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Cyberpunk 2077 May Not be The Game We Think

August 30, 2019

Greetings Earthlings!
Welcome to the MadQueen show! I am your host the MadQueen On today’s menu, we have a new Cyberpunk
2077 video for you and today, we have Conspiracy theories See, I tried to untangle the meaning of several clues that we saw on the gameplay, and on
other places related to Cyberpunk 2077, because the masters of trolling called CD Projekt
RED left an insane amount of hidden… in plain sight and fucking obvious, but hidden,
a lot of clues about what’s going on inside the story of Cyberpunk 2077 The first time I watched the demo at E3 I
was enjoying myself so, I must confess, there are several things that my mind skipped, the
second time my head tried to tie some things without much success, but from the third and
beyond, when you surpassed the first moment of awe you start to make something like And as a result I developed two theories,
the problem about that is that they completely clash, so only one can be closer to reality
if any, because go figure, one of the theories may change everything we know about the timeline
of Cyberpunk 2077, and the other makes sense but at the same time is pretty absurd, it’s
so absurd it may actually be true, because it makes sense So, first, I’m going to explain the facts,
the clues, and the lore, and then I’m going to explain both theories and there is where
I need your help, because I need you to let me know which one makes more sense to you Before we start, a warning: everything I’m
going to say here is speculation and is based on the original pen and paper game and/or in the
gameplay, meaning is public information but, if a miracle happens and I’m right, this
may be considered a spoiler The Pepsi light of spoilers, just one calorie
of reveal, but just in case I’m right But just in case I’m right, you’re warned Watch at your own risk, I don’t want complaints And, yes, if I’m saying this is because
I had complaints before And if by any chance this video ends up in
the screen of someone working on Cyberpunk 2077 who knows the answer to all this, please,
please, make a reaction video, or write it down, so I can see it when the game is out
because your reaction is going to be priceless, I’m sure of that First: the facts The thing is that, as we know, Cyberpunk 2077
is faithfully based in the pen and paper roleplaying game Cyberpunk, and Cyberpunk has a timeline
that it’s been delivered in several editions: Cyberpunk 2013, Cyberpunk 2020, Cyberpunk
2036 and Cyberpunk RED edition that I don’t have details about yet, but I will as soon
as it’s available, Cyberpunk 2077 sounds like a progression in this timeline that happens
after the third edition, doesn’t it? Not only sounds like it, in the first interviews
with Mike Pondsmith, creator of the original pen and paper game and co-creator of Cyberpunk
2077, he said that the video game was going to continue with this timeline We also know they changed the game several
times since this interview with Mike Pondsmith, but when Pondsmith introduced Cyberpunk RED
edition at Gen Con past month, he talked about the timeline and how the RED edition of Cyberpunk
was going to be the bridge between the third edition and the video game, and then later
down the road he was going to make a Cyberpunk 2077 pen and paper game Second fact So, we’re watching the gameplay and we hear
this: but, first, remember the man, the myth,
Johnny Silverhand? Been a year since he went on his last ride Johnny Silverhand, ex-central American conflict
veteran, singer and guitarist Rockerboy and frontman of the Chrome Rock band Samurai that
as every Rockerboy in this universe was very active in the political movements of his time,
not only with his music because oh, he hated Arasaka so much According to the lore of Cyberpunk 2020, Johnny
Silverhand died at the end of the 4th Corporate War, a war that “officially” finished on October 2022 but we all know what megacorporations do with governmental orders Johnny died at the hands of the Arasaka thug
Adam Smasher, a very epic and altruistic sacrifice as Silverhand faced Smasher to help gain time
to save her former girlfriend, the netrunner Alt Cunningham, whose soul was trapped in
Arasaka’s mainframe and was being uploaded to the net by the supreme hackerette the netrunner
Spider Murphy And when I say that Johnny died, he’s really
dead Smasher literally cut him in half It’s not pinning, it’s passed on! this parrot is no more! He has ceased to be! it’s expired and gone to see its maker! That’s pretty definitive if you ask me Then the rest of the Militech team left his body there,
on a floor of the Arasaka building in Night City, because more soldiers from Arasaka were
coming and they had a job to do And this is the story of the lore, in nomine
patri, et filli et Mike Pondsmith Yes, I read your comments in the official
CD Projekt Discord, and they’re lovely So, what is the 4th Corporate War? The 4th Corporate war is the most significant
event in the lore of the Cyberpunk universe Why is this war so important for the lore? Because you have in one hand the worldwide
war per se, two oceanic megacorporations battle against each other, one hires Militech to
help them, the other one hires Militec’s eternal rival Arasaka, and those two, Militech
and Arasaka, use the war as excuse to finish it other, or at least to try it, and, while
doing this, they wipe out half of the world and the net, well, the Net thing was Rache Bartmoss,
but to make it short, thanks to this war good part of the world and the net went to hell But then we have the other plot of the 4th
Corporate war, which is a plot that starts in the basic sourcebook of Cyberpunk 2020
and revolves around the rockerboy Johnny Silverhand and the netrunner Alt Cunningham, and this
plot is the story of the SoulKiller, which I believe is going to be a very important
part of Cyberpunk 2077 What is the SoulKiller? The Soulkiller is a program invented by the
Netrunner Alt Cunningham In the beginning, she made this program to
be able to upload her soul to the net and be able to netrun in a superior way, but soon
the megacorporation Arasaka discovered the existence of such program and Alt ended up
moonlighting as a programmer for Arasaka to develop a version of the SoulKiller for them But Arasaka didn’t want to stop there, and
wanted to create a new version, that was deadly and intelligent, one version where the soul
of the netrunner was extracted, this extracted soul is called Engram, put this soul in a
closed space where a System Operator working for this megacorporation could interrogate
him, that’s the important part, extract the soul to put it in a place to be interrogated,
like this virtual reality interrogations in Altered Carbon, and then kill the body and
keep the soul trapped This is horrible, but not surprising of Arasaka And later I’m going to explain to you where
in the gameplay we can see the SoulKiller in action, so you get the whole picture But, now, the important question, where is
Johnny? He’s been hiding for a year Well, all this reminds me a little too much
to that time in 2020 when Silverhand still was with his band Samurai and after a gig,
when he was having a walk with his girlfriend the Netrunner Alt Cunningham, he was attacked
by some boosters who left him for dead and took Alt, boosters who were hired by the megacorporation Arasaka to extract Alt Cunningham, the Netrunner, and in megacorporation language “extract”
means “kidnap” but god forbid corps do illegal things They extracted Alt to take her to Arasaka
headquarters to program this more deadly version of the SoulKiller that Arasaka wanted Silverhand, as any hero would do, went after
her, but he needed help Apart from a trusted media that could very
well defend himself in combat, Johnny asked for help to the solo Rogue and her companion
Santiago, a nomad that sounds a little too much like Jackie, and they met at the Atlantis
to talk about it, there is where all the story begins You gotta admit, the fact that the bar at
CD Projekt’s booth was the Atlantis and not the Afterlife, that is the one that is
mentioned in the gameplay, is quite suspicious Call if “suspicious” or “they’re trolling
us again”, your choice I won’t explain what happens after they
meet in case I’m half right and that could remotely be a spoiler because this may be
one of those things of the lore that you may discover during the game, but if you’re
incredibly interested to know you can go to the basic sourcebook page 190 and beyond So I’ll be vague and say that something
happened and Silverhand disappeared for a year At Arasaka we value
the safety of your home Your new Arasaka
Personal Home Scanner is next generation threat
detection equipment that responds to potential
threats in miliseconds to keep you and
your family safe Arasaka
Feel protected If all these clues weren’t obvious enough,
as I said before we could see the SoulKiller in action in the gameplay The soul killer is destroyed at the end of
the 4th Corporate war, and the last copy is used against Key Arasaka, son of Saburo Arasaka,
President of the Japanese conglomerate Arasaka Unlike the death of Johnny Silverhand, where
we’re clearly told Adam cut him in half, the destruction of the SoulKiller is a little
bit more open to interpretation, because Militech wanted to steal it from Arasaka, along with
a lot more information that Arasaka had, but in the end the database they manage to pull
out Arasaka’s arcology in Night City was corrupted, and the satellite copy that Arasaka
tries to make is stopped by Morgan Blackhand That, by the way, is other of the childhood
heroes available in the backstory of the video game But, even though the SoulKiller is supposed
to be destroyed, we see it in action in the gameplay We make a deal with a Militech agent, we know
where the boosters that robbed the corp are, and we offer them in exchange for the funds
to buy the bot The Militech agent explains what her goal
is crystal clear I don’t give a shit about the thieves,
I want my mole the only thing she cares
about is finding out who sold Militech, so she wants information That’s the only thing she wants But we get there, we get the bot, we kill
everyone we find in our way out, and this is her reaction You know? We oughta work together more often She’s happy with our work, why? We didn’t give her anything, did we? No information, no booster to interrogate. Or we did? she gave us a
virus to put in the Maelstrom terminal, that killed the Netrunner connected there Killed? Well, not only, I think this virus wasn’t
just a Black Ice, this virus was the SoulKiller This program extracted the soul of the Netrunner
before flatlining him, and now a System Operator working for this Militech agent can interrogate
him and find out who sold Militech We gave her the info she wanted, so she’s
very happy with our work Because, otherwise, we would’ve left Maelstrom’s
lair empty handed and she wouldn’t be that happy By the way, this may mean that if we try to
keep Militech’s cred chip like the narrator of the gameplay suggested, with a copy of
the SoulKiller on it, the thing can escalate really quickly and may open really interesting
branches later in the game Third, or fourth fact, I lost count, it seems
that several key events in the timeline have been moved 25 years I didn’t discover this one by myself, I
must thank this one to Atomic Grounds, he was faster than me in here He sent me a comment saying something like:
“The timeline of Cyberpunk 2077 was moved, I won’t say more because I’m making a
video about it”, and sent me this still from the trailer The moment I saw it, I facepalmed in slow
motion like ohhh that was super obvious The co-founder of Militech Antonio Lucessi should be 25 years older in 2077! If this was moved in the timeline, what else
was moved? The entire timeline? Parts? By the way, you’ll find the channel of Atomic
Grounds in the description, I guess at some point he will upload the video with his own
theory about the moving timeline, go check it out So these were the facts, now let’s go for
the theories, and I have 2 The first one is the simplest one: Cyberpunk
2077 doesn’t happen in the same timeline than the rest of Cyberpunk and it’s a reboot
of Cyberpunk 2020 The 4th Corporate War didn’t happen, and
they changed things to make it interesting to people that played the pen and paper roleplaying
game, like, for instance, Militech are the ones who are developing the SoulKiller instead
of Arasaka, this would explain why Johnny Silverhand is still alive and with his band
Samurai This makes sense, but on the other hand, they
moved the center of Night City to the south and used the map of the third edition where
Night City is the megacity, not the small City of 2020 And these two things were a direct consequence
of the 4th Corporate War So they would need a suitable excuse for these
two things to happen in a reboot, which doesn’t make much sense, but the rest of the theory does Second theory: This game is following the
timeline, the 4th Corporate War happened in 2022, after many years Militech could restore
the corrupted info extracted from the Arasaka tower, that contains all the info to build
a new version of the SoulKiller, or they even could restore a copy of the SoulKiller itself,
and some excuse was found to bring back key characters of 2020 like Johnny Silverhand,
who would be 25 years younger because the timeline was moved for some events, and it
would make sense in absolutely everything if it wasn’t because Silverhand was left
in the Arasaka tower so, if he’s still alive, is thanks to Arasaka, so he owes to Arasaka,
meaning he shall be working for them, and that doesn’t make sense because he hated
Arasaka so much Except if the Steel Dragons, that are a gang
formed by the rogue son of Saburo Arasaka, Yorinobu Akasaka, to destroy the company of
his father, were infiltrated in the Arasaka tower and it’s them who retrieved Johnny’s
body and somehow saved him except that he was cut in half, how do you revive someone
who is cut in half! After that, only one question remains What’s Petrochem doing in all this? Are we aiming for the 5th Corporate War? So these are my two theories, I’d love to
know what you think of them, if I missed something please let me know, leave a comment and speculate
with me, let’s see if we can polish the theories Polish the theories? Polish? You get it? I’m fucking hilarious Well, folks, thanks for watching, I hope your head didn’t explode with all this Don’t forget to take a look at our Cyberpunk
2077 lore playlist to learn everything from the dark future, more to come, and I still
need to finish the series about the net See you in next videos and stay being amazing

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  1. Yep, today is the day for conspiracy theories!! Which is great! because the masters of trolling CDPR give a lot of space to do so 😀

    Please consider supporting us on Patreon, with $1 you can contribute to making more and better content for you Thanks for watching!

  2. The arasaka add was beautifully placed. And about your theories no idea really. But Yeah I thought too it was the soul killer too. moving some part time line has sense. But I think 4th corporate war had happened just like in lore.

  3. Hi I don’t understand how the character backstory and the role model parts affects your version of V. Also could you do an in-depth history on all the prominent characters that could be role-models (Johnny Silverhand and the like) cuz I know very little about them if anything at all

  4. But, there are two problems with the concept of what has been stated by devs and Mike Pondsmith, in various interviews. Sometimes they say it's just based on the world of 2020 using only names and places/theme in 2077 as if it was it's own timeline, ignoring V3 history due to V3 having a crazy differences of both style and feel and which does not fit with the lingo and places used in the demo at all.

    Johnny being killed in 2022/23 by Adam could be explained away with the tech at the time of the 4th corporate war, and the fact that full clones were basically a reality and how minds and AI could be transfered, but again never explained since that timeline wasnt really continued.

    But if you go on in that 2020 timeline Militech had been absorbed by the US goverment/army before Arasaka's destruction (And the city center which does fit, the look of the 2077 city.), due to all the damage the corporate war had caused and so on. But even more of the 2077 timeline and city doesn't fit to 2020s since at the end of firestorm the end of the world begins (V.3) with Arasaka and Militech being no more. But they are heavily prevailant in the trailer and demo.

    'So my theory is, that the game is just using the themes, names and other parts of the original 2020 as foundation, but making it the year 2077(or in the case of a similar timeline 2023/24 had real time not been closing in on those years, it's a year after the Arasaka towers falls although the date in the trailer is 4/13/2077 and the tower fell sometime after august 2023) and adding their on spin on the rest just as the narrator says in the demo during the apartment scene talking about Johnny during the chippin in song.

  5. My theory is that it is more like a reboot.
    In the first video (bullets) about 5 years ago, the chief of the cybersquad was… Hammerman.
    I should be wrong, but this was the name of the original leader of the cybersquad in 2020.
    And a reboot would eliminate some errors like… well,m the entire V3 203x.

  6. I too was a wondering why that Militech lady was so happy that she didn't even care to get the robot back. Your theory makes sense. Also maybe Johnny is a clone and they uploaded his memories into it?

  7. Hmmm puts on tin foil hat and ponders….. Another great video by MQ, who's she working for? The corps or the gangs… Na she's a solo.

  8. don't be mad at me, @madqueen, but at the cut at 14:00 you made a slight external transformation ..:) i'm pretty sure, people do not realize it. Don't ask me why i did 🙂

  9. im pretty sure this games just gonna be a fps RPG and that sabout it.. but thats not a bad thing.. its looking so far damn good. didnt see a single thing i didnt like in that trailer

  10. Couldn't the virus the militech agent gives you simply have copied and uploaded the gangs servers before frying them to get her the info she needed instead of it needing to be the soulkiller?
    because (to me at least) using the soulkiller to find what looks like a, by corporate standerds, somewhat minor mole seem a little excessive and expensive.

  11. What if arasaka extracted his soul before he passed away? Couldnt a megacorp or someone has been biosculpted to look like Johnny? Maybe its a coverup to keep johnny from becoming a martyr?

  12. All of the C.P 2020 heroes are more than likely clones. ( See: Land of the Free and Cybergeneration). BTW, your facts are not all together accurate about Soulkiller. Alt originally created it for another corp, she hated herself for doing it, destroyed  all external copies of it and was abducted because Arasaka had heard of the program and wanted her to re-create a bigger, badder version of it for their own personal use. I really doubt the virus was Soulkiller and here is why. When we hear about Soulkiller, we are told that it would take a  Corporate sized database to even hold the basic files for the program. Put it on a cred chip? I highly doubt it.

  13. So the soul-killer traps people's soul to be used for interrogation by corpsmen? Like in Altered Carbon… So, if there is such a device that exists, then maybe it's on the black market, after all, something used 55 years about could mean that people have adapted and gained access to it – but that's too simple, and would just turn this theory to naught, so that doesn't make sense ~ but Silverhand working loyally for the people he hated, could make a good story, and then CP2020 player could get some fan-service.

  14. CLAPTRAP!!! My conspiracy theory is the gameplay we saw had nothing to do with the main main story rather it was a side mission

  15. I think this video friend some of my brain cells. All I can say is that with Mike Pondsmith working with them…dates and info about characters have to be legit…so obviously something happened…I think we are in for one hell of a ride when this game drops.

  16. MQ,Johnny must be dead,the radio host hints at it,and….the lore says so too. The Drizzt Do'Urden books have a few stories where peoples souls are locked inside rings and thrones owned by a Dark elf villain. I've been reading the source books over again to get caught up,but,your vid are more fun.

    Great vid. I hope the new PC gaming R7 -2700+GTX 1080 / 64gb rendering beast is running well !

  17. I think #2 is closer. I noticed the reference to Johnny Silverhand recently being alive and thought it was odd too. And I do think we are heading toward a 5th corporate war, because it would be an ideal backdrop to the game. I'm not certain that the person getting his brain fried on the space plane in the E3 trailer is the deceased guy from Militech but the shape of his head and his skintone are similar to the newspaper pic. And we see someone from Arasaka taken out too. Seems like the kind of thing that could start escalation.

  18. Correct me if I'm wrong (don't have access to my lore books at the moment) but didn't Alt tweak the version of Soulkiller she was forced to work on for Arasaka and use it to download herself into the net before the tower their building was nuked?
    To add another conspiracy …
    Thus she survived to destruction of her physical body, and if she had access to recording of Johnny and Morgan someone could certainly create new bodies, or even clones (sure Johnny died and his body was nuked … BUT his apartment survived and there would be skin cells in the shower drain). Then it's just a matter of reversing the Soulkiller effect.

    And this opens up a HUGE can of worms.
    What's it worth to the rich and powerful?
    And even if it was cheap do you really think they'd want it available to the masses?

  19. If you get into all of this artificial intelligence, NSAI (non-sentient artificial intelligence), shard (soul) uploading, etc. stuff, you all should start reading M.D. Coopers "Aeon 14 Universe"

    It's /fantastic/. He's writing with a dozen other authors and there are already more than a dozen full novels and several short stories within the universe, and his ultimate goal is to write 500 books within it. "Awesome" doesn't even begin to describe what is Aeon 14. They release a new book /nearly/ every month now on Amazon.

  20. It doesn't seem entirely implausible that Johnny could have survived it he was cut horizontally. This is a world where people replace their body parts as a matter of course… The really important organs (as far as survival goes) are all in the upper body. Of course he'd still have to have been rescued somehow. You would bleed out pretty quick missing the bottom half of your body, and then there the whole getting exploded thing.

  21. Arasaka no quedo bastante mal despues de la 4 GC? Yo me preguntaba porque siguen tan campantes, bueno es una Megacompañia pero… no se, ¿Y si Arasaka ahora esta controlada por Yorinobu por lo que podrian haber cambiado por completo de politica? Eso tal vez los alla amigado con Jhonny. Tal vez se me va mucho la cabeza. Pero me parece raro que una compañia que hizo volar casi media Nightcity siga ahi tan campante. ¿Y si Militech son los nuevos villanos? Otra cosa, tal vez este mal pero la eleccion de heroe de la infancia ¿sera una especie de alineacion para el personaje tipo lo que pasa en D&D? Algo asi como Bueno, Neutral o Maligno?

  22. I don't have things to back it up but I feel we players/V will eventually have a mission to "bring back" Johnny Silverhand at some point or siding with Arasaka or "somehow" neutral. What's also interesting, the customization character has backstory childhood hero options with:
    – Johnny Silverhand (Samurai Rockerboy)
    – Morgan Blackhand (Solo of Fortune)
    – Saburo Arasaka (Corporate God)
    Maybe this whole things will open an "secret" paths in certain story branching in relations who's your childhood hero.

  23. If Star Wars can some how bring Darth Maul back from being cut in half why not JS. What about V being JS Son or Daughter? You totally rock the tin foil hat LOL

  24. Now, a moment for narrator safety. At 14:03 your strap disappears. WHO took it? Did you notice it, was it or was it not at your permission? Please give a signal that you are safe.

  25. I don't know if it's a good example, but in "Shadowrun Hong-Kong" character Racter was cut in half in his childhood, and was saved, by replacing lower part of his body with cybernetics. In theory it made him less sympathetic, since it cut all his essence. However he was a psychopath, so in fact it didn't affect him at all.

  26. Can you do videos on the lore of the major mega corps? We mostly hear about Arasaka and Militech, but I want to know about the others too.

  27. Applauding.. Bravo Ms. Madqueen, extra ordinary splendid. Professional investigating journalism, media role style! You’re on to something there I think; possibly a spoiler or two 😉 …

  28. Hej, nobody seems to comment or care, what do you think about the speech boxes? I noticed, how the speech box doesn't represent what the character is saying exactly. It is important since the tone of what she says is not visible from the speech box, so we need to know if she is being calm and collected or angry… just by vague "yes" or "no" boxes. Fallout IV had a major problem with speech boxes – the character would often say something different that the box implied. Witcher 3 didn't have this problem, but Cyberpunk does seem to be pretty vague…. also it seems that very few options offer different solutions…. most of the time is just simple yes or no option… like get in the car or don't get in the car – and again later – wanna hear about the mission or not…. what is even the point of giving you a no, since 99.99% of players will want to move the plot forward. Instead, there should be more options to establish your character like: I don't work for chump change, or I'm not interestet in a hit contract, or Who told you about me? Those are the issues I need to be addressed, not the option to ignore the quest entirely… I can always not do the quest at all or bail out mid quest if it gets too tough, but a "no" in a story driven game like Cyberpunk is basically for the sake of there being any option at all. Most cutscenes would've played exactly the same if there was no yes or no option and just the dialogue would flow naturally… it's on rails, and only at specific times you can do 3 or 4 things…. but still, most of the dialogues are 1-2 options, with the 2nd option being entirely pointless. There should be at least 2-3 options always – but with different angles: I want information, I want money, I want tech, I want to stay clean, I don't mind going against the law in any conversation – that way the player gets to establish his own character and not just click to hear the rest of the recorded dialogue….
    Everybody gave flack to Fallout IV with poorly implemented speech boxes which served no purpose – it was always either yes or a useless no which in conversation still lead to yes, a sarcastic yes or asking for more money – with a useless speech check and some 10% extra – useless. If I want to create my own character I need to be able to do exactly like I want. This simplistic speech box is basically only useful during the optional ways to resolve a quest: lie, tell truth, fight – but not during quest pickup, then it's only a yes or no… and we all know a no is useless… unless you want to quit an entire storyline. So basically, it's a quick time event to click yes as fast as possible not to interupt the flow of the conversation and the cutscene… What do you think? Am I crazy?

  29. Great video. My theory. They are pushing the timeline forward 50 years, when Cyberpunk red is released it will reboot cyberpunk 2020, the 4th corporate war will be around 2070-2075, there will be some changes, Cyberpunk 2077 will continue where cyberpunk red ends, so probably an ovehaul of night city map, some lore changes ( to fit in with real history), so it is possible Johnny silvehand is missing and not dead, or presumed dead. The big clues will come with Cyberpunk red's release I think.

  30. I think it's a reboot, personally. Why? Because after the 4th Corporate War, Megacorps mostly died and were replaced by Neocorps, which are crime syndicate going more or less legit, while a bunch of "tribes", called Alter-Cultures emmerged. The closest to the CP we know is the Edge Runner Alter-Cult, but there's also the Desnai, that favor living in tightly controlled enclaves with ll sorts of mechs and drones, the Rolling State evolved from the Nomads and expert in nanotech on a shamani level, the post-humanistic Corpore Metal, the splicing militant Reefers and the CRISPR enthusiast of the Riptide Confederation. Given what we've seen in the demo, regardless of the warning about total change, I really doubt we're going this route. The 3.0 edition was more post-cyberpunk and proto-transhumanism than really cyberpunk

  31. 1st but Jackie is not Santiago. We should polish you asap. Some characters are just too iconic to CP to just let them die without introducing them

  32. Do you have a profile where you can share those Cyberpunk commercials? I want to share it with friends, without sharing all the talking ;p

  33. Maybe all the Militech needed was a backdoor to rummage around in Maelstrom's servers.
    Frying all their defending netrunners just because that's Militech for you.

  34. In "Count Zero" Turner's body was reconstructed after surviving a Slamhound blast so I see no problem with being cut in half (well, it depends if it was horizontal or vertical cut…)

  35. MQ- Your theories are equally valid with all the others on the net. as for my own- if we buy into the timeline of technology advancement in tech- then we have to expect equally advance biotech – so 1) it is 2077 and cloning is perfected ( you can make exact copies because of mind uploading tech) hence Johnny being around (after all first rule of corporations is do not waste resources needlessly or 2) the entire game (or a portion of it) is your character actually in a locked virtual world (through the use of the soul killer program) with a corporation running the sim to get some needed piece of info that's locked deep away – like in an AI's mind or Johnny's girlfriend mind. Or its because of flying monkeys 🙂 how is that for theories MQ 🙂

  36. Can someone explain the Soulstealer a bit more deeper to me? Or is there a video already about Soulstealer? The main frame of Arasaka and the uploading of the girlfriends soul… Can i think about it like in Altered Carbon with the soul on an "USB-Stick"?

  37. Oh, see I thought the virus included some sort of data mining software but that makes sense. I wasn't aware of that and that is cool

  38. Speaking of conspiracy what happened to your bra ??? And no I am not that kind of guy (well maybe a bit but still someone had to notice or am I nuts) It just vanished. Also I thought I saw somewhere that the head of Arasaka just kicked off ( I think it was the cover on one of the books at the newsstand ) relevant ??

  39. >POLISH
    As a principle I won't patreon any cause until I got a paycheck of my own (or at least steady freelancing) but as soon as that the first 5 eddies ( which assuming you're on euros is 20ish local) are for that pun. And all the lore and covering and hype, but mostly the pun.

  40. Dear Madqueen,
    maybe Johnny Silverhand's Soul and consciousness was transferred into a machine-body, so he would be immortal? Maybe Militech was working on this hacking-programm parallel to Arasaka? CDPR will reveal it eventually.
    CU twinmama

  41. Cyberpunk was a pen and paper roleplaying game. The stories/background in it were there to give you an idea about how to make a story for your players or to provide inspiration for player characters. As a last resort you could just use the missions on the back of the book as a foundation if you weren’t creative enough to make your own story entirely. This “lore” isn’t some kind of Cyberbible that must be adhered to at all costs. I think you’re missing the point of a tabletop roleplaying game, which is not merely to follow through the steps of somebody else’s story, but to craft your own along with your players. Moving forward to the CDPR game its fantastic that they have Mike Pondsmith as a creative consultant because he was one of the creators of those original stories, but those stories can be changed around to suit a scripted video game just like any good GM would change anything they felt like to make the story work right. It’s the responsibility of CDPR to make it make sense while you play. If they need to change something then they should, instead of trying to take the words of the Cyberbible literally. Once they make up a revised version of this lore for their game then it will be important for them to stick to that story for any future games. When my friends and I used to play we totally disregarded all the “lore” in the books and had a great time anyway. I think CDPR can pull off the same thing, even if they do try to stick to all the “lore”. Besides 2020 isn’t that far away from present day reality but I can’t go down to Night City and get my arm replaced with cybernetics and the Net is currently a wee bit different than the game predicted so it seems like a few changes might be in order so you need to suspend a little less disbelief to enjoy it. Spoilers? About Johnny Silverhand? I was ever supposed to care about that imaginary guy? Honestly, hearing that it’s the “lore” from the old Cyberpunk that it’s based on makes me a little worried for the game, like it might be too dated and stuck in a rut. I wish them success and I hope they make a game that everybody loves, but it’s time for some fresh blood with new ideas anyway.

  42. We will be able to customize the characters genitals ex prostetic,cybernetic,biomechanical,real and bigger.That's not a conspiracy

  43. Arasaka ad? are you KIDDING me?! may your enemies be driven before you, and may you hear the lamentations of their women! BY CROM!

  44. Just watched Mike Pondsmith at Pax West, well now we know why the night city map in 2077 looks different to the book version, it is so that veteran CP players can't simply figure out where everything is based on the old map.

  45. After reviewing the gameplay I am excited to see that the netrunner soul has definitely left his body before he burns out. soul killing is plausible!!!

    It's also a great theary, As you say the Militech lady seems happy with what she got?!

  46. Arasaka extracted Johnny Silverhands' soul before killing his body. He's soul is alive and kept somewhere deep and hidden in Arasaka's secret data vaults! I'm recruiting a team of elite edgerunners to retrieve Johnny. Anyone interested?

  47. CD project is working with cyberpunk creator, I think he will continue the timeline. With all the tech in cyberpunk, couldn't some corporate cyber ninjas just scoop Johnny up and sew him back together or keep the top half alive? Unless he was cut the other way, then maybe not. Unless the cut wasn't a 50/50 and more of a 30/70, corporate asshats always rounding percentages in their favor, Johnny could definitely survive that. Maybe we'll have to find out how in game how he survived. Government cover up!
    [edit] Maybe he an imposter and [REDACTED]

  48. If Johnny Silverhand brain is not destroyed, they can transfer his consciousness in another body.
    Or maybe it is a clone.

  49. I've read somewhere that johny was cloned by his girlfriend after she transfered her soul in the net, so he could stil lbe alive but not as the same johny in 2020

  50. I think your concern on the quest is a non-issue, Madqueen.

    The third dialogue option when handing Royce the cred chip goes "Here, cred is all your yours, with some additional info…"

    I`m pretty sure that would have meant V telling Royce how she got the chip and who is it from, which would probably warrant Royce to not just slot the chip in and get his system fried, he probably would have scanned it to be sure and then found the virus.

    I think THAT would have been the actual non-violent path through the quest, calling Meredith Stout only opened up the "possibility" of it, the rest is up to the players deductions.

    Why Meredith was happy with the outcome is impossible to deduce at this point, that could unfold later on in the game.

    And also remember that this was just a demo, if you look at the gameplay demo they released before the launch of Witcher III, the demos quest design and narrative were deliberately changed up to avoid spoiling too much. That could be the case here as well, it`s possible that on launch, the quest will accumulate completely different.

  51. Maybe Johnny Silverhand ended up looking like Loveless from the movie Wild Wild West. He might actually get cooler as a Rockerboy if he was just a torso. lol

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