Day 9 morning | Road Cycling highlights | Rio 2016 Paralympic Games
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Day 9 morning | Road Cycling highlights | Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

December 3, 2019

The men’s C1, C2 and C3 cycling Road Race
took place at Pontal, over a distance of 71 kilometres.
The cyclists raced over three laps of a 23 point seven kilometre circuit, many had already
competed in track cycling at these Games.
Steffen Warias and David Nicholas both won medals in this event at London 2012. There was an accident at the start for Tristen Chernove of Canada and Fraser Sharp of New Zealand. Both needed to make adjustments before they
could rejoin the race. Meanwhile, Steffen Warias of Germany and Eoghan
Clifford of Ireland were in the leading pack of six, along with Fabio Anobile of
Italy, Kris Bosmans of Belgium, Esnaider Munoz Marin of Colombia and Eduardo Santas Asensio
of Spain. Those six had a clear lead going into the
second lap. Four riders broke away on the final lap, Fabio
Anobile, Kris Bosmans, Steffen Warias and Eoghan Clifford.
Clifford fell behind on the hill climb. And as they reached the final corner, Clifford
had slipped back to fifth. Esneider Munoz Marin was now in the group of four that
sprinted for the finish line. Warias crossed the line first, followed by
Bosmans, Anobile and Munoz Marin. Warias took the gold medal, four years after
winning silver in the same event. The women’s C1, C2 and C3 Road Race also took
place on the Pontal course. Once again, many of the competitors had already
taken part in track cycling at Rio 2016. This race was over a distance of 47 point
four kilometres, two laps of the course. There were eleven competitors, and the first
ten were all riding just a few metres apart on the first lap, all still in contention
for medals.
They were sharing the work, taking turns to ride at the front of the group.
Denise Schindler of Germany won the silver medal in this event at London 2012, she was
leading at the first hairpin bend. In wet conditions, Shenling Zong of China
slipped off her bike. She recovered and even managed to rejoin the
leading group. There were still ten riders in contention,
including Zeng Sini of China, who won the gold medal in London.
The group continued to ride together on the second lap, but three cyclists made a break
on the hill climb. Zeng Sini, Jamie Whitmore of the United States
and Denise Schindler of Germany opened up an advantage.
They timed that effort well, and all three sprinted for the finish line. Whitmore on the right crossed first, ahead of Zeng and Schindler.

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