D&D Beyond Dev Update – Blood Hunter, Digital Dice & Top Feats
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D&D Beyond Dev Update – Blood Hunter, Digital Dice & Top Feats

February 14, 2020

– Hello everyone, I’m
Adam with D&D Beyond. Thank you for joining me for
this week’s development update and community Q and A session. We’re gonna dive right
in, lots to cover today. And I’m gonna try my best as I always say to answer all the
questions, I’m gonna fail, but it’s gonna be spectacular in the attempt to get to them all. Today’s lineup, latest updates, we are going to have another
data update today as well. We took a look at feats across the board in a few different ways
a couple of years ago and so we’re going to
do an update here today. There was some moving and shaking and some differences in the
meta of the game out there and so we’re gonna talk
about feats and distribution and all of that again
today, provide an update, everything that’s upcoming and then the aforementioned
question and answer period will happen at the very end. So latest updates, the
Blood Hunter revisions that Mr. Matthew Mercer
has put into place. Previously available as a charity bundle, that period has ended, it is available as of now at D&D Beyond, the
old version has been archived so if you have existing
characters who are Blood Hunters, those are going to continue
to operate as normal, no changes unless you remove that class from those characters and then re-add the new class. But if you make a brand new character or multi-class into Blood
Hunter at this point in time, you’re going to get the new version that is available in the DMs Guild and again available now on D&D Beyond. One Grung Above is now also available as of this week on D&D Beyond. And this has been asked
for for a long time. We’ve been back and
forth just asking Wizards if we can get this content. To be honest I think this one
just hopped through the cracks kinda like a little toad
might hop through the cracks of some cobblestones, yeah,
I tried too hard on that one. But One Grung Above is available now and all the proceeds are
donated to ExtraLife, so check it out, this
is always very popular when a new race becomes available. So if you want to play a
anthropomorphic poison dart frog, this is your chance to do
so with One Grung Above. Work in progress, the combat tracker. It is on the road to alpha,
we’re getting closer. So moving on, D&D Player Mobile App, so this is the character sheet that we have been talking
about for a long time. We very transparently shared some of the challenges that we’ve seen
just as a development studio trying to pull this
off in the proper ways. We are getting very, very close. The internal alpha has started,
so this is available now on our phones here within our offices and we’re starting to test it out to make sure that it is ready for the subscriber alpha that is to come. So again, I’m not gonna
give dates here today, but it means that we are
getting very, very close if we’re starting to use
this and install this on our own phones here in the office. So we’ll have more on that
before too much longer. UA class feature variants
is a priority for us, there’s just a lot of complexity here, and I wanna be very clear. The complexity is not so
much in just making sure that we apply a band-aid that
would make your character work in the meantime here. It is far more long-term reaching got my tang tonguled there, but it is far reaching, the
decisions that we’re trying to make where we don’t completely
paint ourselves into a corner for the eventuality of if
this content becomes real, we don’t want there to be data problems and inconveniences on
the side of our fan base and the community out there,
so we’re trying to do this the best that we can
and the most right way that we can do it at this point in time, so I hope to have more news to share on that before too much longer. I’m gonna skip down to
Apple authentication. This is coming and this
will coincide very likely with our mobile app being
available in the Apple stores and then finally dice
rolling, the road to alpha. I actually have, let’s
see if I can find it here. Actually have a little bit
of a demo that I’m gonna show with dice at this point in time. So this is on a test site, so maybe ignore anything
that is maybe ugly right now because most of the things
that we make are pretty but there might be a thing or
two that are ugly on this one because we’re in
pre-alpha stage with dice, but you’ll be able to enable dice from your context menu on
the character portrait. Once dice are enabled you
will see that these boxes will appear in the various places where you are able to roll digital dice. So the DM says, “Roll initiative,” and there is chaos for a moment, so you can roll your initiative here, and the dice will roll and you’ll have that roll recorded here. And then if we are wanting to take action and I’m going to use a Vicious Net. (chuckles) This is my favorite. We’re going to attack with a Vicious Net. So we’re gonna roll
that, I rolled a three, which is not very good at all. I probably missed with my Vicious Net there, but also this is the fun thing, so with spells let’s go down here and find a fireball somewhere. Ah, here we go, fireball,
this is gonna feel great. Fireball! Bam, ooh, that die almost
landed on the other, but it flipped off, did you see that? And so on the damage you can hover here, you probably can’t see that
very well on the screen, but you can hover here on the tool tip and it will tell you what
each die rolled there, but I wanna just do a fireball again ’cause I like saying fireball. And so we’re gonna roll our fireball. Let’s see how high I
can get with a fireball. 23, that’s pitiful, come on fireball! 30, all right, I’m gonna go
with the 30, that’s better. I think it’s at least above average, I don’t do math in my head. Fireball! Come on, I can get higher
than 30, I know it. Fireball! Oh my goodness this is gonna take forever. 30 seems to be it. Also if you want to roll freestyle dice, there’s also going to be FAB, which is one of my favorite words. Stands for Floating Action
Button, but you will have a FAB. And on the FAB here you can click that up and you’ll see that you have
the different dice represented so we’re just gonna do something crazy, I’m gonna just keep clicking. Oh, we see something in the pre-alpha that’s maybe not quite cleaned up yet, you see the tool tip that says D20 is over where I’m clicking on
how many dice I want, but I am about to roll 50 D20. Roll it! Yes! What did that get, 548! That’s what I’m talking about, 548. So it’s almost like that can be, I’m just gonna keep clicking
here to get as many as we can and so on this one we’re gonna say it’s not a fireball, it’s gonna be nuclear explosion go beyond plus ultra! 314, got it. All right, so dice are far too much fun, and I believe that
everyone is going to have a blasty blast once this
comes out and is available. I think this is a meteor swarm right here. We did it, 72 points of damage plus ultra! So yes, dice are so close I can taste it and I cannot wait for everyone to be able to get their digital hands on these dice and there are many, many surprises that we’re going to end up
encountering with dice as well and trust me, you’re going to love them as we’re able to talk more and more about that in the future. All right, what’s next, data. Let’s take a look at the
data, feats revisited. So we’re going back in a time machine. Look at how ugly our
slides were back then. I mean they’re just hideous,
nah, they’re actually okay. But this was back in 2018, all right, 2018 A.D. Or it’s like A.D.E I
think they say these days. But back then you can see
that characters with feats by level so clearly in the
level one to three range here, four percent of characters had feats, and that is purely variant humans since they were they only ones
that were able to have them. But with these variant humans
you see that four percent is a pretty good bit of
total characters out there, so there are a lot of human
characters, all right, so I do wanna make sure
that that part’s clear, but then as we get into
level four through seven as people are starting to get
their ability score increases, of course they want those
ability scores to be as high as possible, they
want to be as charismatic as somebody like Briv Steelmarrow who can just talk anyone into anything, and if they don’t do it he kills them. But essentially 34% is all
that were taking feats. That’s actually a little bit higher than I thought it would be
because if you go online and you start reading
all the guides out there for optimizing your
character, most of the time they’re gonna tell you that statistically you are going to want to be sure that you get your ability
score maxed out at 20 before you start messing around with feats for most classes anyway and most types of builds that you will do. But what this illustrates to me is that all of you out there playing don’t pay any attention to
those optimization guides and you are in it to have
a good time at the table, and that’s what we want,
nothing but a good time. So that’s what happening here. So this was back in 2018
and we see that currently we actually have a little
bit of shifting going on, just a little bit in the higher levels. So 2018, we see that levels
eight through 11, 49%, 58, 57, then we go to now and we’re seeing that it could be that D&D
Beyond now has been around for we’re in our third
year, we haven’t completed a third year here, but it
could be the characters are just flat out leveling up a little bit and so we start to see a little bit more of the feats being taken here, perhaps people that are theorycrafting. Again, we’re pulling this
down to active characters the best that we know how to, but if people are theorycrafting
and they go around adjusting their hit
points and taking rests then there’s not a lot that we can do to parse that part out. So this is what we’re looking at, characters with feats by level. So then going back in
time two whole years. This is like an excellent journey. All right, 2018 you see that War Caster leads the pack pretty strongly here that War Caster is the most chosen feat. Now this is not my class,
we’re gonna look at that in a second, but this is
just all the way over. This is what’s going on with
the top feats two years ago. War Caster, Tough, Lucky,
Sharpshooter, Observant, Great Weapon Master’s all
the way down about middle of the pack actually, Sentinel, Mobile, all those middle of the pack. So then we’ll go to
current, War Caster is still strongly in the lead, Tough is there, Sharpshooter has moved up
a bit, Observant, Lucky, Alert, Great Weapon Master’s moved up just a little bit as has Sentinel, but for the most part you’re gonna see one of the surprises
here is Elven Accuracy, so that one came much later
than a lot of the other feats, and so it’s just newer, less
people have access to it because less people own
Xanathar’s Guide to Everything within D&D Beyond, but Elven Accuracy is just that good and that popular so it’s making an appearance
here for top feats. So two years ago, watch your
eyes, sorry about your eyes, but two years ago this is
what we were looking at and then now this is what we have. So then watch your eyes one more time, so we’re going from dark to light, so I’m sorry, just blink
and you’ll be okay. All right, so two years ago. Going back into time like the doctor. The doctor is here to
tell you that Barbarians, Great Weapon Master, Tough, Dual Wielder, all of these we went
through two years ago, made a lot of sense I think at the time. There weren’t any huge surprises here, but when you go to current
we’re definitely seeing some moving and shaking here. So one of the things
that is fascinating to me is Sentinel has now emerged into the Barbarians toolkit more prominently and then with Bard you
see barely any change. You see on Cleric that Tough,
Tough is taken so much folks ’cause again, watch your
eyes, we go back here, we see that Tough is the
second most taken feat out of all feats across all characters so the Cleric here is
definitely taking Tough and you see that emerge
into their top three and then Druid War Caster
continued to increase quite a bit even from the last time
that we looked at this. Fighter, so Sharpshooter
was not in the top three for Fighters when we looked
at this two years ago, but now it is the most
chosen feat by Fighters. And I think that this is incredible, and so it means that maybe
people are finally realizing that the best archer that you
can build in fifth edition is a Fighter, sorry about
that anyone who thinks that Rangers are better or thinks that that weird Bard build is better or any of those kind of things. Fighters are king when
it comes to archery. And so Sharpshooter, that’s
my opinion by the way, please do not report to customer service that D&D Beyond is
taking an official stance that the Fighter is the best Archer class. That is just the expert
opinion of one BadEyeAdam here. All right, so Sharpshooter
taken a whole lot for Fighters and so you see that that
really increased here, Tough, again Great Weapon Master, Sharpshooter and Great Weapon Master whether you are melee
focused or ranged focused are obviously strong choices for Fighters. Tough again for the Monk
emerging in the top three again. You see the same thing
happening with Paladin. So Tough is a feat that
lots of people are choosing. You also see that for the
Paladin Great Weapon Master has emerged and Sentinel. And so Paladin last time had War Caster, Heavy Armor
Master, Polearm Master were the most chosen feats and they have completely
changed their top three. I’m going to say that this might be just inspired potentially by certain
half orc Paladins out there that have magical metal inside their bones because this is the kind of
style that Briv Steelmarrow. So no, actually not, but either way Paladins out there are definitely starting to play different ways at least
across the population sample of the millions of characters
that we have in D&D Beyond. Rangers have stayed about the same with all of their feats, so
no major surprises there. Alert has now become the top for Rogues and then with Sorcerers
nothing particularly changing there for Sorcerers. I mean it looks like War
Caster and Smell Sniper, what would that be like, Smell Sniper? Spell Sniper, those
look like they’re almost across the community,
they’re definitely defaults for the Sorcerer and then we
have a whole bunch of feats, which Lucky is the highest of these that are very, very low percentages. Warlock, War Caster, Spell Sniper, all the sudden Actor making its way here. So Actor as you might have
guessed with the Bard, but also the Warlock does give you the half ability score
increase with your charisma so makes sense that that
could be a choice here. War Caster, Keen Mind,
and then Spell Sniper has emerged for Wizards as well. So for instance with Sorcerer
I’m very surprised maybe that what is it called, the
feat, Elemental Attunement, is that what it’s called? It’s the feat that allows you
to overcome damage resistance of a particular element type. It seems like that would be
much higher for Sorcerers and be in the top three,
but it’s not here. So again, lots of
changes that we’re seeing and we do not in Dungeons and Dragons, I do not people to even think
that we have a meta out there like you would talk about
in terms of video games like League of Legends
or World of Warcraft or anything like that, but
it is really interesting to take a look and see the differences between these two years
and what that means for the feat selection and what that means for people learning how to play classes, possibly more efficiently or
hopefully for more enjoyment at the table because that’s
what all of this is about. So hopefully this was
interesting to you to see where it was two years
ago, where we are today, we got a lot of questions about this, so we wanted to provide the new data and give you the update on
where we are with all this. Upcoming, we got AL support,
inventory enhancements, we’ve got a site wide survey coming soon, all of these things are
things that we’re eyeballing as we got a lot of big
rocks that we’re currently chipping away at with dice
and with combat tracking and with a major, major overhaul of how our character service works that’s eventually gonna mean things like being able to develop
features for it faster, address a lot of the rules gaps that we have out there today, do things like inventory enhancements and then also just make sure
that the site doesn’t go down as we continue to grow
at a rapid, rapid pace. And so big, big rocks that we’re
chipping away at right now, these are potential next targets that we’re gonna be starting to get into, and then yes, we are gonna have Dev Update: A Community
Musical on March fifth, so mark your calendars for that. It is gonna be a wild time I guarantee.

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  1. I'm surprised the War Caster got dropped by the paladin considering that it is needed to cast spells when you have a shield

  2. One question about the class feature variants. How will the ranger's capstone ability be handled if someone takes favored foe instead of favored enemy? After all, foe slayer only works when you are facing a favored enemy, something that favored foe does not give you. I know that most players do not play at level 20 but it is still a question that needs to be asked.

  3. You guys are doing a great job with continuing to improve your product. Thanks to your support of Critical Role, my party voted to start using D&D Beyond quite a while ago, so I've been able to see it improve. As a traditional DM, I was hesitant, but now I really really like the product. Thanks for never being completely satisfied, and listening to the users.

  4. The secular year designation is CE, for Common Era, though there's an argument to be made for adding 10,000 years to it, since roughly 12k years ago is when evidence of agriculture starts to show up. I guess that might be noted as 'Civilization Era' or the like.
    The physics engines of some virtual dice apps can be funny. I've used a few that don't seem to have much in the way of mass simulation, since dice can frequently stack themselves when rolled.

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  9. Best archer class IMO is rogue, arcane trickster (if tables are counting ammo) … you have access to illusions, hide as a bonus action, attacking from stealth or with alies near the opponent for sneak attack damage using a single arrow… as most tables don't count ammo I agree fighter ends being the best shooting 5-10 arrows into an opponent like a machine gun

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