Cyclists: Just How Weak Are They? | The GCN Show Ep. 317
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Cyclists: Just How Weak Are They? | The GCN Show Ep. 317

October 10, 2019

(crowd shouting) – Welcome to the GCN show. – Welcome to the GCN show,
brought to you by Wiggle. – This week, are cyclists weak? Plenty to suggest that
yes we are right here, but we also have some evidence to say that that might not be completely true. – I’ll bring you the latest update on my quest to go from zero to hero, which last week actually included two rides that I did outdoors. – Yeah and amongst much
more we also have news of research that once again
opens up the helmet debate. – [??] Not again. – Sorry, but it’s there. (upbeat music) This week in the world of cycling we learned that Chris Froome is pioneering a new cycling discipline. – [Voiceover] (yells in foreign language) – Yes, that’s a time trial bike on gravel. Expect dedicated bikes in
the shops in time for summer. – We’ve already got a name
for them as well don’t we? Time trail bikes. Which we’re very pleased indeed with. We also learnt this week that I can go down a hill just as fast as 10 time world downhill champion Nico Vulios. – Fair play mate. (energetic rock music) Actually hang on a minute Dan, that’s a road, and you’re on a road bike, and he’s on a downhill mountain bike. That’s not strictly fair. – That’s all true, but
I’m gonna take it anyway. But in all seriousness,
last week was the first time I ever got to see Nico Vulios up close going downhill on a mountain bike, and it’s seriously seriously impressive. – Yeah. We’ve got a video
of Nico coming up very soon. Truly one of the world’s
greatest ever cyclists, even if he’s not quite as
good as Dan at going downhill. Now lastly this week we learned that Vincenzo Nibali
is a bloody good sport. – (foreign language) – Fair play to Italian
presenter Alan Marangoni for persuading Vincenzo Nibali to even take that challenge in the first place. The result, as you can see, not too bad. In 20 seconds Vincenzo
Nibali managed 17 push ups. – Not too bad? I think that’s brilliant. The guy’s won four grand tours. I wouldn’t have expected
him to do one, let alone 17. So yeah, fair play Vincenzo. You can probably imagine
what’s coming next, given that we’re a
fairly competitive bunch, even if we haven’t got
the talent to back it up. Just how do we compare to Vincenzo Nibali? Not on the bike, kinda know the answer to that one already, but in push ups. – Yes, so we’ve got all the GCN presenters we can together to do this challenge. It’s gonna be the quickest GCN presenters challenge ever, and it’s time. (tense music) – 20 is quite a lot of press ups though. How many pull ups can
you do in 20 seconds? – [Voiceover] Go! One. – [Voiceover] Was that one? – [Voiceover] Two, three. One, two, three, four, five. – [Voiceover] Five, six, seven, eight. Five, six, seven, eight. – Oh my god, no way. – 11, 12, 13, 14. 13, 14, 15. 17, 18, 19, 20, 21. Six, seven. Seven, eight. Eight, nine, 10. – 20 seconds done, 13. – [Voiceover] Are these counting? – [Voiceover] 18. – I slowed down because I
thought I’d run out of time. – [Voiceover] I was counting
your press ups not the time. 17, 18, 19. Bloody hell mate, good effort. Didn’t breathe once during that. 24, 25, 26, 27, 28. 28! 28! Eight, nine. 10. 10. Sorry I’m not gonna give
you the last one, it’s 10. – My finger hurts so much. – [Voiceover] 13. 16, 17, 18, 19. Stop. 19. – Get out of here shark. – But I’d like a bit of a judge’s inquiry into John Canning’s, if we can. Can we have an action replay
of that first push up? Yeah as we suspected
that’s actually a worm, not a push up, isn’t it? So 12 and a worm for Cannings. – He’s got a bad finger, hasn’t he? Poor lad, I almost couldn’t give him a count due to laughing too much. – Yeah, right. And if you’re wondering where Emma and Chris are, they’re conveniently on holiday today. But don’t worry, they’re not gonna escape, we’ll track them down. – We’re also gonna track
down the Spanish presenters who are conveniently on siesta. I’ve got a feeling Emma’s gonna do pretty well at this challenge. – Former world champion Emma Pooley, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion as well. – She’s fiercely competitive isn’t she? I think though, the question that we’ve got to ask ourselves now, given the results for
all of us barring Hank is are cyclists weak? – Well yes, if you look at the world record for press ups in a minute, which currently stands at 152, clearly we don’t fare so well. If you extrapolate that out you get just over 50 push ups in 20 seconds. – Which is crazy. – That is crazy fast isn’t it? – But not utterly surprising
really that we are quite weak, because us as cyclists, well we are generally fit but not necessarily strong. We often talk about a rider being strong, what we really mean is
that they can put out a decent amount of power for a
fairly long period of time. But strength is not the same as power. – Absolutely not. I would imagine most of you out there would be able to do 450 watts, but can you do it for an
hour like Rohan Dennis? Probably not, I would suspect. Now it’s not because you
don’t have the strength to do 450 watts, but you haven’t got what we’d call the fitness
to do it for longer. – There are different
types of cyclists though that are strong, aren’t there? Like track sprinters or BMX riders. For example, here is Sir Chris Hoy, couple of years post retirement, squatting 190 kilograms four times. – Wow. Dan, you’ve got
fellow track sprinter, man with the largest
quadriceps in cycling, Robert Förstemann, also making light work of a set of stairs whilst doing a warmup. – And you have mountain bikers too. For example, world cross country mountain bike champion Kate Courtney, here displaying not just strength but incredible composure and balance. – We’ve seen that road
cyclists here are weak, but would we actually
benefit from doing stuff specifically like the stuff
Kate Courtney’s doing? – I think undoubtedly we would. And I think most pro-road riders are doing something similar in the
gym to Kate Courtney. Not as well as she’s
doing it I hasten to add. But I think it will benefit them as long as they don’t put weight on, because a couple of kilos of extra muscle is probably gonna negate any benefits you get from being a bit stronger. – That’s right, I guess it’s
discipline specific isn’t it? As a climber you wouldn’t
even take that risk of going to the gym I would imagine. Sprinters meanwhile, traditionally they’re more muscled aren’t they? But I suspect that that muscle up top comes more from their body type than it does from any
kind of specific need to actually have cumbersome arms. – Yeah, comes to them
naturally doesn’t it? Anyway we’re digressing seriously here Si, from the serious subject of push ups. – Of course. – So, we think this is a challenge that could go far and wide very quickly. We’d like you to get involved as well. You can do so by getting
a video done of yourself doing as many push ups
as you can in 20 seconds, and uploading it to social media with the hashtag GCN push up. And also, let us know
who you would like to see from the pro pelaton
taking this challenge. – That’s right. Vincenzo
Nibali has already nominated Sonny Colbrelli,
so the challenge, the gauntlet is thrown down for him. But yeah, get involved. We’ll use whatever kind of arm twisting we possibly can to get
those pros to do it as well. – We’re gonna use some good old fashioned social media peer pressure and bullying. – That’s right. Who would
you like to see Dan? – Good question. I’d probably go for a couple of climbers like
Wout Poels or Fabio Aru. – [Si] Oh the big guns.
Any reason why Dan? – Because they haven’t got big guns Si. – To be fair, I mean they’d probably be able to beat me, wouldn’t they? – I think they probably could do, yeah. Who would you nominate? – Well I’d be interested actually to see whether the cannibal
herself, Marianne Vos, can back it up off the bike
as well as on the bike. And also maybe head to head
against Tiffany Cromwell. We see her doing a lot of
yoga on Instagram, so yeah. Or indeed, battle of the
big German sprinters, Greipel versus Kittel. They’ve got some biceps
between them haven’t they? – They have. Or the
ultimate heads up would be Caleb Ewan against
Connor Dunne wouldn’t it? Imagine that. – That’s it. And I tell you
what would be interesting, as well as seeing the battle for the greatest number of push ups, can anyone get worse than me? I mean can you only do less
than 10 push ups in 20 seconds? Because we want to see those
as well, don’t we really? Who’s the really greatest cyclist by not being able to do push ups? – Stay tuned hopefully for much more on this subject next week. – That’s right. Given that the subject is weak actually it follows
on quite nicely that we’re now gonna catch up
with Dan’s latest vlog, zero to hopefully slightly above average. – I see what you did there. Vlog coming up very shortly indeed. Before it comes up, I did
watch the show last week Si and I did see what you and Ollie said about me, and it has been noted. It’s the first time I’ve finished a workout by 5:15 in the morning. Very busy week this week
including travel at work. So after consultation with Sir Neil we’ve moved Tuesdays and Wednesday sessions to Monday and Tuesday. But unfortunately that means
you need to do them very early. I’m obviously addicted. Slight confession, I’m not gonna be doing all my Sufferfest training
in my suffer cave this week, because I’ve unfortunately had to come to the South of France to do some filming. I did try to get up for the second morning in a row at 4:30
to do the second session of the week on the indoor trainer, but the alarm went off
and I just thought no, not gonna be doing the
same thing again today. So I’ve plugged what that session is into my Wahoo Bolt here, and I’m about to do it up the Col de la Madone. And you can feel a little bit sorry for me because it’s way colder than I was expecting it to be over here. Currently three degrees, and apparently there’s some snow at
the top. I’ll crack on. Well that’s session two of the week done, and my first ride outside
actually, pretty much, since I started this training
three and a half weeks ago. In an amazing display of
arrogance I decided that I might run out of climb
if I just carried on up, so I turned around and went down for three minutes after
my first set of intervals, and I think I finished my
second set of intervals about half way up the Madone. Been a bloody long ride up
here to the top afterwards. But I am also gonna
make another confession, I’m now gonna ride back to the hotel, which is another 10K
or so mainly downhill. So this will also be
my longest ride so far. Last session of the week,
back indoors, on Saturday. This is called the tool shed mash ups. Mash up between two different
Sufferfest sessions. I’m through the first
two blocks of intervals, and now I’ve got some that
look horrific in front of me and there’s still 37 minutes to go. Longest session so far. If I look shattered it’s because I am. I’m really looking forward to two rest days now I must admit, that was the hardest one
yet by a long way for me. I’m getting closer to hero
Si, 272 watts for 52 minutes. – Dan, you will always be a hero in my eyes, don’t you worry. – Let’s move on now to our
weekly GCN inspiration. It’s your change to win one of
three Wiggle voucher amounts. £50 for third, £75 for second, and a whopping £100 of vouchers to spend on anything you’d like at the Wiggle online shop if you get first place. Two ways to enter, either GCN Inspiration as a hashtag on Instagram,
or using the uploader that’s in the description down below. We’ve chosen our favorite three from this week, and they are … – Well it’s a snow theme this week, in homage to the polar
vortex hovering over the US, and indeed our own little
mini polar vortex here. – A scattering of snow. – Yeah we got some snow. Right, so in third place we’ve got Marzia, taken this shot from
Italy, the Abruzzo region. That is absolutely mega
isn’t it? Look at that. Minus 18 apparently, even in Italy. So there we go. That’s a truly inspirational
shot, isn’t it? – It does look amazing doesn’t it. £50 to you Marzia. In second place it’s Chris, receiving £75. This is from the North Yorkshire Moors in the end of their Sunday gravel ride, which finishes with a
descent at 18% average. – I tell you what, I wouldn’t fancy that on those conditions really. But there we go, that is the smattering of snow
therefore in evidence there. Still, kind of a cool shot. Definitely makes me want to go ride. Anyway, lastly, this man here deserves £100 of Wiggle vouchers, 100%. This is Christopher A.D. Nelson. Just a short 13 mile ride at
minus 29 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s nearly minus 34 centigrade. Look at that, a frozen face. Fair play. – I’m not sure this is gonna inspire me to go out on the bike Si,
to be perfectly honest. – Well, it wouldn’t inspire me to ride in minus 34 degrees Celsius, but it would inspire me to get out
the door when it’s +3. – Yes, or for me to get
on the indoor trainer for an hour when I don’t
really want to suffer. But yeah well done to you
Chris, £100 on its way to you. Don’t forget to keep entering your photos. We love going through them
before the show each week. Hashtag GCN Inspiration or the uploader is in the link down below, the description down below. – Do you think he’s
got a bear under there? Or do you think that’s
just frozen onto his skin? – God, probably got no skin under there. – I once went for a ride
with Dan Craven in the fog, and he ended up looking like a wet Labrador after about half an hour, just droplets all over his beard. – That was grotty. – It’s now time for cycling shorts. – We shall start cycling shorts with news that Sanne Cant still can. – Yay! – We haven’t used that joke
once this winter have we? – No. She’s not had a
very good season has she? – No, not won a single world cup race but she got her timing perfect and on Saturday became the world champion for a third year on the trot. – Yeah and Mathieu van der Poel on Sunday finally managed to reclaim the title of World Cyclocross Champion
for the first time since 2015 actually, which given how much he’s won since that point, it’s kind of incredible that
he’s only got two titles. – Yeah I know, thoroughly deserved though. He’s won 27 out of 29 races that he’s competed in this year,
which is absolutely bonkers. – Yeah and one of those two races that he didn’t win, that was my fault. – You predicted him to win didn’t you? – I did yeah. – Didn’t even come close. – I said, “Hands down
Mathieu van der Poel’s “gonna win that race.” Mainly
because he’s won everything. And no, he finished 20th or something. So yeah I’m sorry about that
Mathieu, that was my fault. – Anyway, sticking with the
subject of world champions, I’m not sure if you noticed this Si, but the world road
champion Alejandro Valverde has got some new custom kicks
from team shoe sponsor Fizik. You ready? – Yeah. – Check these out. – Now I am a firm believer that the rainbow stripes are somewhat sacred, but I would totally wear those. The rainbowness is super subtle, they just look fantastic
don’t they? Amazing. Right, now sticking with racing, do you remember a while back
I said that Geraint Thomas was gonna ride the the Giro d’Italia 2019? – Yeah, I do remember that, but it was a rumor that Geraint
Thomas himself denied. – Well yeah, technicality. Anyway, the Giro organizers
then backed me up, didn’t they? They said that Geraint would
race the 2019 Giro d’Italia, and now Chris Froome has waded in. In an interview, he said that the Giro would be perfect for Geraint
Thomas. Just perfect. – I can just imagine that
telephone conversation. Geraint, it was great helping
you to tour victory last year, but I really think you should
concentrate on the tour that I don’t want to
do next year, the Giro. You’ll absolutely smash
it, it’s so suited to you. – Oh you need it in your palmarès Geraint. Yeah, that conversation. Anyway, we will see won’t
we, whether he does race. – Vive le Tour. – Away from racing there’s
an intriguing piece of ongoing research being
carried out at the moment, which could well add even
more fuel to the fire of the helmet debate,
as if that were needed. It comes courtesy of the
Journal of Community Health. – I love that one. I really love that one. Anyway, it was lead by
Professor Steven J. Mooney of Washington University,
and it looks into helmet use amongst people
riding public hire bikes. Now apparently only 20% of people on public hire bikes are wearing helmets, as opposed to 90% of people
who are riding their own bikes. Now little bit of common
sense I guess would tell you that that’s probably because you’re not always carrying around a helmet just in case you ride a public hire bike. I mean I know that I don’t do that. – You do exactly do that. – You what? – You said that on the
penny farthing video. – But I will be honest,
when I set out this morning I did not expect to need my
Assos speed fast skin suit and Kask Mistral helmet,
but what a lucky coincidence that they’re in my kit bag nonetheless. All right, I do, I mean I’ve
got several just in case. But most people probably don’t. Anyway, we’re digressing because actually the interesting bit is the fact that the researchers haven’t found an increase in injury rate among those cyclists that are not riding with head protection. Now that I stress is
not to say that helmets don’t protect you in the event of a fall, because clearly they
do, and clearly we think that you should ride with them. But, maybe it’s because actually
the risks of urban cycling, once again, are being
reported disproportionately. That’s what I’m hoping anyway. – Yeah. That is interesting. – Isn’t it? – Much like in fact this
next piece of research from Pieter De Frenne
over at Ghent University, who has been looking back through 45 years of footage from the classic that is Liège-Bastogne-Liège,
to examine how plants have been responding
to climate change. And it really is quite interesting Si, because apparently in the 80s the trees didn’t have any leaves on
for Liège-Bastogne-Liège, and now they do. – Wow. I tell you what, I wish I’d thought about that when I was at university. Imagine, I’m just gonna
look at 45 years worth of bike race footage, just to see if I can see a pattern in the leaves. Anyway, apparently leaf
emergence, two weeks earlier now. That’s what they said. – [Dan] And I know it
was a slightly tenuous link to cycling, but it is
interesting that ecologists are using race footage
to study climate change. – [Si] And I think it’s
a great excuse that we should all remember
just in case we get busted looking at bike racing when we’re at work. There’s always a reason
why you can watch it. – Onto some news of our own now. You will remember of course that we’ve got the first ever GCN event
happening later on this year. In March to be precise,
it’s only a few weeks away. There will be four days of riding and some quite questionable banter too. – Yeah, but we’ve got some great news in terms of an announcement. So the top nutritionist Nigel Mitchell is gonna be out there joining us. Now he is formally of Team
Sky of British Cycling, now currently with EF, Education First, among many other projects he’s got going. And he’s gonna be there giving us a talk and also doing a Q&A session. So there we go, that’s
something to look forward to. – And if I no Nige, he’ll also
be out riding with us too. So more time for you to ask him your nutrition based questions. Also, if you book by the 11th of February you will be entered into a prize draw with some pretty cool prizes, including a GCN protein kit and 12 months membership to the GCN club. – Yeah and all the people
that have already booked are of course in that prize draw already. Nice little incentive there,
but I would have thought that the fact that there
aren’t many places left would be all the incentive you’d need to get in and book
quickly. But there we go. – Let’s hope they fix the rode that had a bit of a landslide last week
for the challenge in Majorca. It looks like it needs
some amount of repair. Anyway, moving on, last
week the show was based around riding indoors versus outdoors, and basically Si, Simon
from Sweden has stuck two fingers up at that very subject by taking his indoor trainer
and riding it outdoors. – [Si] Yeah, the question is, do you get all the benefits of outdoors and indoors, or none of the benefits of either Simon? – This week on the tech show
we’ve got some bling new shoes, some cycling kit that’s made
out of recycled materials, your upgrades to the bike vault and a new addition to one of our
favorite lists in tech. – What list’s that? – The UCI banned equipment list. – Oh yes, my favorite actually.
Also ever increasing too. And also Ollie I did
hear a cheeky rumor that well you’ve actually stitched
yourself up rather than the rest of us trying to
stitch you up for a change, because you’ve set yourself a
little challenge haven’t you? – Yeah, in a silly attempt
to make myself accountable to you and the viewers
I’ve publicly declared that I’m gonna try and ride up Sa Calobra, the famous climb in Majorca,
in under 30 minutes. Now this is something that
I’ve been trying to do pretty much my entire life,
and I’ve continually failed at. And I’ve worked out that that sort of time on that climb represents pretty much the limit of what I can do physically. So I’m gonna try as best I can and really commit to it and see if we can do it. – I’m looking forward to that. But also you are gonna need
some tech for that aren’t you? So we’re gonna have to have a deep delve into that on Thursday aren’t we? – I’m gonna need all
the help I can get John. – Yeah just don’t cheat,
don’t be a Dan Lloyd. Anyway right, join us on
Thursday for the tech show. – Next up it’s hack/bodge of the week. Hashtag GCN hack if you
would like to get involved. First one comes from CC Velo, who’s shown us the ultimate winter bike made out of what looks
like half a radiator. – [Si] That’s not a bad shout that. Imagine a nice bit of insulation there. – [Dan] Do you think it actually works, or do you think it’s just a novelty? – [Si] Well if it was an e-bike you could probably use
the battery, but … – [Dan] Looks rather aero, I have to say. – [Si] It does doesn’t it? Yeah not UCI legal, unfortunately. – [Dan] We’ve seen something
similar before haven’t we? But it was actually a full
radiator on the previous bike. So that one looks rather
more like a bike frame. – [Si] Is it a hack or a bodge though? – [Dan] Let’s go for hack. – Hack, there we go. Right, next up we’ve got
Paul, who’s sent this in. He said he saw this
out in the Clent Hills, which is out in the UK here, apparently when all the lights are on it can be seen from space. That is quite the array
of lights there isn’t it? – [Dan] Yes. I don’t know
why, and don’t ride that on the road with them
all on, yada yada yada. – [Si] To be fair though,
probably emitting more heat than that radiator, so
not bad for winter there. – [Dan] Possibly. – [Si] You could put your
arms on any of those lights. – [Dan] To me this bike is a bodge, just don’t see the reason why. – [Si] Yeah, no, bodge. – [Dan] Moving on, this
is Peter over in Sydney, who said his daughter’s
getting too fast for him to walk with home from school, so in a desperate attempt
to carry her bike on his he attached an old bike
rack to the pannier rack. In my mind it was the ultimate hack rather than one terrifying ride. It is decidedly a bodge though. He’s decided it for us Si. – [Si] Yeah, I’m not sure
quite how that works. If you ride your bike,
your daughter’s presumably hovering a good couple
of feet off the ground. – [Dan] Well no I think
he’s trying to transport his daughter’s bike to school so that she can ride back and he
can ride back with her. This is something I sympathize with, because with my children
I often wanted to ride back with them and didn’t want
to leave the bike at school. So I would carry it on my
shoulder up to a certain age, at which point it was
too heavy and cumbersome, and then well I didn’t really
have a solution after that. – Well there we go, so a solution is needed for this particular challenge. But anyway, fair play
for the ingenuity even if you have had to conclude
yourself that it’s a bodge. Right this one sent in from
Colin. This is genius frankly. His seat tube separated
from his bottom bracket, and then to fix it so he
didn’t have to walk home, he utilized zip ties among post its and ball points pens, and went to work. This repair got him two
miles home apparently. Very carefully avoiding
bumps and sharp turns. But I’ve never seen a bike frame being repaired quite
such a way by zip ties. – [Dan] It’s impressive,
but I can’t help but think I probably would have walked home by the time he’d managed to do that. – [Si] I wanna know where
the ball point pens come in. But there we go, anyway yeah there’s … – [Dan] I’m saying it’s a
bodge because it’s two miles. If that had got him back 50
miles I’d be saying hack. But he could have just
walked home two miles. – [Si] . That is a fair point actually. – Moving on. Right I’ve never seen
anything like this before. This is from Paul Ferguson,
nature’s bike lock. That bike’s obviously been
there for quite some time. – [Si] Wow. Well that’s
incredible isn’t it? – [Dan] You know it’s incredible
when Si is lost for words. – Yeah. There we go. Right well what an amazing way
to end hack or bodge there. Was it a hack actually? Not really, it’s a bodge isn’t it? – [Dan] It’s a complete bodge, yeah. You can’t use your bike. – No, and it would …
You could have stolen it for quite a long time prior
to that tree growing up. Anyway, never mind. I
thought it was amazing. Nature is great isn’t it? If you would like to submit something for hack or bodge then you can do so using the hashtag GCN
hack on social media, or send it to us direct from the uploader. – It’s caption competition time now, which you might have noticed was absent Si from last week’s show. – It was indeed. Sadly
the photo we’d chosen then got removed from the internet, that’s how good it was. And the caption was brilliant. So yeah, unfortunately that’s just lost to the cutting room floor. – What a shame. So anyway, the winner from two weeks ago who captured this picture
of Heinrich Haussler at Santos Tour Down Under, is Pratalax, who said, “I call
it the Heinrich maneuver.” An obvious one but it’s a very good one. – I really laughed last
week when we filmed it. Unfortunately now having got used to it- – Got used to the joke. – Yeah but genuinely I
thought that was great. – Anyway, this GCN Camelbak water bottle will be on its way to you Pratalax, just as soon as you give us your address over as a message on Facebook. – Right what’s coming up this
week Dan, what’s the photo? – Well this week we’ve got a picture from the Challenge Majorca. We have thought of a
caption haven’t we Si? – [Si] We have, yeah. – [Dan] We’ll perform it to you now. Is that a four inch Tim? – [Si] Yeah. – Thought so. If you can do better than that, leave your captions in the
comment section down below. We’ll choose our favorite
this time next week. – Wah, wah, wah. – Some comments of the week for you now, before we tell you what’s coming up in the challenge over the next seven days. Some great ones underneath
your 10,000 calorie challenge, which came out on Sunday Si. Still don’t know exactly why
you did it but nevertheless. DignifiedWaffle wrote, “I
don’t have a witty comment “worthy of being read out on the GCN show “but bloody hell that was a good video.” – [Si] Ah thanks. – [Dan] It’s a great compliment. It was a good video, I enjoyed it too. – And quite a good comment as well really, and it got you on the GCN show. Right, this one I liked
from Pumpkin Village Maple, “Thanks for taking up the
challenge, what’s next? “A 12 hour massage and a
hot tub? Take care, Al.” I tell you what Al, that does sound great. And then I also really liked
this one from EvilNox8, “If by burn you mean consume, and by ride “you mean sit on the
couch, then yes I can!” I’ve been doing that
since I got back actually. – There were some corkers too underneath Emma’s video about bike paths. I particularly love this
one from Ryan Ostler. “What’s the difference between
a cycle lane and cycle path? “One is for parking your car and “the other is for walking your dog.” It’s funny because it’s so true. – It is yeah. And then,
just because Dan missed out on the Ollie running bants from last week. – Si almost refused to allow me to have more running comments in,
but I put my foot down. So I’ve got two for you. Maarten Meynen, “To see
Oli run is reminding me of “Phoebe running in
Central Park in Friends.” and finally from Dean Sinclair, “Next video, can Ollie burn
10,000 calories in one run?” – To be fair, I mean I’ll
let you have them in Dan, because it’s rare that someone makes you running actually look
quite cool. So there we go. Interestingly, a lot of questions under the 10,000 calorie one about whether Ollie had actually burnt 10,000
calories when he Everested. And I hate to say it but yes he did. – Oh did he? – Yeah he did, quite comfortable over. It was a herculean effort on Ollie’s part. Yeah he puts James and me in the shade. – Wow, I didn’t know that bit. – We don’t have to tell him though. – Right then, coming up
over the next seven days, we’ll start with Wednesday, it is how to ride in a pace line. Do that right and it can
feel much easier and you can go much faster. That’s
well worth watching. I’ll get my words out in the end. On Thursday we’ve got UCI rules explained. Now that could be an
extremely lengthy video, but it’s not because Ollie’s
managed to make it concise and understandable for
people like Si and myself, so I’ll be definitely watching that. Friday as ever is ask GCN anything, this time with Chris and James. – Yeah, on Saturday we’ve got a real time yoga session haven’t we? Because we’re kind of all
getting a little bit into yoga. So we’re making a video
for you to follow along to. So that’s pretty cool. And then on Sunday we
have got a video about the stress epidemic and how cycling might be able to help
boost your mental health. – Monday we’ll be back with
the GCN racing news show and of course Tuesday back in
the set for another GCN show. We’ve also got three live
Cyclo-cross races this week, on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, over on the Facebook page. So make sure you keep your
eyes out for that too. – Right then, we are
getting towards the end of the GCN show
unfortunately, but of course we still have time for extreme corner. And this week we’ve pilfered something from the vaults of GMBN. This is A-WIRE sending it hard in Jamaica. – I’ma say it. (upbeat music) – Ouchy. – That looked extremely
painful if anything. – Yeah. I mean good
commitment from A-WIRE. But yeah I kind of was hoping
that he might land one. – I thought he was gonna land
it by the end, but he didn’t. But he was still better
at doing front flips than you are at doing push ups. – Yeah, fair enough. – Sorry. – Remarkable that you even do front flips on a bike isn’t it? Or not you but one. It just doesn’t look
like it should be done. – No, maybe he needs to
do some strength training before he can complete it. – Probably. – Right, that is the end
for this week’s GCN show. We’ll be back next week. – That’s right. In the meantime
make sure you check out that 10,000 calorie challenge video if you haven’t already seen it.

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  1. While upper body strength is vital to overall fitness, it is completely non-beneficial in assisting the sport of cycling. If anything it would likely be detrimental since the cyclist is unlike to gain strength without a concomitant increase in weight. It is similar to that of a gymnast, where the reverse physical imbalance occurs.

  2. Have you ever done any videos on urban masks/nose filters? Is it healthy in the long run to huff n puff while breathing shit city air?

  3. I quit watching after the "pushups". Hell, he didn't even come close to the floor. I do sets of 35 to the floor. I'm 73. I'm not bragging. I'm underwhelmed.

  4. Dan! We are training for a charity ride for Youth Focus, in Western Australia, called Ride For Youth. We do training three days per week, normally two 90 min mid-week sessions and a 2.5-5 hour session on Saturday. 0530 starts from the gym, meaning 0510 start from my house! For 5 months!!

  5. when it comes to push ups for starters none of you have good form. i do some research on technique, becoming a supple leopard will get you dialed in.

  6. I also managed to do 17 push-ups in 20 seconds. Does this mean that I am as good as Nibali on the bike? #logicreasoning

  7. Wow thats really weak, rather be a well rounded athlete than weak like this, even tho im a bit fat right now and didnt exercise for months i could still do 50 push ups.

  8. Why dont you guys train pushups some more? I can do 50 and I can go out of saddle for half an hour straight, because it's actually pretty comfortable on my hands and shoulders.

    (screaming legs are told to shut the f*@$ up)

  9. I do push-ups every day so not really fair, but doing 25 of the quality in the video was about the same difficulty as doing 10 normal proper push ups, hah!

  10. Holy shit cyclists r weak af lol. oh well doesnt apply to what theyre there for. its like runners.. they need less mass

  11. Indeed we don't have the strenght to generate 450 Watts for an hour, like Rohan Dennis.
    But we also don't have the steroids Like Rohan Dennis

  12. Robbie McEwan had decent upper body and arms, cos he was also a surfer. If you've ever paddled a board out through waves a few times you'll know why.

  13. sorry Vincenzo and GCN-team, these were not proper push-ups at all! here you go:

  14. Mass moves mass, even fat. I've been cat1 bike fit at 70kg and currently a lean 102kg. The thing I hated most about the bike body was the pencil neck. Timed push ups don't mean anything, it's more cardio unless you are extremely weak. Do 1 rep max of squat deadlift and bench. Get five average Joes (non cyclists), a pro NFL player and a Brad Wiggins type, that will answer the question.

  15. or they died because that doesnt Count as injury? There was an increase in headwounds in the world wars after they started wearing helmets…because before that, schrapnel killed them.

  16. Definition of a push up. Drop down to floor, eyes forward and TOUCH YOUR CHEST TO THE GROUND (and only your chest) then push back up to full arm extension while at all times keeping the back straight. The winner? Its an all way tie at 0.

  17. , I am not a runner or a sprinter ,but any moron who watches a runner of any kind can see that they use their arms extensively flexing it as they run as much as they flex their feet, it's quite ridiculous to say all runners have the same body types with muscular arms and all cyclists as well with weak arms, when you bike your arms are immobile, and news flash, running is a better body workout then cycling

  18. Again I must post drawing on my now renowned courier medical qualifications. Cyclists have special extra upper body muscles necessary to carry bikes up stairs, turn the frame upside down to fix a puncture and extra strong fingers and hands to force a tire round the rim without tools. Professional competition cyclists also have extra strong backs necessary to pick up their bikes and fling them during roadside full on hissy fits! Pressups are not representative of cyclists strength.

  19. I am not competitive enough in any sport to sacrifice my model of the kind of body I want for appearance and health. I do amateur, and I underscore amateur, bodybuilding and I have been doing it for years. In contests bodybuilders win first place by cutting their body fat so much they lose some muscle in the dieting process. Frank Zane in a lecture warned if you stay in a 4 to 5 % body fat too long it damages your hormone systems and you could lose more muscle. I will not go that far to win a contest because it defeats what I consider the purpose of bodybuilding and I find it looks unnatural. 10% body fat looks best and is healthiest for a male. Of course steroids are out of the question; I go natural.

    I bike for economy to save on car wear and fuel and for aerobic exercise taking care to eat enough not to lose muscle mass. Hard core cycle racers minimize their upper body muscle mass to get an advantage in racing. I do not want to sacrifice my upper body muscles to compete in a race.

    To me every sport is a means to an end and not an end unto itself. To quote President Kennedy with modification of what he said, ask not what you can do for a sport but what a sport (or recreation) can do for you.

  20. USMC push-up is counted by hitting chest on a fist held under person, couldn't find an emoji but it's in a punch position, obviously it's the Marines. Try this, 80 sit-ups in couple minutes. Oorah! Nice job GCN

  21. I’ve got to conclude cyclists really are weak when it comes to their upper bodies. I’m just a chubby old guy who doesn’t work out and weighs 105kg and I could do 18 real, chest to the floor, pushups in 20 seconds, which is 18 more actual pushups than I saw here. Considering I’m in my 50’s, not an athlete and probably weigh 30kg more than anyone in this video, to me that’s pretty strong evidence that cyclists upper bodies are seriously under developed.

  22. A lot of negative comments about the sloppy push-up form and yes fair enough it is not the best, but they are not push up specialists 😉 they are cycling specialists. I wonder can "You" push up as well as they cycle? Hmmm. lol, BoOm. #TraCkSpRinTeRs have "massive" power to weight ratio.

  23. Well, one thing is for sure, irrespective of whether they are weak, they have no idea what a proper press up actually is…

  24. Strange, I mean when you are up out of the saddle and you sprint, you are using the handle bars to provide leverage and ridgity of your back and this way you can power into the pedals. . I would think that sprinting you need upper body and core and leg strength to do well.

  25. Half repping bastards….


    When I have people do pushups for me, I have them go all the way down and lift their hands off the floor to ensure that it's a FULL REP.

  26. Not one of them did a push up. All those "push ups" were trash. Sorry but, don't do a test of strength on a move that you can't do, and don't know proper form of. Just saying

  27. 40 push-ups is easy and what kind of push-ups are these? Are Americans the only ones who can do push-ups? I'll assume it's a cyclist thing. And contest for 20 sec? What can't you do push-ups for longer than 20 sec?

  28. This video make me feel good about my own strength. ?
    BTW some (like the woman) didn't do 1 single proper push-up that would count.

  29. Helmet debate: If you fall and smack your head without a helmet its going to maybe hurt. If you fall with one it could maybe hurt less.

  30. If you want to get a ripped body riding a bike the ONLY way you get full body ripped is riding BMX. If you look at the build of all cyclists its the BMX riders who are the most evenly built with the heavier upper bodies to match the oversized leg muscles you end up with riding BMX long term. Oh and they are also usually the ones with the worse knees and backs…
    Simply put doing jumps/tricks and genenral sprinting on a BMX requires you to use a lot of upper body and as such it all gets worked out.

  31. 14:30 is what you look like after a 5 mile run @ -40F. 5 minutes at least inside the building before you remove anything from your facial region. I saw a guy rip his mustache almost clean off one time. The scream he made well that was priceless!

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