David Hock – Jornalista Paralímpico (Paralympic Reporter) – Rio 2016
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David Hock – Jornalista Paralímpico (Paralympic Reporter) – Rio 2016

November 16, 2019

I’m David, I’m 19 years old, coming from Germany. I’m reporting on the Games for a young journalists’ project called “Paralympic Zeitung” of “Paralympic Post”. It’s an international project, we are working with ten German journalists, two British and ten Brazilians, I’m especially reporting on swimming, I’ve been at the first gold medal competition for Daniel Dias. That was quite exciting because I had the chance to talk to him, we took a picture together and I wrote my first article about Daniel Dias and his chances to become the most succesfull Paralympian. That was quite a good
first experience for me . The Brazilian friends taught me some Brazilian things like “Boa noite” (Good night), “Parabéns” (Congratulations), “Obrigado” (Thank you). Most important vocabulary for me: “Canudo” (Straw). I really like the experience here, because I´m not the only one with an impairment, it feels more like the impairment makes me part of this event with so many people with different impairments.

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