DECURSE Gameplay – A New Magical Farming Game for Android & iOS
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DECURSE Gameplay – A New Magical Farming Game for Android & iOS

September 16, 2019

Hello fellow gamers to Big Paw Gaming! Decurse game is a mix of town simulation and farming game with a bit touch of magic. The game takes place in a world full of surprises and you find your town being cursed by some antagonist you will learn about a bit later. Your goal is to get the town back on its feet by first decursing it from the bad magic and then by rebuilding the damages. Once you are down with that, then town and farming simulator takes place where you will need to make sure that all your citizens needs are satisfied. You start rebuilding with a blocks that you generate through mining and this will be a crucial part of your game progress. The additional progress that you will make is create magical status that let you earn magic points in which help you to eventually have enough saved up to decurse additional part of the town. To level up and unlock more buildings, you will need to satisfy needs of your villagers. Someone needs bread with egg? Sure, get the bakery, harvest the wheat, feed it to chickens to get you eggs and rest of the wheat use to bake a bread. There are many mini games in the game that will help you move toward your goal. For example, you will always try to find small curses all over your town. It feels like a hidden object game at some point, but that what keeps it interesting while you are waiting for something to finish. The game art as well as the sounds are magical and the developers, Big Fish Gaming, did really good job here. If you like farming games or town management, you should give it a try. The game is free to play and available now on Android and iOS. The links to both and APK are in the description below. Overall, I really like this game and if you guys enjoy the video, I might make a series from it. Overall, my score is 8/10. I hope you like this video and watch it to the end. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. If you are new to the channel, please remember to subscribe. Thanks for watching and see you soon!

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