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CUPHEAD (Elders React: Gaming)

August 22, 2019

– Oh, I killed him!
Uh oh, what is this? – Kill it.
Die! – Get that guy!
What is so wrong about getting that guy!?
Ah! – ♪ (8 bit intro) ♪ – Cuphead.
‘Cause they look like little cups. Oh my God. – Oh, these are like
old cartoons. I love this kind of animation. – Looks like an old one,
’cause it looks like an old cartoon,
but I’ve never heard of if it is. – (FBE) So, Cuphead is what’s called
a run and gun style platformer. It has you taking control
of the character on the left. His name is Cuphead
and you’re going to be defeating enemies to save
Cuphead’s soul from the Devil. – The Devil? – Saving souls from the Devil?
That’s my business. – (FBE) So, we’re gonna teach you
how to play this game off-screen and then we’re gonna let you
just have a go at some of the opening levels of the game
and see how you do. – This is not solitaire, is it?
You know, I’m up for it. I’m up for the challenge. – So far, I’ve been very bad
at games. I don’t expect I’ll be better
at this one. – Yeah, let’s do it! – ♪ (ragtime music) ♪ – It’s ragtime. – Press it?
Okay. – “The Root Pack in
Botanic Panic.” – “Botanic” means plants,
flowers. “Panic” is getting scared,
as far as I can tell. – It’s great graphics.
I mean, it is like an old cartoon. – (FBE) And we’re gonna have
you play the simple difficulty so you can at least
have a fighting chance. – Thank you. – Here we go. – (announcer) A brawl
is surely brewing. – Okay, ready. – Hey, turn around. – Why isn’t the gun working? – Well, that was quick. – Ah, you have to hit them
lots of times. Well, that’s not fair. – Okay, go to retry? – (announcer) Now, go!
– Oh! – How am I supposed
to get by there? Wait, how am I–
why doesn’t he move any further? – Why is it not hitting
and killing these things? – Oh, son of a gun.
They’re not dying. – (laughs)
Whoops, I’m supposed to stay there. – (laughs)
I’m dying really quickly. – Come on, you son of a gun.
Oh, I jumped too soon. – Little further. – Whoa, I killed him!
Uh oh, what is this? – How do I turn him? – Ahh! (laughs)
I got carrots coming at me! Oh, I got killed by
a giant carrot! – Do I have to start from
the beginning every time? (sighs) I found a flaw. – That’s fun.
I mean, now I’m getting the hang of it a little bit,
but it is tough. – Jump, jump, jump.
(laughs) – That’s it.
Why am I bouncing to the music? – Now I have to fight the carrot.
(laughing) I hit it. So, I have to turn that way. – Okay, I don’t understand
the carrot. – Oh, I jumped
when I should have backed up. – (laughing) I shot the carrots!
I got your baby carrot! (laughs) Oh, I don’t know, guys.
That’s getting beyond my concentration level right now. – Yeah, that’s tough. – The challenge.
It’s a strategy. (laughs) That’s why I
take it personally. – “Thretenin’ Zeppelin.”
Finally reacting to something with “zeppelin” in the title. – “Hilda Berg”
Hilda Berg. “in Threatenin’ Zeppelin.” – I’m gonna be flying
and shooting. It’s gonna be fun,
but I’m not gonna do well. – All right, here we go. – (announcer) This match
will get red hot. It’s on.
– It’s on. – Man, they’re throwing
a lot of stuff at you. – I’m back here. – Ah. – Whoops! – Oh, I died.
I didn’t even see that one. – Oh!
No one told me the “Ha’s” would kill you. – “Fitting, isn’t it?
I’m a blimp, you’re a wimp.” Oh yeah?
(laughs) We’ll see about that. – (announcer) Now, go!
– Whoops. Up there, keep shooting.
Come on, die. They get very stubborn.
They don’t want to die. I died. – There you go.
There you go. Ah, oh!
A little sneak attack from the back. – That was a big one, ooh. – Why won’t that die? – Oh, that wasn’t good.
Oh, I got farther. – Oh, I’m–
That “Ha ha” keeps getting me. Oh, too far away. – Johnny, Johnny,
what are you doing? You came too close to the Sun. – Come on.
Got you. – Kill it.
Die! (laughs) I’m actually saying
the guy should die. This is different. – Okay, you morphed.
All right, baby. I still died! – Oh, we got the bull, now. – Whoops, whoops, whoops.
Got back over here. (laughs)
Down, down, down. (laughs) – The heck’s that?
I didn’t know. Yeah, well.
At least I got to the tornado. This one’s still tough either way.
Well, with practice I could probably do better. – “The Clip Joint Calamity.” – Oh dear.
– (announcer) Here goes! – That’s a whole lot of folks. – There’s a big frog there.
Oops! – Oh, oh!
(laughs) Oh, this one’s good. – Oh, I gotta jump. That was the first one.
That was just the first foray. – That’s a lot going on. – Okay, prepare to go down,
froggies. – Where’s that?
What are those? – Come on.
Come on, froggy. Oh! – (laughs)
Just have to move faster. – Shoot those guys!
(laughs) Ah, it’s like I just had him
in my sights and I already was in his. – There’s so much going on.
It’s like when you get to the third or fourth level
of Centipede and things are coming everywhere
and they’re bouncing back off the bottom and you try
and stay out of the way. – Whoops.
(laughs) It’s very fast
and I’m not so fast. – Get that guy.
What is so wrong about getting that guy!?
Ah, ah, ah! (laughs)
Oh, I can’t take many more hits!
My shields are down! – Up, up, up.
Aww, that last bit got me. – It’s too much for me. – I give up.
(laughs) Do I have a white towel
to throw in? – I’ll take all your fire ants!
Your little tadpoles! Get him!
(laughs) Ah, no!
Oh, that’s it guys. My will to survive has been
trampled upon. – I did enjoy that.
That was fun. It gets personal.
I’m not gonna let this thing beat me. – It’s difficult,
but I had a feeling that I could actually
figure it out and maybe do it
if I tried it off next. So I get the idea
what am I supposed to do. – For young people,
maybe it introduces them to cartoons of the past,
which many haven’t been exposed to.
So, it’s opening up a whole new avenue
for young people and then for people
like myself, you know, older people.
I think it’s great because then it takes us back. – Thanks for watching us
play Cuphead on the React Channel. – Let us know what game we
should try next down in the comments. – Bye. – Hey everybody, Derek here,
one of the React Channel producers. You know you can see
behind the scenes of this episode and so many more if you go
check out FBE2 Channel. They’ve got a vlog on there.
You can see everything we do behind the scenes.
It’s fantastic. Go check it out!

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  2. Nobody let this game's tough appearance discourage you from playing it! It's so much fun just to experience it, and I've had my fair share of laughs, cries, and screams with this game. This is coming from a guy who has gotten every achievement except for the Expert achievement, but I've beaten Inkwell Isle II on Expert.

  3. The guy that looks like Kenny Rogers' cousin needs to be an animation voice actor.
    Edit: also do an elders react to the game Strangers In a Strange Land

  4. Omg ty so much I learned a technique…run into the back of the potato and shoot
    Litterally I did just know thanks for teaching me that no sarcism or anything I'm litterally thanking her

  5. I really love what they said about the video game after they played it. They talked about everything that most people love about this game.

  6. Many of today's 60-70 crowd are quite familiar with videogames. They were parents to 80's kids, and some were avid gamers themselves in the golden age of arcade games.

  7. this video's comments were awesome
    it's very good to see they playing and evolving with the game, give them more time to try it and you'll see them beating it!

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