Dealing with Bullies – Tips for Parents from Dawn Barnes Karate Kids
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Dealing with Bullies – Tips for Parents from Dawn Barnes Karate Kids

November 30, 2019

Hi. My name is Ando. I’m the program
director here at Dawn Barnes Karate Kids in Los Angeles. We’d like to share two
tips to help your child stay safe from the bullies and bad guys in this world.
Tip number one: give your child a clear idea of what’s okay and what’s not okay
within your family. Believe it or not, we’ve had students take Karate for years
and still end up getting bullied or even hurt at school, not because they didn’t
know how to stand up for themselves, but because they were afraid they would get
in trouble if they did. Now, I’m not here today to argue about the zero tolerance
policy touted by some schools– I know their heart is in the right place– but I
do recommend that you set a family policy for dealing with bullies. Think
about it– even for adults, it’s not always easy to know when to speak up or stand
up for yourself. So, imagine how much harder it is for a child. Especially if
mom says one thing, dad says something else, and their teachers say something
different. So, please– have a family meeting. Let them know what’s okay with
you and what’s not okay when it comes to protecting yourself. For example, is it
okay to drop your book bag and run if you need to? What if someone’s being mean
or hurting one of their friends? What should you do if someone’s pushing or
striking you? Let them know your answers to these questions. Oh, a piece of advice–
if you have a difference of opinion as parents, you might want to come to some
type of agreement before you sit down with your child. Tip number two– make sure
your child knows that it’s okay to talk to you about anything at any time. If
your child is afraid that you’ll be mad at them, or blame them, or even punish
them just for telling you what’s happening at school or anywhere else,
then they will suffer alone and in silence.
Remember, bullies and bad guys don’t want your child to tell you what’s happening.
That’s why it’s crucial that your child knows they don’t have to keep
secrets in your family. It’s crucial that they know that even if you don’t like
what they’re telling you, that you still love them and you will help them solve
the problem. Simply asking your child, “How was your day?” and then really listening
without judgment, letting them know that you’re all on the same team when it
comes to bullies and bad guys, that’s more powerful than any punch. Okay, I hope
you found those tips helpful. For a free downloadable Bully Cheat Sheet, just
click the link below. From all of us here at Dawn Barnes Karate Kids, we wish you
and your children a safe and rewarding school year… and beyond.

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