicle video will may one of those for a while what is a sure – sure tail Chronicle you
don’t know no oh and you couldn’t see so he’s gotta learn a lot about this new
the hunting scene here when you when you miss a deer or you miss has anything
take your shirt tail and you cut it well we’re not doing that for my duck jackets
sweeney on the pine stand John’s a better side we’re getting some shooting Sweeney just
shot I don’t know if John shoot I don’t think he is but we’re getting a lot of
shooting going on I just pushed out at least four or five they ran down
swinging but he shot before I even got those ones down to him you could just
see there’s like three or four trails like this just littered tracks all right
well so he said it didn’t fall over so what happened yep right up in there I
saw a flash yeah oh boy I started just looking this way and just gun pointed
this way looking over there flash flash flash flash first one walked in and
immediately just like three step it right across yeah
and I’m looking when I saw you know the rest of them catching up the next one
walked out and it was big bigger yeah and that’s the one I took a shot at nice
and then the other two just nonchalantly continued to walk in the same path and
then five those were the five it they they were looking right at me they were
bedded and then I heard them I heard you go man well they came running right at
me and I threw but I know John’s up over the hill here yeah threw my hands up and
then walked like towards the road yeah they hit a dime cut back over the hill
all and then is that John later boom boom nice so as soon as they came
at me I’m like all right John shot twice okay and then one really slowly walk
we’ll go up it find out what happened before they up there pretty four right
right past that stop okay yeah well we got some blood and some hair a little
bit of fat meat so it looks like Sweeney got a hit and John was just right over
here so he’s right there mmm all right cool
let’s go check it out see blood that yours or mine there’s a dead deer right there right
where you are we’re following my blood of my shot deer don’t think short Sweeney’s deer oh there’s a lot of blood right here
oh it’s pumping I can’t shoot that I have no idea if it as a yeah I’m like
that’s a perfect shot I heard I’m scurrying in here
right after you shot yeah and you’re like that was a perfect shot I’m like I
can kill that deer and I couldn’t see its head minute turn around and went
straight back towards you okay says that one else around
turned around and they all came out this way three doe little one all this all
this big cherry I’m sitting right at that cherry tree runs out the first one
I didn’t get a time for yeah this is where I shot it right here right here
yeah I have reasonable you see the other six that come up there no look I don’t
know how those good well they Co went straight up the hill or they come out
below him or he couldn’t see no I can I sent him up the hill
so he’d spook I shot and then those ones ran by and then five more came at me it
didn’t see me and I just stood out the right why did you do that cuz I was
jumping back to you they hit the brakes right you okay so let’s keep falling
this blood-trail because I reason believe there’s two dead bees in this
rainbow yeah alright cool that would be that
would be really nice yeah okay yours is deaf
yeah yeah it’s really definitely redeemed himself so we might as a
stiched I go I go it didn’t fall over I’m scared because the first one that
came through I wasn’t able to wait lately lately do you think you saw it
fall down in that stuff it’s like it’s like right at the edge of the pines
there’s just deer tracks every which direction here I know
these yeah and guess what you guys only seen half the deer I saw because half
the other ones I saw a small buck and the other ones went the other direction
I see it on the stump over there man that was there’s a deer oh right there
it’s laying right there you are blind Oh yep there’s Sweeney’s there’s mine
two holes one dear all right well there’s John’s exit wound
Sweeney’s entry wound down here and pretty good huh
so shooting uphill that’s why it’s kind of loud yeah I was shooting downhill and
it was coming at me like this so yeah country’s he got a quick shot
here all right no cutting another set of bear tracks
and it’s got to be like that’s got to be probably the fifth set of bear tracks
I’ve cut today on like four different sections of property crazy with these
bears or were they during bear season yeah but gonna do this final drive here
I don’t know if we’re gonna have enough time for another one but see if we can
get John and Sweeney another doe they still have another doe tag left there’s
some deer well John’s out there maybe 150 yards hopefully he shoots there’s a whole bunch I’m going out
there just caught the tail end of them here’s really ever bedded right here
several beds oh my word there’s probably 10 10 dear looks like they’re going off the hill
but John’s down there we go that sounded like a hit but there’s plenty deer on that drive yeah it’s limping why didn’t you shoot
one of those ones down here I know of John hit one we’re gonna go up and see
if we can find it good a shorter half way how are ya yep
perfect you’re perfect listen anything was that the one snort net you down here
yeah I heard one snort I figured it was a buck yeah go with ya now we got a blood trail not a lot of
blood down where where’s the trail left is that it
staying in there you see it does that look like it here look at your scope see that dark patch
straight ahead throw one lay in there now okay okay
let’s just keep going just keep your eyes up to patient stops up now he’s probably bounced off rolling downhill
it’s dis yeah oh man yeah we can drag it over to the
punt hey that’s last day I needed that I was so concerned go home here without a
meet yeah whoa John usually this would have been what your first year that you
didn’t kill a deer and how many years this would have been my first probably
first year ever it would have been much yeah
this would have been my first season ever not killing a deer Wow and you own
Game Master yeah what are you using it’s a it’s an I think I looked up the model
number I think it’s in 1960 Remington 760 gamemaster that’s uh dough in the
freezer nice to dough today I’ve seen I saw I had seen 70 deer run up to that
hauler yeah they but they were so there was distance there’s a lot of distance
on them I mean I can’t believe we just jumped
this thing right now yeah he was hiding in that thick stuff well let’s uh you
know we can drag it down hill and we’ll put tag on and drag it down out of here
and then and then maybe cut it later because it’s gonna be getting dark just look right down that’s a big dough yes yeah both big dough big dev Wow goes
this way cuz I shot it as it was take you both sweeney miss that made an
awesome shot you finished Sweeney’s deer off behind the shoulder
and then well it was running this way now where’s the blood coming out of
right there the neck must have been one alive that’s an entrance wound I don’t
know how it made it that far well resilient big deer man yeah oh it
puts the tag off we’re gonna get her down here out of the woods first before
we gutter works get dark to these pines get real dark in no time
all right easy drag downhill boy we almost had a big problem if she went
down in that brush it would have been a nightmare getting out John’s done
cutting his deer I got Sweeney and his deer this is how you don’t shoot here
sighs dear yeah you have to hold so we need to keep John from falling over there you go hey we got a truck full cut
bread for filling deer into the famous blue blue pickup truck hey your truck
made it on video again to have the chain case John got stuck Wow we appreciate
you coming out to take us on this hunt yeah so a lot of deer today yeah
swishes when he shot his out of a group maybe what seven or eight down and I
show mine out of a group of like 70 p.m. last couple hours of the season and we
did it again this year last our first fo day in September I’m taking a doe yeah
we’re gonna put meat in the freezer so that this isn’t like a we don’t have
anything we need to kill some deer but hopefully I mean I don’t know I’m gonna
keep doing this second Saturday thing if you guys are game because what whether
we need it or not the hunting that we do on the last Saturday I feel like the
crunch time makes makes the hunt like way more I don’t know more and more high
speed yeah we’re pushing deer or not sitting right right right
last day you’re gonna have to get them deer moving their bed and tight so
alright till next year all right hey thanks rifle season over and out you

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  1. Love your videos John. I’ve been solo hunting for at least 5 years now. Hunting with a group and doing drives late in the season is so much fun. I miss it. See ya in the pub.

  2. Great video, can’t wait to go out for flintlock for a doe after Christmas this year. It’ll be my first time going out with a flintlock and I just got my 11 point mount back from archery season this year

  3. Great last day video. That’s awesome that you pushed deer for them guys. All them bear tracks were probably after them dead bucks on your property. Congratulations on 100,000 subscribers. Keep on keeping on and Best of luck always and thanks for sharing your videos.

  4. Awesome video as always. Way to go on doubling up on the last day. 70 deer spotted, 5 sets of bear tracks, snow, and a truck bed full of deer meat doesn’t get any better. And yes, the opening weekend of archery season is designed for filling the doe tag. Golden rule fellas. Don’t pass a deer on the first day that you wouldn’t pass on the last day lol. I’ll be looking forward to your awesome muzzloader hunts after Christmas John. Congrats on the Double doe

  5. Good day to all,
    Another great video, merry Christmas to all and best wishes for the new year, regards from Kiwiland in Down Under.

  6. Great video. It looks like you have a ton of doe there. That first buck in the beginning I kept going shoot SHOOT SHOOT. I guess his angle was different then what the camera showed.

  7. Have not watched any of your new videos since our season closed here first of the month, but I will catch up. Have a great Merry Christmas all your Family's, God bless from Nova Scotia. 🙏✌🎅🤶

  8. Good day,
    Stopped by to wish you and the family a very merry Christmas and great, awesome new year of 2019, best regards from all of us in Down Under, Tony.

  9. You are a good guy John. I'm not saying they they are bad guys…but definitely dont share your hunting discipline. Teach them your ways.

  10. Remington Woodsmaster! 740 was semi in 30-06 & 760 pump! Remington is my family history and the factory is a 1/2 mile away.😀

  11. Dont let people tell you whats a trophy deer and whats not ever deer is a gift a honor a trophy remember you cant eat horns bro. Just saying

  12. Yall need to check out John's bee keeping videos.
    Now that I've the land and barns,,I'm gonna give it a go this spring.

  13. that shirt tail should be coming off and hung on the camp wall with his name on it.  Next time he'll get ready and not figit so much lol

  14. You guys look like you really are having a great time with a whole lot of commradery. That is a real important part of hunting! I'd like to hunt with you guys. A great group of friends. Thanks for taking us all on your hunt. I really enjoyed it a lot!

  15. Thank you for not adding some ridiculous music to your video! The biggest mistake most hunting vids make is adding some silly heavy metal music to their vid at the highest volume.

  16. Ah man! That 1st buck was a beauty! Good try on the meh, but I giggled because after he was stopped looking right at you, he wasn't stopping (been there done that myself 🙂 Looks like you guys had a good hunt – congrats!

  17. make sure these 2 friends of yours go to the range and practice shooting and make sure to make an ethical and humanely kill… if a deer needs another bullet put one in her, so she won't be suffering like the one your friend shot..i can still see and hear that doe was still struggling just as you said, '' nice '' you can hear her trying to get up and took her last kick… this is why peta always on us hunter's asses, cause hunters like your buddy here.

  18. Not the way I deer hunt, but that's all good. It looks like you guys are having some fun, making some great memories and putting meat in the freezer. Fun video. Thanks for sharing. God bless.

  19. Deer driving shouldn’t be illegal in my opinion. Too many laws as is a lot of places. What should be illegal is dumbasses

  20. No shot when the buck was standing perfectly still, but took a pot shot while it was running? Poor decision making at it's finest

  21. Shoot just like field points>>> Devestating wound channel, lots of blood, super sharp blades. I can't imagine I will shoot anything else again. I love these broadheads!

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