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August 19, 2019

[Music] yes I knew tempest 18 so what this is got the D system on it and what that does it actually takes the torsional stress off the limbs and all the pressure off the cam bearing so when that boat gets back to full draw all I think it works the cam just wills the limbs don’t move okay what it does it cuts down on the hysteresis as a vote which is very important as a target trip okay I know we’ve got the back you slide on here this bow is thirty six and a half inch axel axel 7-inch brace i shooting in the 335 what do you got here for me well this is one of the pads that we have it shoot through Vegas so what this does just this allows you to shoot right through the cable so you’re right down the pipe okay it’s ambidextrous left you’re right-handed 37 inch axel axel this comes with modules so it’s module all the way out to 32 inches long yeah Dyson like me you know hey say I can put it right left or right either way you put the run restaurant one time oh you put the extra stabilizer hold on maybe this is the spectra and this just doubles as a hunting bow and a target bow again what if I suspect this is long the system this close 33 inch action to action okay it’s got a six inch brace I shooting about 340 to 345 that’s pretty fast rotating mine again you’ve got the adjustable stop here and you let off where you can use the tailor side what’s alone what’s the range off your drawer line twenty-five to thirty one so really gives you a lot of range you can work it just body and ten pounds of adjustability you come standard with the extra now beau comes in a hunting bow as well so you went in black and you wanted something else I would take it in white because look so shiny right before so this is the Mavericks team no forgive me Olivia this is a business more forgiving yes with the OT system this boats got most of the characters before we didn’t the police is doing reason we didn’t this bow shoot 345 plus so we up to speed about five to seven feet per second again it’s the rotating mind 25 to 30 stop there there’s no limb stop on this book because we don’t have those people I just assume guess [Music]

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