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  1. What is your dog's favorite toy? Have you discovered that there are toys that you CAN'T give to your dog? We'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

  2. Do you know anything about the more natural rawhides? They don't contain the chemicals that traditional ones do and are shaped in a way that is not with a knot at the end (they're wrapped).

  3. How about my moms two small dogs they give one of them old milk cartens to play with a chews the top and leaves peaces still intaed I fear for them

  4. Our dog loved squeak toys but as his confidence grew he started just destroying them. He also destroys any toy that's not a super extreme chew nylabone. So we got him a good handful of those in different flavors and shapes. We do have a fetch ball and a rope but we don't let him just have those to himself or he destroys them.

  5. Which chew toys would you recommend for a power chewer? We get him chew toys but he chews them up in a week or less, he has a kong but doesnt chew it enough.

  6. How do I get my dog to chew at all? He doesn't chew any toys or anything really but every once in awhile chews something random.

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