| Dead Cells Gameplay review | One Of The Best Games Of 2018 ?
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| Dead Cells Gameplay review | One Of The Best Games Of 2018 ?

August 31, 2019

hey, everyone its your boy bloodwzardy.a and
am back with a new gameplay and the game for the day is dead cells Even though it’s an Early Access title, I
had tough time calling Dead Cells unfinished. It might not be complete, but I’ve spent 3
to 4 hours playing it like a released product. Early Access games often carry a certain stigma
, people don’t like throwing money at a product that’s little more than a half-baked proof
of concept — but Motion Twin’s efforts on Dead Cells make a compelling argument for
the program. There are a dozen environments, fifty-some-odd
weapons and skills (each with varying power levels), and a handful of enemies, including
elite variants and two bosses. Which luckily I met the first boss in my gameplay
and badly got defeated From a content standpoint, that’s more than
enough to justify its price tag, but it’s how everything comes together — the flow
of progress and combat that is well emough to promote Dead Cells even further. At first, you’ll start with a short sword
and the option of either a bow or shield. When enemies are killed, they drop blueprints
and Cells, which are a form of currency used to unlock and upgrade new weapons and skills. As long as the Prisoner can find an exit within
a given level, players can exchange their Cells with a mysterious creature called The
Collector to earn new loot. After a while, randomized starting gear gets
thrown into the mix, adding more fuel to the fire. But because you can only trade with the Collector
after finishing up a stage, Dead Cells carries a persistent sense of high-risk, high-reward
exploration. You’ll always want more Cells, but knowing
that one wrong move can mean your defeat makes rushing recklessly into combat dangerous as
hell. Even with upgraded strength, increased health,
and boosted utility skills — which are earned by finding scrolls scattered throughout levels
— it’s all too easy to get whooped by the game’s mix of zombies and armored knights. Coming to the Combat,. It’s fast and fluid, the challenge is so tensed
that the players will have to watch each enemy’s attack pattern. Despite his long-dead body, the Prisoner is
a capable fighter in the right hands. Players can double jump, perform aerial attacks,
roll past enemies, and switch between their two primary weapons and utility skills to
perform powerful combos. If you take damage, landing a few quick strikes
earns some of the Prisoner’s health back, further adding to the game’s core focus on
risks and rewards. Dead Cells does an exceptional job of making
combat look super flashy, with smooth animations to complement its pixel art, while also making
each strike feel as it has weight behind it. Though a more organised approach to combat
is often safest, but it can hurt players in the long run. Each stage is packed with secrets, from carrots
away behind flimsy walls, to Cursed Chests that grant big bonuses at a high cost. The most powerful of them are time-locked
doors. Once players gain control of the Prisoner,
a timer starts, counting the seconds until entire routes through the game are locked
off. It’s similar to Nuclear Throne’s hidden paths
in that rushing towards them is, well, a rush, but they can often lead you to be underprepared
for what awaits. It’s a baked-in difficulty curve that speed
runners and high-level players will get a lot of mileage out of it Similarly, the Prisoner can learn useful movement
skills that carry over from run to run. Tickling certain objects on the ground causes
roots to shoot upward, granting access to hidden locations. An electric zapping technique functions as
a short-range teleport, transporting the Prisoner across short distances that are otherwise
inaccessible. These upgrades, combined with the sprawling
levels and regular teleporters that builds a breezy sense of movement that will match
the game’s standard controls. basically.You feel like an undead ninja, I could go on and on about Dead Cells. Despite the fact that the game it’s not fully
released, this promotes it be one of the fabulous games this year. Thank you for watching thumbs up if you enjoyed
the video and susbscribe for more future reviews ,
Until then peace,,,,,,,,

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  1. the full game is out on steam check it out if you like the game

  2. This game does challenging. Something I do like in games. Good stuff. I just acquired this game, and its on the horizon for me to play. I love platform type fighter games like this. Makes me think of Shinobi. Good showing of the traits, clear video, and explanation. I give it a 9 of 10 review.

  3. I've never heard of this game before but after watching this I'm considering playing it. I think you did a great job at giving me the information about this game.

  4. I've played a few hours of this game on my former roommate's Steam and I SOOO want to play it again. I want to buy it. 🙁 And I'm not even really into rogue-likes.

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