Deer Hunting 2019 Bowhunting and Inline Muzzleloader – Brendan’s Pennsylvania Whitetail Hunting Trip
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Deer Hunting 2019 Bowhunting and Inline Muzzleloader – Brendan’s Pennsylvania Whitetail Hunting Trip

November 30, 2019

back by popular demand just got the PA
probably about five hours ago that’s the day before them freely muzzled her
season starts so wrong guts to the food plot where previous videos I’ve hunted
in and been successful yeah hopefully not shake like the dickens the Lucy Brennan says he sees a bug already we
just gotta stand she comes down she was right there at 20 yards but she
was back to Barry colleges head we didn’t want you know to jump the string
no never shoot the shot end up with a bad shot we
were hoping to bring a little bit closer yourself
that’s 5:30 so that one’s gone yet more tears coming last-ditch effort before we head back to
the truck it didn’t even know we’re didn’t have this damn how did is
actually work all right it looks like working out of a stand a
little early but this camera picks up a long light and plus we know that no deer
are gonna be coming into the food plot here any time soon because we literally
I mean it looks like there’s a lot of light here but we literally have maybe
10 minutes of light left it’s gonna get dark real quick so we want to get out of
the stand before water start coming into the food plot why we’re trying to get
out in the dark history’s they don’t know her you don’t want me it’s not you’re awesome going upon it where one two three way up
top I just saw three of them yeah I know two of them ran to the left so 3/4 way
short way up there so they wrap around the hillside snow maybe got one maybe I
hope so too if not 350 yards shot maybe 45 but
through the trees a lot of branches there but hopefully squeeze one through
so we found where the bullet hit guessing maybe a Miss you’d almost think
there would be blood right here if it went through that deer
we pretty much determined it was clean miss so hey you’re on par with Andrew
Jarrett Ella chronic was harder three in the making hey that’s what that’s what
the injuries thought he was gonna be he thought he was gonna be on a shirttail
Crossville video I can’t come on too many as it is now now that Andrews
achieved alpha male status with now rifle bow and muzzleloaders
on video you have you you have to at least you have to lease yeah the only
way because you’re using an inline the only way you can even it out because he
used the foot lock is you have to miss one less than he does how many men you
miss a quois yeah I got two bullets I’m gonna go see what we can do with my
muzzle loader just missed one yeah we’re gonna go to the other food plot from one
of my archery hunt on Friday night we’re gonna pass by it
something’s in there we’ll shoot it just not healthy nice Andrew killed his deer right here one
Saturday evening it’s Monday evening and see if anything comes in I think we’re gonna do the same thing we
did with Andrew so we’re gonna get out of the stand and
check out the other food plot see if we can sneak up cuz if they’re not here
usually they’re in the other one so okay scratch that pretentious oh my dear
class I should thank you just coming into while just take time Stassi yeah fuck right that is a good size pocket you’re
spilling shit no yeah every day no you’re staying ten feet from that no way
that’s a different he has a different book decided if I go
straight out nothing on it nice that’s just a different book what never pass the Draper Ron shut us down I jumped on page on the plate on his
hangers I ran up there jumped on one RV oh my god well how do you today but
close encounter walked up on that bucket of rub horn to ride it so bad
just take them up through the field 18 yards and smelled us so that’s one more
day so we’re good all the Floridians are dealing some beer they’re gonna do some
driving down through these fields see if we can get Brendan a deer coming down
through there it is just popped right out your dad
that’s an 8-point that’s a bigger buck that’s different buck he was also an
agreeable yeah that’s to do bucks laying down in
that corner where’s it at yes what that way muster ran up towards
us he’s looking yep it’s going up go through it it’s going over to the other
guys don’t let’s bounce back down door it’s coming back down no towards your
dad come back to your dad look up that way he looking wrong way well we’re back
at this again now let’s actually put a bullet on a deer so far if you tree
could wrestle a 9-point last night yeah fast on that we got some action going on
just not any on the ground yep make sure your steady weight the top of
the shoulder stay right the top getting high yeah she jumped he jumps
high we’re not sure yet we got a good answer not sure let’s go down check now
I wish I could control this little buck over here he said he just saw one hand
on a burger as we got out of the stance so they were just starting to come into
plot but well if not why would you feeling this that’s on to missus waiting
gonna be to missus on film but you know Andrew keeps saying third time’s a charm
we’ve been looking for a while and we cannot find any blood any hair it’s just
very confusing because that deer jumped so high and awkward but it might have
been just the bullet grazing past its face or right underneath it and it just
got scared and jumped up but we have searched all through the woods and it
might be miss so there’s a Miss I don’t know what to tell you folks right now
just in case this turns into an hour shirttail chronicles which pretty sure
that’s what’s gonna happen I’m getting married in June so I’m happy no matter
what so we’re gonna get out of the stand maybe try some new places we’re fourth
quarter fourth quarter we got three seconds left on the clock it’s a tie
game how many timeouts we have we got no we only got three so we’re debating
whether or not we should field goal or go for it go for it we’re gonna get four
okay you only know if you got that on film I
did I did I think well yeah another one was here we just bumped a couple deer
and walked all over these hills surprise a shotgun here he’s shaking somewhat
she’s exhausted I ain’t exhausted we just walked about a mile and a half I
have longer name Wow he a mountain before at about four mile we’re actually
right here where we usually part of the truck to start out our honks but the
reason why we walk the mile the other way is because they like to bed right
here and this thick stuff right when we get out of the truck they’re always
jumping up and running so I said to walk that old mile right back to
where we usually park but it’s worth it is down down that’s right folks right
now we were in overtime last night that last leg this time but anyways this is
my last night here in Pennsylvania and I go back pull out tomorrow morning yeah I
did on the last and final day it was but I don’t want to get away yeah button
buck spine shot but must have hit that re cuz it didn’t take long it felt right
in spot yeah pretty much it fell right there
I mean shooting through some nasty stuff but all right
you finally got your deer got my tag filled get some meat to take home yeah
it’s hard to pick up the button bucks but yeah well actually that’s the thing
because we actually thought we were shooting you know mother – yeah the
bigger one and the other one was the fawn you know what else it is – huh
every time I haven’t brought my phone on a hunt I’ve shot don’t got the phone on
ha we’ll have to remember that that’s cuz I’m always on Facebook entries run
right barb yeah nope we got a tag on there we’re gonna drag her down to the
road instead of messing with it Anita brambles last day last few hours made
the shot count I decided to go on the walk this afternoon and dropped it this
is actually my second or third in line mother deer put on video put on videos
oh yeah thanks Johnny yeah you’re welcome
oh yeah all right Congrats hey
didn’t have to make you fill me jump across the creek this time they’ll
probably put that little clip in there for the reminder of her body but I will
right here it is you saw where I went in straight across you gotta get a run for what was that
you’re nervous you

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  2. this one made me sick. No idea how you didn't shoot that rubbing buck. unreal missed opportunity. I would never have been able to let that 4 year plus old giant like that walk with that kind of insane footage. had to take a smoke break.

  3. Another great video. Can't wait to get notification of new video uploads from your channel. I really enjoy watching them. Keep up the great work.

  4. Awesome footage of that big buck raking that tree, John you always capture great footage in the deer woods. Congrats to Brendan as well.

  5. Shor my first deer this year, a decent 4×4 it still had velvet on its right G2 and i shot it on 0ct 21 with an in-line muzzleloader

  6. I went out the other day with the muzzleloader and a nice 8 pointer came 25 yards away broadside perfect shot with a bow but I couldn’t

  7. John that kid reminds me of my brother he shakes like a leaf when he sees a deer. Lol. Good times man great videos!

  8. Great video and excellent footage of the bucks. Love to see people get excited when they take a deer. To me that is what hunting is all about, and you captured it on video. Nice job!!

  9. Oh my John, that buck was huge.  I'm sorry but I would have taken the rifle away from him and shot that buck when he stepped out of the weeds.  As usual, the scenery was just absolutely beautiful.

  10. Congrats, Brendan! You know, we might all laugh at him getting the shakes so bad, but that guy right there is experiencing the thrill of hunting just that much more.

  11. see you had something at the end there, good, one less in front of my car and one less in the gardens! hooray!

  12. Awesome to see some deer videos coming out! Thanks to John and the rest of the crew for filming and editing such great content ?

  13. You guys are crazy. You'd fit right in at camp here with our crew of mupeers. You know what that is right? Here just north of the state line we get lots of guys saying " yeah 'mupeer from the burgh for a week. Yins seein' any bucks 'roun here lately"

  14. Sometimes it is more fun to guide someone on a hunt, than it is to harvest one yourself . Great memories to cherish forever!

  15. That's how it seems to go for me as well. When I can only shoot Doe I end up seeing a few nice buck. Way to stick with it and great footage as always. Meat in the freezer. I was out bowhunting this evening and only saw 3 button buck and a Doe fawn. Should start getting real good real quick here in Wisconsin. Good luck and safe hunting to you and the whole crew at Leatherwood Outdoors.

  16. Brendan is back!!! He needs his own show! Congrats on your upcoming nuptials! I’m glad he got one but I’m going to miss the chronicles.

  17. Nine deer downvoted this wonderful video. By the way, good news, the PA House voted in Sunday hunting tonight, just a couple hours ago. Pennsylvania finally has some sort of Sunday hunting like every other state around us

  18. You guys are hilarious! I had more fun watching that video than I’ve had in a long time! Thanks for sharing, this has made my day!!

  19. Sorry, Brendan. You need to spend some time on the range. John, I'd check the zero of that rifle. Misses and poor shots should be a rarity, not commonplace.

  20. Another great video!!
    Check out my son and his friends at 4 brothers. They just started videos this year. They have an archery and a predator hunting one out so far. Keep em coming John

  21. Im a little confused, how come he was using a inline muzzleloader during during flint lock season? I always thought that inline in PA can be used but only in the 2 week rifle season….the fall muzzleloader season is flintlock right?????? someone clarify this

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  23. I am so glad to see this much enjoyment, nervousness and excitement. We all should have this kind of fun while hunting.

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  25. Great video not trying to be mean but I think you should let them shoot when they think they can not when you tell them it’s okay

  26. I get the shakes every single time I shoot one, buck or doe.., if I'm watching for awhile I get this fire in my belly type of feeling

  27. I had a first this year with my inline. Shot a nice doe found no blood no hair nothing. I could see her tracks in the wet leaves and followed them. Found her 100 yards away. Shot through both front shoulders. Didnt bleed a drop. Was shooting the same bullet that has flattened a lot of deer. The barnes spitfire tmz 250 grain.

  28. practice then go hunting do not go hunting then practice. there was no excuse for that much poor shooting. this was only ammo for the anti hunters.

  29. I really enjoyed this video. Looking forward to hunting with my grandfather and family in Western PA this year. God bless

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