DEER DRIVE BUCK! Gun Hunting Public Land with DAN INFALT – DEER TOUR E52
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DEER DRIVE BUCK! Gun Hunting Public Land with DAN INFALT – DEER TOUR E52

November 30, 2019

with the man sitting this guy
work them up bud oh here he comes on let’s get get shot right here I just didn’t want to be away I didn’t
want to interfere but I wanted to see it well that’s a pretty fitting start for
the Dan Infalt video I’d say we’re going to meet Dan we’re about three
minutes three miles from his house don’t know what the plan is for today but some
boys out doing the veer driving they’re shooting at him I think they knocked
down a doe no it looked like that’s the plan for today – we’re gonna be doing
dear drives with Dan as far as where in the world we’re gonna be what we got
ourselves into I don’t know we asked Dan if we needed a wetsuit or life jackets
or what we needed lost already we’re not even in the woods yet but it
should be an interesting day I got me fired I was part of a driver when I do
this one successful I looked over and she was just running while I was
watching that guy in that in that truck with like whatever he had going there I
don’t know you have a lazy boy stairs going into the bathtub I don’t see boy
and the guy was sitting in the bed of it and then all of a sudden they kept popping up on
that they had that thing surrounded those didn’t stand a chance
oh we’re just pulling up in Dan’s already shooting
right only an hour you get one ready Oh box we already got to be in on a deer
time did you got the film that was pretty funny
cool but this is my buddy Aaron here and he doest meet you
he’s gonna run around the marsh with us today cool I never I never and we’ll shoot with this thing I
thought you know I’m gonna be able to try it’s pretty impressive how flat I
can shoot how far all I could shoot accurately but the biggest issue was I
shot at dole I shot it like eight five two four one thousand but it was dead
yeah it’s just at the the parlor 308 knocks the thing over what it’s still
dead the Hydra Shok just isn’t quite there then what should I wear for boots get wet so got hip waders and I’ve got
knee boots well here and you walk long distance and waiters I think so I get I
wore these boots and it’s how I step you go through cattails step over onto the
weeks and you’re safe most of the time but I usually end up getting a boot full
I don’t know if you’re familiar with cattails big thing you’ve got to
look out for if there ain’t no cattails in a spot don’t step there
cattails because if it can’t support a cattail root yeah there might not be a bottom this
guy went to hunting with his dad and his dad is in his 80’s and they went out on
the swamp to do a drive they took his dad out there and his dad
went through in a bad spot all the way up to his armpits and they couldn’t pull
him out of accommodate ride they were going in they’re afraid he’s in you
hypothermia put plywood beside him I tried to pull him out with while
standing on plywood they still couldn’t get him out he’s in early like a half an
hour so then they went back got a snowmobile and put a strap around him and literally
pulled him out with a snowmobile and he came out with no boots no socks those we
found some time by half archaeologist yeah okay so uh Dave Greg you Jake wall
drive around and rest you can wait here Dave will hunt right here you might be able to see what he does from the next he’ll put it like this if you want to shoot
that way so you could sit on it with a leg straddle yeah Jake if I must sit on
the tripod he’ll sit on the ladder the ladder normally we use that for the
cattails because we sink it into the first rung on each side in the mock and
use it to get above the cattails but here we’re just trying to get elevated
enough so that we can see over this high grass and have an ethical shot downward
there’s otherwise a lot of times you can’t shoot straight out because of
people you don’t know where your bullets going shooting down is always a better
thing the deer should probably come on imagine it’s brush and standing here you
probably wouldn’t even hardly be able to see anything but the head but couldn’t
just elevate it a little bit you can kill him let’s get him let’s get him all
right good luck I did find some nice size 12 boot prints
somebody’s been through there already it kind of sucks because that’s that spot
usually pays off with some action we’ve been having a lot of that this year at
the see a pheasant some blue jays yeah if that doesn’t have antlers I had them see ya his tines sunlight hit his head
so I went and grabbed my camera I climbed up in the kids tree house
sitting there filming this thing he’s a ten-pointer I think he’s
his uh his right brawl kind of split on the video you can see a lot better cuz I
hit him from every angle he swinging his head her own another adult came down out
of bedding and he swing to look at that a doe that was hot she went back into
the woods it’s cool footage so I get him walking because there’s snow
yeah so you could see his rack clear as day walking through the woods it makes
his way down the transition so one guy has got to be in those poplars somewhere
real high where you can see everything down into this grass you could probably
go with Aaron and find someplace we can get a tree in filming
you want food so didn’t show him on the map what to do you’re gonna basically
and go where he is this Dike comes to tea yeah drop down
the line at Dike moved by those poplars way over there he’ll show you where you
can walk to this Dike on either side and walk up through this grass and we’ll all
regroup right over here someplace the deer have been proven jumping almost
before we even get into the marsh and I think they don’t want to be on the ice
sit her up on the higher ground so we’re gonna attempt to drive higher ground now
and see if that works I mean we wouldn’t jump them like crazy on the high ground
going to our spot so the marsh isn’t producing like it usually does just
change up or plan a little bit and we’ll see you guys all the way around was that you thank you yeah no no it was
Mario and she’s good under well uh still fresh to get a good story out of Mario
I’m sure it’ll be a good one here I can offer on to get your your a pack and not
like them okay we just drove this section and I came back to get Jake’s
pack and my stand and I looked down and right in our tracks where it wasn’t
before there’s a set of tracks sneaking out of here from when we were driving
going out the back door that are huge look at this the four finger walking
track he just snuck through here looks like a horse print something well I’m
sitting in that little ash tree right there one stick up and the two fawns
were leading and the momma doe was hanging behind so I put it right on her
she dropped then I turned onto the second one and I squeezed in my gun went
click and I flipped and I looked at my gun and there was two bullets jammed in my
action in the action of the gun right on top of our tracks what we’re doing this
Drive something snuck out the back to the track like that no I put my whole
hand in and it’s walking so it’s snuck it went right up her trail right were we
all standing grouped right through there was so heavy cut right into the grass
alright so even though we didn’t have a ton of action in those two days it was
really fun hunting with the hunting beasts crew and I know they got on a lot
of deer later in the week so we’ll leave the most interesting things I took away
from spending those two days with them is how lethal that stepladder can be in
that tripod combination where there’s no trees where you can get elevated and see
into those cattails and stuff like that so that’s a really good option if you
don’t have any trees and also quickly they adjusted to the deer not
being in some of the lower ground that they were used to him being in year
after year with the water being halfway frozen this year the deer doesn’t seem
to want to be out there so much because they were breaking through the ice all
the time so once we’ve shifted to the higher
ground we got in a deer and started killing some but now we’re gonna jump to
later that week and I was back in an area where I grew up hunting what’s a
big group of people that we hunt with every year just after Thanksgiving and
it’s just a bunch of me and my buddies that get together and we try to get some
meat for the freezer this particular drive that I’m gonna show you is one
that we do every year and it seems like every year a big buck sneaks out the
back either before we get started or right as we’re getting started so this
year my buddy Aaron and I tried to sneak to the back corner that all those deers
seemed to escape from before everybody started to drive and we talked about
trying to pull it down in fall and bring a stepladder back in there but we knew
that we were probably gonna jump deer on the way back in there so we wanted to
have both hands-free in case we needed to take a shot at something so we put
the stands on our back and started sneaking in there so I watched that deer stand up when we
were walking in and stood up and it looked completely the opposite direction
and when it whipped its head around and looked at us it was only 30 yards away
and it started to take off and that’s when I took the shot and he was so close
that all I did was put the crosshairs right behind his shoulder pulled the
trigger and pretty much right after I pulled the trigger we could hear him
crashing through the marsh we walked up to where I shot at him found a bunch of
hair and just marked it with orange hat then we just continued to move up to the
trees that we wanted to get posted up and I was the only two sticks up in a
tiny little tree but that’s all it takes to be able to see over those cattails
and red brush sometimes and as soon as Erin got set up they started the drive alright well we had some action already
on the way in there about lined up to start pushing this and we jumped another
small buck on the way and so they’re definitely in here again this year
Aaron’s setting up in a tree stand just to my north
we got a poster out on the dike over there and we got a bunch of guys that
are gonna run through this red brush out in front of us it’s important to get a
little bit of elevation like this that way when you’re shooting that deer your
bullets are going into the ground I’m gonna start looking and get ready to
shoot here one coming I think he’s down right there so the
drivers are all still right down there I can hear that buck coming through the
water came right up to here smelled me and continued on Aaron shot at him when
he got on into his opening there I already hit that buck so it wasn’t sure
if I wanted to shoot that one but then he took a crack at it so I shot at him
there and he was just standing up there once he got far enough away from the
drivers he felt comfortable enough where he stopped and was making his next
decision nice thing is he’s down there now we don’t have to drag him as far to
so I think that’s two we got down so far looks like a six point but we need some
meat we got a bunch of boys here that don’t have tags that are filled so it
wouldn’t be very happy if they heard Bucks running by us and we weren’t
shooting that and I just been sitting down on the ground out I’ve never seen
that deer standing there he would have been down in this red brush for me so
that’s another reason we like to get elevated like this thought about
bringing the stepladder in Danone fault style but have we done that I don’t
think we would have ever snuck up on that first but a lot of people think
these deer drives are just people running around through the woods with no
plan or no tactics involved but everything that we try to do is pretty
strategic we haven’t ever pushed it this way where we had posters in this back
corner but it always seems like to get out this way so we’re just kind of
adjusting to what they normally do and so far it’s working hey Aaron or I not
been here that deer would probably just escaped right through here and the guy
that’s posting way down there would have never even saw him pretty fun you didn’t
think I was gonna shoot did you I did I couldn’t get him out I was waiting for
your blessing this red brush was tall he came out right here in front of me and
then smell me alright cuz this red brush is really tall I can I couldn’t pick him
out of it but here that was shot though we both
shot at home out there yeah no we got to go look Tyler still post up there so we
can get her somewhere in there oh yeah so we got some hair here the buck stood
up he was looking out that way then you looked over sauce and started the bolt
that for sure hit him in that sound like you might have felt fawn over right here
the rest of the guys are going to check that other buck how many do we got on
the ground you’re sure a lot of two dolls for sure right now and another one
three three dose maybe a buck nice buck looks like it pretty cool I can’t believe that rifle
did that yeah let’s decide you to shot him on right yeah well we got a bunch of
deer to take care of I’ll probably just do a little follow-up uncut video but
it’s getting dark and we got a couple more to drag out so we’re gonna get to
work here you’re wondering why the end she was so big and I did shoot through a
little brush and ended up hitting this branch here you can see where it’s
freshly broke off and that’s where we found all the hair so I think what
happened was that entry hole is so big because the bullet either expanded or
started tumbling but it’s so close to him there’s only a couple of yards in
front of him then it didn’t affect the shot at all have a tough to get him out
he didn’t bring a knife to get him boys are out there with a I think I was a six
point maybe and then it sounds like there’s two or three does that are
stacked up out there we got some meat got it across close to getting across
the room all right well I hope everyone enjoyed this video I know dear drives
can be a little bit controversial but I hope this video proves how effective
they can be and how safe they can be if done right I’ve been going with the same
group of guys for a bunch of years now and they’re a bunch of guys that I trust
to make the safe decision as long as you know where everybody’s at at all times
it can be a really good time and that’s the goal for our group is just to be
safe and have a good time we’re not too concerned about how make the buck that
we shoot is or who shoots it we’re just trying to get some meat for the freezer
we got several guys that come from out of state they live in an area that there
isn’t a lot of deer so they like to come travel down to Wisconsin we get some
deer on the ground and make sure that they can go home with some venison and
this year was no exception for that I think we ended up with four dough’s and
two bucks on that last drive so everybody that wanted deer meat got to
go home with deer meat I had a lot of fun making these last two videos it
meant a lot to me that I was able to go home
hunt with my family and friends which at the end of the day that’s what it’s all
about I know the kill video quality wasn’t great here but I hope this video
expresses the amount of camaraderie and fun that was had and I know the deer
drive thing isn’t for everybody but I know we have several videos coming down
the pipe with wind bumping still hunting stuff like that I know there’s going to
be one that’s posted tomorrow so be on the lookout for that so we appreciate
watching and we’ll see how the next one okay that’s good

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  3. No matter the weapon or method if it's legal, more power to you! If it's brown put it down! I don't condemn anyone who does it legal. Drives, dogs, or what ever style.
    As Hunters we have to stand strong together against those who would take away those rights.

  4. Some of my best memories growing up are from deer drives with family and friends. I learned a lot about gun saftey, and what hard work is.

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  19. If the .223 didnt do so hot on that doe id recommend to Buy/use an AR10, most commonly chambered in .308 win (7.62×51) or a little more $$ and you can get one fitted for 30-06… 300 win mag has minimal recoil but they are pretty expensive in the ar platform

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  26. All I do is bow hunt and the day I have to stop is when dogs and drives begin to happen because you have people that dont look around and just last week I had 2 gun hunters run past my climber and didnt even see me till I screamed at them. So inconsiderate

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